the 3o'clock


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I actually don’t remember the date of this. But it was about a month after Danny announced  his departure from AA. I woke up late like 1o'clock & I saw a post on Twitter that said We are Harlot was having a signing at 3o'clock in Syracuse NY a hour away from where I live. It didn’t even have a address! But I begged my mom to drive Katie Misty & I. Katie was in school just down the road. But Misty lived 45 minutes away and Syracuse was 30 minutes from her. My sister Kylee was home from school because of a appointment she has early that morning. So after begging my mom to drop everything she had going on to bring me and my friends to Syracuse to meet and band I threw my sister in the car picked up Katie who didn’t end up going to school that day either. Then we went to pick up Misty who walked out of class and out of the building ditching school altogether We headed to Syracuse. Because we were in such a rush I didn’t even have time to get ready I threw my hair in a bun and put on a vest. I didn’t think we’d end up getting photos I also thought a ton of people would be there. But when we got to the radio station I was sure we were in the wrong place. We walked in and no one was there except the lady at the desk. I went up to her and asked if Danny Worsnop was doing a signing here today. She had no idea what I was talking about and said she would ask the DJ when he got off the air. I told her ok bit it’s supposed to start at 3 and if we were in the wrong place we’d really like to get to the right one. She went back then came out and told us they would be arriving shortly. I didn’t even know what to do. It was just two friends and little sister there to meet We Are Harlot! A few minutes later Danny and Jeff walked into the building. We all froze. When they went up to the counter the receptionist pointed at us and said “They are here for you” Danny turned around and was like HEY thanks so much for coming out and started talking to us is his beautiful Australian ascent. (Umff) Then the DJ came out and handed us posters to get signed & we took selfies & group photos. They were so nice & Danny kept picking up my little sister. It was her first time going with me to meet a band so this was a awesome intimate experience for her. Katie & I go on concert adventures all the time follow me on Twitter to see more of our adventures