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Let’s Fly B1A4 ! ~

»»» Happy 4th Anniversary my little loves ♥ I never know what to say when is about you and at the same time I always want to say so many things… you have to continue to fulfill your dreams and achieving your goals, you have done incredibly well so far! have to continue this way, success is yours!. I love you so much boys,  you are one of the best things in my life  ♥ thank you so much!


tbl 219 “leonard caul” [x]


With the Polizei Division during Operation Barbarossa in 1941. This Division was part of Army Group North, and was committed to action during the drive on Leningrad. It was not fully motorized, so took a number of weeks to catch up. It participated in the battle for the Luga Line in early August, supporting the 3. Infanterie-Division (mot.), and in most of the actions around Leningrad. Up until 1942, its personnel wore police-pattern collar patches and police escutcheons on their helmets in place of the SS runes.


Raúl Esparza as the Emcee, Michael O'Donnell as Bobby and Milena Govich as Lulu
‘Cabaret’ | November 13th, 2001
Cabaret Gifset 9/?

Requested by anonymous

Raúl does loads of really interesting things during this song, I couldn’t get them all. If there’s another bit you want done (or you just want to see more of this), I’m totally happy to do a part 2!