the 3rd era

[TRANS] Youngjae message to Mark, JB, & Jackson 

Hello hyungs &dongsengs. It’s awkward to write letters like this to you guys. If you guys get sulky that I wrote shorter to you than others just don’t. 

Mark:  Firstly, oldest hyung Mark hyung. Mark do u think about Coco? Now I will just take Coco if u keep doing that. I’m gonna steal Coco away.  I hope you play with Coco more often. and u don’t show your feelings much but everyone in this world knows u have deep heart.  But I still hope that u talk more so that way we and ahgase can go closer to u right? Mark hyung have strength and I love u. 

JB:  And our leader Jaebumie hyung. I can’t express it often but thank you so much for always taking care and considerate of me. I’m really thankful that we have u who silently leads and comforts our team.  Since this year is the year of the chicken so get all the luck oh and our Mark hyung too

Jackson:  Jackson hyung who is so busy that it’s hard to see ur face. Seeing u make time even during ur busy schedule to take care of urself ur amazing.  You’re the best. I always how should I say this I always diss u but its all a joke so don’t keep it locked up inside I do it cuz I like u.  It must be tiring but don’t be too down and don’t feel discouraged in front of us and always be bright and full of confidence fighting. 

trans by igot7_MarKP


I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I’ve ruled as Tamriel’s emperor. But for all these years, I’ve never been the ruler of my own dreams. I have seen the gates of Oblivion, beyond which no waking eye may see. Behold, in darkness a doom sweeps the land. This is the 27th of Last Seed, the year of Akatosh, 433. These are the closing days of the 3rd Era…and the final hours of my life.


So one of the costume pices that is the rarest to be seen on stage is a gate over-corset that Emilie has only used two times, on 17 October 2008 in Berlin as part of the white corset costume, with another costume piece that is rare to see on Emilie, the straight jacket sleeves, that at this time were mostly used by Lucina, and again 25 April 2009 over the Rat Queen costume.

It was made by Emilie, and why she’s worn it so infrequently is unknown to me, but it is very beautiful, particularly when with grey.


-For his 4th birthday, Sirius Black received his first proper three piece suit. It was pure black with a grey waistcoat and it brought out his eyes perfectly. He hated it and picked at its loose threads until it came apart, which earned him a slap from Orion for ruining the family heirloom.

-For his 6th birthday, Sirius Black received Black: The Full, Detailed and Illustrious History of the Most Noble House In England with full illustrations of prominent family members. Walburga hexed him twice when she caught him doodling on the faces of his ancestors the next day.

-For his 11th birthday, Sirius Black was told he was too old for silly presents and instead a large pure-blood ball was thrown to honour his Hogwarts letter. He sat by the wall all night, cheered up only when Andromeda Black over to give him a kiss on the cheek and slipped him a charmed dragon figure that breathed real fire. 

-For his 12th birthday, Sirius Black received coal from his parents and a note of disappointment. He also got 12 birthday punches on the arm and a promise of the best Christmas present ever to apologise for not realising today was the day from a certain messy hair boy and some of the best chocolate he’d ever tasted from a kind faced, auburn haired one.

-For his 13th birthday, Sirius Black received a large collection of Gryffindor memorabilia and muggle posters to take home for Christmas from his friends. His parents sent a letter talking of their approval of Regulus’ sorting and a Slytherin badge saying ‘you may not be in it Sirius, but you can at least  display which house you belong in on your person.’. Sirius and Reg burned it together, agreeing brotherhood was more than a house.

-For his 15th birthday, Sirius Black received a birthday kiss from each of the Gryffindor girls, more chocolate, and engraved snitch that said ‘To my Brother from another Mother.’ and Gilly Gerwinkle’s Guide to Hexes of Hilarity. Uncle Alphard sent a few Galleons. His immediate family didn’t send anything, expect a flicker of a smile from Regulus. Almost all his year turned up to the firewhiskey fuelled party the Marauders threw for him and he spent the night in drunken bliss.

-For his 16th birthday, Sirius Black received an even bigger party and better present from his friends. He hadn’t spoken to anyone in his family since May. They no longer acknowledged his existence, but he was okay with that, he had found his true family. At 11:59 that night, Sirius would get the best present he would ever receive, because after a year of stolen glances and heart palpitations, feeling Remus’ lips kiss him back was the best feeling in the world.

-For his 17th birthday, Sirius Black received his annual party, chocolate and birthday sex from the boy he loved most, and countless other treasures from his friends. A certain darkness clouded this birthday however, as the pressures of the outside world and the war that raged outside their little bubble became far scarier and far closer.

-For his 18th birthday, Sirius Black didn’t receive any gifts, he asked everyone not to, he knew people would need all the money they could hold onto just to keep themselves safe. He did however buy himself a flat to stay in for the holidays and once he left Hogwarts as Uncle Alphard had just died, leaving Sirius his fortune. James Potter also received something that night at Sirius’ party, his first, but by no means last, yes. To a date with Lily Evans.

-For his 19th birthday, Sirius Black received a motorbike from Remus Lupin. Remus said it was a death trap but if it would stop Sirius from trying to buy one from the dodgy car dealer down the road it was his. Sirius fell in love with his boyfriend all over again. They would have had a fancy dinner in the flat (of course Sirius asked him to move in the second they left Hogwarts) but Remus was called away on a mission for the Order.

-For his 20th birthday, Sirius Black received a small cake baked by Remus.Peter, James and Lily came to visit and they sat around the dining room table, the absence of Marlene and Dorcas pressing down on them. They smiled none-the-less and Sirius blew out his candles, wishing desperately for this to be over, for Marlene to still be here, for Dorcas to still be here, and more than anything, he wished Regulus was still here.

-For his 21st birthday, Sirius Black received a night off. Him and Remus had been given Harry for the evening whilst James and Lily were on a mission (pre going into hiding) and the two men smiled, laughed and had the most fun with the baby than they had had in a very long time, it was night of light in their world of darkness.

-For his 22nd birthday, Sirius Black received nothing but the pain of loss, betrayal and hatred. He say alone in a cold rocking back and forth screaming for forgiveness and sobbing with fear as the dementors drew closer. He was so sorry for everything,how it was all his fault, so sorry it ripped through him, stabbed through him like a hot blade and he fell apart, completely unaware that it was his birthday.