the 3 snake leaves

Twisted Snake pt.3

Synopsis: After leaving you in the Scorpion hang out, Jughead is riddled with guilt and you are both confronted but your nearest and dearest.

Pairings: Jugheadxreader, Jugheadxbetty

Warnings: Swearing, anger, angst.

A/N: So I have rewritten part.3 of twisted snake and I am much much happier with this version. What do you think?


Yn Pov

I can’t believe he came here. What a fool, a stupid adorable fool. I watched Jughead get into his car across the carpark. He stalled at first before lurching out the fate, an adorable fool who can’t drive.

I couldn’t go back to John at the table, I wanted to run, I wanted to get away, I can’t be here anymore, I never wanted to be here in the first place. I moved out the door but was interrupted by a familiar voice

“So a Serpent? Really ynn? Really?”

“Oh don’t give me that Chris” you moved passed him and continued your tracks to the car.

“Always have to be different now don’t you? Listen to your brother ynn, he is not how ”

“This is not a rebellion Chris I’m just going home”

“Or going to your new boyfriend’s place”

“He is not my boyfriend” you spun on your heels catching him by his shirt.

“Good because that would be a mistake…and you have a boyfriend” you released his shirt and sighed aloud.

“If you could call John that…he’s part of a business deal, a business i don’t even want to be part of.”

“Tough luck ynn you don’t get a choice, perks of being the leader’s daughter right” you rolled your eyes at your older brother but knew he was right.

“And stay away from that Serpent kid, you’re just lucky it was only me who saw you two. Next time i won’t be so forgiving” he moved to turn away from you but you caught his arm.

“Threaten me again Chris, next leader or not, ill end you.” you met his eyes, serious in every way.

“See, how can you think you don’t belong with the Scorpions” he smirked before jerking his arm from your grip and strolling off hands in his leather jacket.

Jughead Pov

I tried to gather what had happened last night, process it, any of it but I couldn’t. I’m being crazy, this is so crazy. I’ve only met yn twice and i was willing to storm a scorpion infested bar for her. I’m crazy. This is crazy. I’m with Betty. Nice, good, clear, easy to understand and predict Betty….yn is so much more than that. Yn was hurt…yn is being hurt, I feel the need to protect this stranger. What am I doing.

“Hey Juggy” Betty came smiling in the back door of the Andrew’s, not really who i wanted to see right now…or maybe i needed to see her.

She kissed my cheek and it felt wrong. YN and I kissed and it didn’t feel wrong, Betty, my girlfriend, kissed my cheek and nothing had ever felt so wrong.

“Betty, why do you like me?” I faced her as she sat across from me at the breakfast bar.

“Why shouldn’t i like you” she beamed. That wasn’t really an answer but I smiled back to her before turning back to the fridge. She sat cross legged as my phone vibrated off the granite, probably a news alert.

“Juggy” Betty dragged my name out, almost as if she had seen a ghost. I turned smilingly, her face pale.

She held out my phone, screen facing me with the message glowing on it

*Sms: from Unknown Number: Hey Jughead, It’s yn…-11.15am

That’s all I could read from the push notification. Shit.

“Why is that girl texting you Juggy" her voice steady, mine was not.


“ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!” she banged the phone off the counter making me jump. She held out the phone to me again.

“Key in your code and read the message out loud” she was kinda scaring me, unblinking stare. I reluctantly take the phone from her and key in the code, forcing my hands not to shake. I clear my throat before clicking the notification, Betty’s eyes burning into me.

“Hey Jughead, it’s yn, S-sorry for pushing you away last night……c-can we talk soo-n” my speech was broken and I shakily raised my head to meet her unwavering gaze.

“Did you cheat on me?”


“DID YOU CHEAT ON ME ANSWER THE QUESTION!” She hit the counter with the palms of her hand again. I looked back down at the floor.

“Jughead…” her voice was uneven, heart break replacing anger. God I hate myself right now. I am a disgrace to the human race, I have to tell her. I can’t tell her. I have to tell her. I can’t tell her. I have to tell her.

“I went to see her last night…I needed to find out why she reacted the way she did when she heard my name and…”

“Did you…did you find out why?” reports quizzical mind, I smiled internally to this.

“Yeah, family business stuff and…”

“Ugh god she’s serpent scum isn’t she, typical”

“Betty, I’m “serpent scum”” I bit out, how dare she. She insists she’s okay with my lineage but I know she’s lying to me and herself, I know it.

“Oh no juggy you’re not like those bad people” she rubbed the back hand but I pulled it from her grasp.

“And what if I am?! They’re not all bad people Betty!”

“Well she’s a bad person! Theory checks out!”

“SHE’S NEITHER A BAD PERSON NOR A SERPENT” was I shouting at Betty? I’ve never done that?!


“YEAH WELL US SERPENT SCUM ARE KNOWN FOR OUR HOT TEMPER NOW AREN’T WE?! TYPICAL!” I grabbed my phone again and stormed out. How dare she.

*Sms: To Yn: Yn. I’ll meet you at the bridge in 20. -11.30am


Much love Xx