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A super late 1k followers gift

Real simple, I’ve wanted to recolor @ridgeport‘s NASA Sweater for a long time but lots of things happened so this took way too long to complete but it’s done now so enjoy it~ (also debut of my new ‘soft palette’)


  • No custom thumbnail (i might add one later idk)
  • 21 swatches total (one is an atari logo and the other five are extra colors i wanted)
  • Mesh is required


Download: Simfileshare

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Murdoc Niccals | Strobelite [2017]


team machine, starring: 

  • john ‘i shot someone because it was hot out’ reese
  • harold ‘why do the trained assassins i hired keep shooting people i don’t get it’ finch
  • root ‘how do i make this situation seem inappropriate’ root
  • sameen ‘haha john is getting yelled at what a loser’ shaw

also starring team stuck-putting-up-with-those-losers, featuring:

  • joss ‘how am i the only adult here’ carter
  • lionel ‘i have no clue what’s going on but tbf that’s because no one ever tells me anything’ fusco

with special appearances by team wtf-is-wrong-with-humans, including:

  • the machine ‘i don’t know what root wants with 100tbs of footage of shaw and i don’t want to know’ thornhill
  • bear ‘woof’ dog

Don’t Care Sweater

I am working on making my favourite RL clothes for my sims. And therefore I need lots of sweaters and layered looks. I know that there already exists similar CC but I would have made it anyway and want to share the progress I make. There are 3 Versions of this sweater.  It is slightly oversized but not too much. It should be BGC. Tell me if there is any trouble.

18 swatches for the solid version. 16 swatches for the knitted version. 12 Swatches for the versions with prints that I made for my teenagers. 

Credit: Meshes by EA/Maxis

Download: Simefileshare