the 5.45am wake up call

its 5:23 AM time for some early morning headcanons

• Pony sleeps like an angel, lil snores and her eyes kind of stay open a lil bit and Rin feels blessed she let him sleep over
• Shishida will tell you is bc Rin has really bad night terrors and trusts Pony to bring him to reality quickly
• Setsuna constantly sleeps over with Yui or Kamakiri, Kamakiri more so; you’d think she’d get tired of playing with Kamakiri’s plaster dinosaur figures, but never
• Awase never sleeps. he stays up playing Style Savvy, please dont judge him
• it’s 2:45AM, Kuroiro’s up and getting ice cream from the fridge for his early-morning lactose flagellance
• 2:47AM, Rin walks in for water
• “wait kuroiro arent you lactose intolerant” [incoherent screaming as Kuroiro grabs a handful of ice cream and stuffs it in his mouth]
• Honenuki and Kamakiri both wake up with copious amounts of drool and it sucks bc they keep having to replaced their pillow cases
• Shoda sleeps in a weird position
• its like sitting crosslegged to do a butterfly but leaning forward and resting your head on your feet
• its weird
• Reiko always wakes up at exactly 4AM, which she swears is the doing of an otherworldly being
• turns out she wakes up at 4 to check up on Kuroiro
• lucky that bc Kuroiro’s on the bathroom floor, trembling because of eating ice cream at 2:45AM
• Rin fell asleep next to him, trying to help out a little bit
• Yui is called in, she’s experienced in medical procedures
• “you’ll be okay though, aside from another hour or two of raging stomach cramp, nausea, and possible vomitting, so stay here“
• Monoma wakes up with really bad bedhead and has to use the bathroom
• 5:34AM, bathroom is dark, he walks in, trips over something
• or someONE

Peter Parker X Stark Reader        So your a Stark part.1

Hello to my 11 followers I thought I should do a little series story. So I hope you all enjoy it so here it is.

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Prompt: You’re Stark’s 16 year old daughter that he just found out about since you mother and stepfather passed away fury decided that you should live with Tony and not you crazy dictator uncle. What happens when you run into Peter Parker?

       Since you’re mother and stepfather passed away on a mission from shield Fury though it was best you met you biological father . Tony Stark. Let just say         once you knocked on Tony’s door he thought you we’re just some kid pulling some prank to get money. Then he slammed the door on you, you keep        knocking hopping he would open the door but after 3 minute you called Fury too just send you with you uncle. After 39 mins of silence there was          knocking on Tony’s door once again and he wasn’t happy about it. When he opened the door he saw Fury and behind him was you . Tony couldn’t believe he got a girl pregnant almost 17 years ago. He did a DNA test to make sure. And it was true you were his daughter. Tony asked you to go to the living room while he talked too Fury.

 “ Where is her mother? Did she just give her up” Tony asked while having his back towards you

      “ Selena and her husband died on a mission shield sent them on. Listen Tony I know this is all hitting you pretty fast but I don’t want her with her uncle, he’s (enter bad guys name). Everyone in Shield wants the best for this girl. Just take care of her .”

  “ Come on Fury. If shield really cared about her why doesn’t someone take her ?”

       “Because Selena wanted her to be with you Tony, You’re lucky man Selena and (dads name) did all the hard work she’s just a 16 year old girl who is in high school.”

      Fury saws as he start to walk away from Tony. He takes one last look at you

       “ Tony she needs her father just be a good dad to her”

              And with that he said goodbye to you and walked out

“ So kid what’s you name” He walked too you  like if you were some wild animal


“What school do you go to?What grade are you in ?”

   “ You can stop pretending you know. After a week Fury will think you’re taking care of me and you can just send me away to my uncle, and i’ll be out of you hair forever again “

“Listen kid I know times are tough and all…..”

   “Where can I sleep I have a long day of AP test tomorrow”

“Umm upstairs third door to the left can’t miss it. Do you need a ride to school tomorrow ?”

  “Um yea that would be great thanks…..ugh goodnight.”

“Night kid”

The Next Morning


   How long does it take for one guy to get ready I mean he’s not even the one who is driving. Yea I get that he’s probably not used to waking up early but he offered to take me to school and I go to school in Queens. Yea I’m not crazy about waking up this early either but I need to get to school somewhat on time. That’s it I’m going to see what’s taking him.

“Really you’re not out of bed yet. Ugh “

It’s not that hard to get out of bed too take your own blood to school I mean he offered to take me. I’ll just tell the driver to take me to the airport myself.


“Please call me Y/N, can you drive me to the airport please I’m already late as it is.”

“Of Course Y/N”


“We have arrived little one”

“Little one what happened to calling me Y/N?”

“Well after all you told me about what had happened in your life I feel like we have bonded in just 45 minutes. Enjoy your flight Y/N. Will I be picking you up from your returning flight?”

“ I would like that very much thank you”

A long 5 hour flight later


Great 4th period is almost over so much for getting her on time. Ugh I have to make up all 3 AP test that I have missed. Ugh I should say 4 now since I have 20 minute of class left. Should I go to class or should I just wait……Ugh I should go to class.

“Nice of you too join us Ms.Y/L/N”

“ Sorry that I’m late I have a note from my father”

“Thank you and I have something for you”

And with that Mr.Diaz handed me my AP Calculus test.

“Good Luck you have 15 Minutes “

Today is going to be a long day.


“ Time is up Ms.Y/L/N”

“Please Mr.Diaz I just need 15 more minutes “

“I’m sorry Ms.Y/L/N that wouldn’t be far too the other students who could have used 15 more minutes to finish the test as well.”

“*sigh* Thank you for at least letting me take the test sir.”

“Knowing you Ms.Y/L/N you probably passed with not finishing….15 problems finishing the other 40 question. You do know you are going to be the valedictorian of your class right”

“Yea I know you , the principal , my counselor every teacher in this school tells me”

“Oh and I need a favor from you. I need you to tutor a student who was one of my star student and for some reason he hasn’t been doing so well in this class.”

“Umm yea sure who is it”

“You may come in now Mr.Parker. Parker meet Ms.Y/L/N she will be tutoring her from now on”

“Mr.Diaz with all respect I-I don’t need a tutor-”

“ According to you 39% you do plus if I find out you are not attend tutoring with MsY/L/N it will affect not just your grade hers as well “


“Mr. Diaz that is not far I have work my butt off to get where I am now.” He can’t do this he can force this on Parker or me.

“ This tutoring will be considered as a 2 person group project that is worth for more that half your grade this can either kill both your grades or boost them up making sure Y/N keeps up her high GPA and you Mr.Parker don’t have to repeat this class you’re senior year.”

“Fine I’ll Tutor him…….. Let’s go Parker”

My day can’t get any worse than this.

“Do you mind if we study at my place after school? My umm My………. You know what he doesn’t care. Wherever you are most comfortable for studying that fine by me”

“ Parent issues huh and if you don’t mind can we can go to my place “

“That’s fine and you have no idea”


Seven hours later

“I don’t get why Mr.Diaz told me to tutor.You’re way better at calculus then me”

“I tried to tell him but he wouldn’t listen”

“Haha you’re actually pretty cool parker”

“Thanks Y/N that means alot coming from you”

“ How ?”

“ You’re one of the most popular girls in school and you’re not ignoring me , making fun of me “

“I’m not like those other kids Peter. I don’t care how popular I am that’s not going to matter when we graduate high school.”

“Yea but come on you the head cheerleader and captain of the dance and boys soccer team and you have all AP classes. How do you do it.” (In my mind you’re a total badass. )

“Hahah Honestly I have no idea “

“Come on you’re just being humble”

Before I could say anything there was a knock on the door.

“Coming “

“I got it sweetie you two just keep studying “

“Thanks Aunt May”

“Ok enough about me what about you parker what makes you get up every morning”

“ Umm well besides my Aunt May I guess I would have to say……”

“You better say my name Mr.Parker”

Oh no just as my day was getting better he had to be here how did he know where I was.

“Mr.Stark wh-what are you doing here? Did i do something wrong as you’re intern?”

“No kid you’re doing just fine. Actually I came to pick up my daughter who has not been answering my calls at all.”

“ For your information I do not answer phone calls from unknown number”

“Come on kid I have to take you home, thank you for taking care of her May”

“ I am home Queens is my home “

      With that you walked out of peter’s apartment angry, sad, frustrated. You walked to one of the Shield HQ  in Queens. Once you we’re in everyone tried to stop you but they couldn’t stop you. You got communicate with Fury and told him you couldn’t do it you didn’t care what it took but you didn’t want to live with Tony. By the little time you have spent with him you knew he was going to change you one day to make you the way he would have raised a daughter and you didn’t want to be changed. You asked Fury if there was a way you could live with your grandparents so you could still live in Queens. And he said it could be arranged.

“Goodbye Malibu.”

I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of this little series.

Also I do not own the gif 

2:50am: I finally let you fall asleep. I  stare at you for a while until my own eyes flutter at the call of the night. 


: Slightly awake; mostly  asleep, you press your body against mine and wrap your arm around me as tightly as your hand gripped my hair a few hours prior. 


: you’ve turned with your back facing mine. I quickly turn and cuddle up next to you. I kiss your forehead, then your back. You acknowledge my plea by allowing my legs to intertwine with your own.


: I call your name in question to make sure you’re there.  “I love you."  "I love you too, baby."  "A lot?"  "Mhm.”


: I wake up knowing that you won’t follow for another 2 hours. I know you worry a lot when you’re awake. It’s good to see you resting. I caress your head and face and I can feel my future. This is what our love is.  z+c

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3.10 Timeline

Okay, I know 5am seems like the timeline is off, but hear me out. (As someone only 1 hour behind EST with a team in the Western conference, I know all too well the woes of watching late night west coast games)

If Jack was playing in the western conference, then the game might not have started until something like 10pm on the east coast. 

NHL games last 2-2.5 hours usually (assuming no OT/long stoppage in play due to injury etc) so the game would not have even ended until somewhere around midnight or 12:30am at Samwell.

Good to know – NHL teams typically fly charter jets and go through customs/security BEFORE the airport so they basically just head straight to the bus, to the airport, and fly out as soon as they can. Really, they’re not carrying much with them to go through. Assuming the flight itself is cleared for take-off, they’re good to go. 

So Somewhere around 2 hours after the game ends, Shitty yells at the analyst on TV about giving Jack a break since he scored a game-winning goal. He and Nursey talk, Bitty drops the pie and goes upstairs. Bitty calls Jack and leaves his message while Jack is already on the plane.

Bitty calls again while Jack is listening to the message. He’s probably been doing it since he left the message because he immediately regretted it (hence the multiple missed calls). They talk on the phone for a while (who knows if it takes a little longer because Shitty comes up to talk to him or whatever) but if they talk for half and hour to an hour that leaves the time around 3:00/3:30. That’s also assuming that Shitty’s complaint about “dos hours ago” was actually 2 hours, and not like, 2 hours and 20 mins, etc.

Jack stays in his car while he talks to Bitty, not driving because that’s a bad idea to drive while talking on the phone in the middle of the night in a storm. So at 3:30ish he starts driving. It takes a little over an hour to drive from Providence to where Samwell supposedly is, so he arrives around 4:45ish.

He parks down the street. Runs to the Haus and texts Bitty until he comes to the door. That could easily take 15 mins. Even if you adjust the times a little earlier, Bitty calling 4:45am “5 in the morning” isn’t that unusual.

So yeah, the timeline might seem a little shakey, and I had to make some assumptions, but Jack not arriving until 5am is entirely possible, especially if he was playing a western conference game that airs late on the east coast.

AND since Shitty is there, it’s pretty safe to say this is a Friday or Saturday game, so everyone being up until 3am having beer and venting about stupid media coverage is also totally likely. It’s not like anyone has 8am classes to wake up for. Bitty has been well documented on twitter baking well after midnight.

The point of all of this clearly is that Bitty’s “Let’s get you upstairs… Dry you off…” means that from 5am to 6am they totally [REDACTED] lol.

the signs as stuff my friends texted me
  • Taurus: My senior quote should just be "ass"
  • Gemini: Welp ha i gootchu
  • Cancer: (605) 475-6968 when a fuckboy calls you tell them to call this number
  • Virgo: The weeknd😭😭😍😍
  • Libra: when u realize u have to wake up at 5:45am for 9 more months
  • Scorpio: cute or am i being creepy
  • Sagittarius: i went on vine and all i saw was kats revines of leo d and river
  • Capricorn: i saw a guy in lunch and he looked like young corey feldman
  • Aquarius: ur winky face is scaring me
  • Pisces: damn hit me up with that
  • (I was bored oops sorry)
Nature's Alarm Clock

All of the nocturnal beings and the creatures of the night sigh with relief upon hearing the song of morning - the owl can finally sleep, for it’s night shift is now over, for the birds have taken over,

and you too need to be awake before light to experience it, we all agree it’s worth a listen

It’s like primary school children testing, getting antsy, looking busy, while all simultaneously are scared to be the first to hand theirs in, then a courageous one stands up, a natural born leader, and the others join in like a symphony

Now, at 5:45am, I find myself wondering whether it’s the same bird every morning of whom I hear - I call her the composer of nature

That first note sets the day in tune - it wakes all the others from their slumber, everything comes to life like electricity, and if others didn’t rely on their alarm clocks digitally, maybe they too can experience it,

or maybe her song is especially for me because she knows I leave my window open