the 5 boroughs

The Borough Hall Station on the Nos. 4 and 5 Lines.

Children in Stoke St Gregory Churchyard
by Arthur Herbert Buckland

Date painted: 1893
Oil on canvas, 112.2 x 86.5 cm
Collection: Taunton Deane Borough Council

BLAAAGH they’re calling it for Hillary. 

I swear, the most frustrating thing about this is that I literally don’t know a single other person I’ve spoken to in NY who has mentioned supporting Hillary, yet I’ve spoken to MANY outspoken Bernie supporters! I see Bernie2016 signs eeeeveryone, and don’t believe I’ve seen ANY Hillary ones. I’ve seen Bernie people out canvassing maaany times, and not one Hillary person. 

So…. WHAT is the deal here?? WHO are the freaking 20% of NYers opting for Hillary over Bernie!?! 

I know I surround myself with quite liberal people, but still… I do not get it!!! It’s not as though I’m only getting my feel for the political momentum out there from Tumblr which is very pro-Bernie… just in my every day NYC life, I see Bernie support all over the place!! And yet somehow Hillary won all 5 major boroughs? 

Time for a peek into the Museum archives: “Boys viewing Edible Mushrooms exhibit, Children’s Fair, 1931″ was photographed by Julius Kirschner. 

This weekend, the Museum will host the twelfth annual Urban Advantage Expo. More than 50,000 New York City middle school students from 177 public schools across all 5 boroughs took part in the Urban Advantage Science Initiative this school year, and many will be at the Museum presenting their science projects. Since it began 12 years ago, this pioneering program has linked New York City’s students, teachers, and families to 8 major science-based cultural institutions to conduct scientific investigations and inspire science learning. 

Learn more about the Urban Advantage program: 

Image: AMNH/313812