the 3rd wave

My Unpopular Opinions

-Being LGBT doesn’t make you special, nor is it worthy of being celebrated

-There are two genders and people who say otherwise are conflating expression with identity

-dysphoria is a must to be trans

-reverse racism isn’t real, it’s just racism, and you can be racist to anyone

-liberals are the generally the least tolerant group of people I’ve met

-you have no right to assault someone for their beliefs, even if you disagree or they’re horrible

-being proud of your race is weird and pointless

-calling yourself trans doesn’t mean you’re trans

-self diagnosis is invalid, typically attention seeking and pointless

-trump isn’t as bad as the media and the left makes him out to be

-Christians are shit on way more than Muslims even though they aren’t the ones throwing gays off buildings

-conservatives are nicer than liberals

-3rd wave feminists are some of the most uneducated people I’ve ever seen

-there’s no rape culture in the US

-abortion shouldn’t be fucking praised


People need to realize that there are differences between men and women and that is okay.

A job that is male-dominated is okay.
That does not stop a female from working there.

A job that is female-dominated is okay.
That does not stop a male from working there.

If a character trait is more common in men, that is okay. That does not mean a woman can’t have that trait.

If a character trait is more common in women, that is okay. That does not mean a man can’t have that trait.

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Jumin meeting a barista MC? Is charmed tf off by her and he keeps coming back and finally asks her out on a date? I'm so thirsty for this man it isn't even funny.

~I really love this idea! Thank you for the request and I hope you like^^


  • V had recommended the coffee shop
  • So he felt he had to go
  • He expected to get a cappuccino once and be done with it
  • When he saw you, he noticed that you were cute, but he didn’t think anything else of it
  • You smiled and handed him his cup
  • There was art of a cat looking up at him as he held it in his hands
    • “You did this?” he asked
    • “Yes,” you smiled, “I’m sorry, I just love cats. I hope you don’t mind!”
  • Okay, he blushed a little
    • “Apologies if I gave the impression that I was displeased…I am actually quite fond of cats,” he replied happily.
  • He couldn’t help but stand there and talk about Elizabeth the 3rd
  • And he actually smiled when you asked to see a picture of her
    • “She is so adorable!”
  • He found himself coming back to see you, which was strange
  • The coffee was good, V was right
  • But it was mostly to see you ?
  • You never asked about what he did for a living
  • You never made assumptions
  • You just talked to him like a normal person
  • You cared about animals
  • He would sit and sip his coffee while watching you interact with the customers
  • You had a nice smile and were always so cheerful
  • He tried to not act annoyed when customers didn’t leave a tip
  • You knew his drinks by heart and made them just the way he liked
    • “Good morning, Jumin! The usual?”
  • One day he brought Elizabeth to see you
  • You made a cute giggle when he brought her to the counter
    • “Jumin…you can’t bring a cat in here,” you smiled warmly
    • “Oh? I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize,” he said
    • “It’s okay. Let’s step outside so I can meet her properly?”
  • She took to you right away and even let you hold her
  • She purred as you pet her head
    • “She can tell you have a kind heart,” he smiled
  • After that, he was completely taken with you
  • One day he came in but you weren’t there for your shift
  • He asked the manager
    • “She is very ill, I told her to stay home and get some rest…” he told Jumin with a worried look
  • He wouldn’t take coffee from anyone else
  • It wouldn’t taste right
  • As quickly as he could he put together a gift basket filled with essential oils and immune system boosting teas and food and fruits etc like just anything and everything he could think of plus bath products
  • Brought it back to the café
    • “Could you see that MC receives this?” Jumin handed it to the manager
  • He’d like to send it to you himself, but it wouldn’t be proper to have your address
  • The manager nodded
  • It seemed like he had waited forever for your return
  • Every day he entered and you weren’t there was another slight weight added to his heart
  • He found himself worrying about you
  • What was this?
  • You had been the happiest part of his days since he started conversing with you in the morning
  • It was only when you were not there that he realized just how much he enjoyed your company
  • How much he looked forward to seeing you
  • It had to mean something
  • His heart jumped when he walked through the door and finally saw you again
  • A smile growing on his face
  • It was like breathing fresh air to see your smile once more
    • “Jumin! How is Elizabeth 3rd?” you waved, “and thank you so much for the gift…it was too much, you really didn’t have to…”
    • “I would have sent more, if I knew it had helped,” he replied
  • You smiled briefly but ended up coughing a bit
    • “Are you alright? Should you be pushing yourself to work like this?” he said with concern
    • “I’m so sorry. I’m fine, I promise!”
  • He was slightly nervous all of a sudden, a new feeling
  • Watching you make his drink, he decided to finally make a move
    • “I missed your presence here in the café.”
    • “Oh?” you looked away a little shy, “but we have so many other talented people to make drinks!”
  • Jumin laughed
    • “Yes. Although, I would be lying if I said I didn’t prefer the ones you made.”
  • Okay now your knees are a little weak
  • You let out a nervous laugh
    • “If I may continue,” he said, “I realized that while the coffee was more than satisfactory, what I was missing was you. I’d like to take you to dinner?”
  • You dropped a cup in shock
  • Stuttering and smiling
  • He thought you were adorable when you were flustered
    • “I…w-would love that, Jumin.”
  • You nodded and bit your lip
  • He felt elated hearing this
    • “Perfect! Tonight, then? It’s a date,” he gave that endearing sideways smile of his.
There was a boy at my school wearing a Trump shirt.

All I heard from everyone that day was their disbelief that he would wear that. Some people said they hoped he would get dress coded. But the worst one was (said by a radical feminist): “if he killed himself, I would celebrate.”

The person wearing the Trump shirt was not embarrassing himself. Wishing someone would get dress coded for a harmless shirt, and wishing suicide on someone… now that’s making a fool out of yourself.

Feminist: *states his/her opinion*

A Man: “I don’t agree with you.”

Feminist: “Mansplaining mysogynist! You’re a man! Therefore, your opinion doesn’t matter! Talk to me when you’re being oppressed!”

A Woman: “I don’t agree with you either.”



if you ever wondered why critique of femininity has largely disappeared from mainstream feminist discourse, just look to the way corporations have exploited feminism for their own benefit. they have a vested interest in making sure femininity, particularly the whole beauty / appearance-focused aspect, goes unchallenged even in feminist movements. 3rd wave feminists generally recognize the toxicity of diet culture, how the diet and weight loss industry exploits the insecurities of women for their own financial benefit (at the expense of our health), but they’re strangely silent on a lot of other aspects of the beauty industry. and i mean, it makes sense, with the way companies like dove, for example, have made use of pseudo-feminist language in order to appear benevolent towards women. and female socialization, in which we’re groomed to associate being attractive to men with self-worth and ‘feminism’ becomes an idea that goes against everything we’ve been taught, makes those sort of ad campaigns even more seductive.