the 3o'clock

Homecoming-Peter Parker

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-Peter keeps trying to ask the reader to homecoming but all of his ideas end up coming apart and finally the reader takes matters into their own hands


“Ugggh, Ned What am I going to do?!”

At this point it was 3o'clock in the morning, both Ned and Peter were absolutely exhausted and had got nowhere despite the two of their best efforts. In the coming 2 days was Homecoming and Peter had planned on asking Y/N to go with him, Peter being the caring and kind boy he is, he wanted to ask Y/N in the most spectacular way. Which is what the goal of Ned and his Sunday night was.

“Oh, oh, wait I have an idea” Peter sat up in his bed excited to hear Ned’s spectacular idea.
“Yeah? What is it?”
“So…You summon an army of Spiders and get the them to spell out ‘Homecoming?’ Whilst you dangle upside down from the ceiling like a Spider, I think it will be the talk of the school” he said, with a triumphant smile spread across his face.
“Ned! First off, Where do I get an army of Spiders, and Secondly how do I communicate with them, and Finally how do hang from the ceiling without anyone being suspicious about my powers?”
“Eh…Duh, your SpiderMan and revealing you identity would be a spectacular show of your love for Y/N” he rolled his eyes at Peter’s ‘silly’ question.
“Ned that’s not how it works, I can’t do that”
“So is that a no? Or a Maybe?”
“No, It’s a big No” Peter let out a defeated sigh,“Y/N deserves something spectacular, something amazing, just like her”

And that’s how the night went, Ned making incredibly chaotic suggestion-95% being Spider related- and Peter saying no, letting out a large sigh then would spend the next 5 minutes talking about how amazing Y/N is. They were getting absolutely nowhere, eventually at 4o'clock Peter resigned himself from his failing ideas and let Ned and him go to sleep.

That morning as the pair stumbled into school at 8:30, both as exhausted as they other, Peter dispraised at the disappointment of Today. It was supposed to be amazing, he would have an incredible plan all set up Y/N would see it and immediately say yes to his proposal and they would fall madly in love with each other, but, alas that is not how today would go. This devastated Peter.

Peter headed to his locker and sorted out his books for the up coming classes, with Ned sluggishly trailing behind him. Y/N bounced over. She had heard Ned and Peter discuss there potential plans, and her suspicions were only confirmed by Michelle. Y/N had a slight crush on Peter, okay, maybe a big crush and she was absolutely ecstatic when she discovered he was going to ask her to Homecoming that day.

“Hey guys, how are…” Y/N trailed of as she only just took in the appearance of two exhausted boys, “Wow! You two look so tried”,Peter looked away from his lockers to smile at her and began contently listening whatever she was going to say whilst Ned just tried to keep his eyes open,
“Did you spend the whole night with you girlfriends? All that sex tire you out?” She began to mock the two of them, She knew they were too tired to retaliate so she took advantage of the situation.
“Y/NNNN” Peter whined at her, he sighed then came up with a lie about what they did last night,“We just talked is all”
“Is talk code for masturbate?” She loved teasing the two especially when they didn’t do anything about it. Y/N found it funny seeing Peter angry plus it made him look very sexy and she struggled to contain herself sometimes.
“Y/N I don’t masturbate but I don’t know about Ned”
“I’m i gentlemen, I would never” Ned protested sounding appalled finally waking up.
“Ha, fat chance you two” she rolled her eyes at them, everyone did or has at least once and she knew that. But before Peter or Ned could responded to her comment the Bell rang and the corridors stormed with Students, separating the trio as they all fled to there classes.

Every Class Y/N had with Peter she was expecting him to turn around and just ask her, pass her a note, anything, it was killing her.
Then lunch rolled by and still, nothing. There was only 10 minutes left of lunch and the window of opportunity for this to happen was closing, and closing quickly.
“Em…Peter can I talk to you?”
“Yeah, go ahead” God, Peter can be so clueless sometimes she thought ti herself.
“No, um in private, just me and you”
“Oh, um, of course”
Peter glanced back at Ned a confused look plastered over his face, Ned wiggled his eyebrow at him and began to pretend to make out with someone. Ned knew exactly what was going to happen and he nudged Michelle-who for once lifted her head from her book-“yeah, I know” she said nodding her head satisfied with what will happen next.

'God what are you doing Y/N?'she said to herself mentally face palming as she headed down the corridor with Peter,'Why couldn’t you have just waited?’
“So…um, Y/N what is this all about?” Peter grew nervous, the corridor never seemed to end, and the anticipation was killing him. He hoped she was leading him away to make out with him, just like Ned said, but he knew that wouldn’t happen. So when she turned around and shoved him into a supply closet-so Cliché, I know-His heart flipped out his chest. The closet she had chosen was one of the smallest Peter had ever seen, her body was pressed up against him, he could smell her perfume radiate of her like the sun’s rays. His eyes fluttered at the idea of being in here without the clothes on, she was killing him, but she didn’t know it.

“God, Are you this oblivious she said?” As she rubbed her hands against her forehead.
“What do you mean?”
“I thought you were going to ask me to homecoming today” she tilted her head down almost ashamed at her silly assumption,“I really wanted to go with you but I guess I was just being stupid”
“Wait! Slow down”
“I said I want to go to homecoming with you Peter”
As she looked up she began to drown in Peter’s large chocolate eyes, they never seemed to end and she didn’t want them to.
“So, Will you go with me?”
She was quite a confident girl and she was more than sure of what she wanted, and her confidence wasn’t going to waver now. Before Peter even got the chance to responded their lips crashed into each other like a wave onto a beach, and she melted into him. She clutched onto his t-shirt, pulling herself as close to him as possible and one of Peter’s hands pressed hard into the wall behind her, whilst the other settled on her waist. She need him like oxygen and he could feel her coursing through him like the blood in his veins. Neither one of them wanted to stop, they couldn’t, eventually Y/N pried her swollen lips off of his,
“So Is that a yes or…?” She began to smirk at him, It was obviously a yes.
“Em…I’m not sure, maybe if we did that again I would be more certain” Peter grew more confident, and began to play with her, eventually succumbing to his craving and settled his lips onto hers.

Neither one of them could wait to see what would happen at homecoming…

3o'clock-Peter Parker

I just spontaneously started writing this and I like what I came up with, hope you like it too.



As I lay on my side in his bed I felt his hand slide over my hip and slowly pull himself closer to me,
“What are you doing Peter?” I said softly, it was 3o'clock in the morning so I had to be quiet.
“I wanted you to be closer to me”
I rolled my eyes at him he was such a dork sometimes, so I moved my arm to rest on top of his and softly held his hand,
“Are you happy now?” I said after adjusting myself,
“Very” he began to softly kiss my neck,
“Peter this is very sweet and I love you but it’s 3 in morning,so could you please go to sleep?”
This was the only issue with staying over at Peter’s, he would stay up all night cuddling and kissing you, I love him but I also love sleep.
“Do I have to?” He softly whined in my ear,
“please?” He began to plead with me, I couldn’t say no to him.
“Alright, we can only stay awake a little while though”, I rolled myself over so we were face to face, my nose almost touched his. I began to study his face and his cheeks burned bright red as I did, I then moved up to his eyes as I began to list off the different shades of brown living within them.
“You are so very beautiful” he finally said breaking the perfect silence we had created, he was studying my face the same as I was doing to him, it made me blush.
“Don’t be embarrassed, its true” he brought his hand up and cupped my face and he brushed my cheek with his thumb.

We both lay there transfixed on one another, neither one of us wanting to break the delicate moment we were living in.

“Um…” Peter began to clear his throat,“Y/N I have a confession to make, and your going find out sooner or later so why not now”
“What is it Peter?” I placed my hand on his, he still hadn’t moved it from my face.
“Em, well y-you know Spiderman” he said, with a comforting smile growing on his face trying to cure my confusion.
“Yes” I nodded my head slowly,“What about him?” So far he was making no sense. I thought harder about what he was taking about the suddenly.

“W-wait your spiderman” I began to string together all the memories I had, his voice, I recognised from that day after the decathlon when we were in that elevator, It was Peter, Peter Parker saved us that day. The very same Peter Parker lying beside me.
“W-W-well Yes, I am…Spiderman” He managed to splutter out the sentence then looked out of my gaze, almost ashamed.
“Don’t be so embarrassed, your the Amazing Spider-Man” I smiled as he looked up at me.
“You really think I’m amazing?”
“Well for fuck’s sake Peter you can do amazing flips, climb on ceilings, shoot webs and have the most badass suit ever. Of course it’s amazing. Not to mention your kind, generous and crazy smart. I can’t think of anything more amazing” His whole face went cherry red. I pulled my face toward him and placed my lips on his, they were soft and gentle just like him, I put my hand on the back of his neck and twirled the small pieces of hair between my fingers as he pulled me closer, when we finally let go of each other I said,
“Thank you for telling me your secret”
“Of course, I had to tell you”
“If I keep your secret, can you do something for me?”
“What is it?”
“Can I try on your suit?”
He rolled his eyes at me and pulled me closer,
“Hmmmm” He pretend to have a thoughtful expression, and instead of answering my question he placed his lips on mine restarting the kiss we broke earlier. Eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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I actually don’t remember the date of this. But it was about a month after Danny announced  his departure from AA. I woke up late like 1o'clock & I saw a post on Twitter that said We are Harlot was having a signing at 3o'clock in Syracuse NY a hour away from where I live. It didn’t even have a address! But I begged my mom to drive Katie Misty & I. Katie was in school just down the road. But Misty lived 45 minutes away and Syracuse was 30 minutes from her. My sister Kylee was home from school because of a appointment she has early that morning. So after begging my mom to drop everything she had going on to bring me and my friends to Syracuse to meet and band I threw my sister in the car picked up Katie who didn’t end up going to school that day either. Then we went to pick up Misty who walked out of class and out of the building ditching school altogether We headed to Syracuse. Because we were in such a rush I didn’t even have time to get ready I threw my hair in a bun and put on a vest. I didn’t think we’d end up getting photos I also thought a ton of people would be there. But when we got to the radio station I was sure we were in the wrong place. We walked in and no one was there except the lady at the desk. I went up to her and asked if Danny Worsnop was doing a signing here today. She had no idea what I was talking about and said she would ask the DJ when he got off the air. I told her ok bit it’s supposed to start at 3 and if we were in the wrong place we’d really like to get to the right one. She went back then came out and told us they would be arriving shortly. I didn’t even know what to do. It was just two friends and little sister there to meet We Are Harlot! A few minutes later Danny and Jeff walked into the building. We all froze. When they went up to the counter the receptionist pointed at us and said “They are here for you” Danny turned around and was like HEY thanks so much for coming out and started talking to us is his beautiful Australian ascent. (Umff) Then the DJ came out and handed us posters to get signed & we took selfies & group photos. They were so nice & Danny kept picking up my little sister. It was her first time going with me to meet a band so this was a awesome intimate experience for her. Katie & I go on concert adventures all the time follow me on Twitter to see more of our adventures