the 3 brats

BTS as shit my groupchat says v. 3

Seokjin: ‘buncha entitled brATS THE LOT OF YOU’

Yoongi: ‘Only mama i recognize is hoseoks solo’

Hoseok: ‘ur just lightly toasted n nicely buttered’

Namjoon: ‘i’m not scared to die i’m scared to not live anymore’

Jimin: ‘talk shit get hit lmao saranghae’

Taehyung: ‘how dare u i thought about you while i was eating my meatloaf’

Jungkook: ‘ok as much as i love circle jerking’

“Be the worst you can be: life’s too long for patience and virtue.” (x

BROTP: Draco Malfoy & Pansy Parkinson    (photos not mine)

The summer after the war, they disappear to Paris. They do too many stupid things and even more stupid people, but it’s a strange sort of therapy as long as they do it all together. They help each other pull strangers at clubs and step in when they disapprove of each other’s choice, instead offering the familiarity of each other, a sort of ease that they know they’ll always take. They’re whisper-in-the-dark-afraid-to-be-afraid confidants; they’re don’t-snark-at-me-so-early-I’m-hungover-and-fuck-you-too insulters. They’re best friends and occasional lovers, but it works and they ensure each other’s wounds have at least started to scab over before they decide to return to England.


(Disturbing) Playing pranks on his fellow groupmates

Miyake Ken, 17 36 years old

Introducing the last of my main Pokemon Fankids.

He’s Izumi, my Twinleafshipping fankid.

A dancer, hyperactive and dramatic, devoted fan of Serena Zay that follows her steps (even with his starter who happens to be a Fennekin). 

He also happened to meet Lara on a night party on a Pokemon Center and it was basically love at first sight. 

Charlotte despises him because he’s totally going to corrupt her baby after all.

Stuff ensues later.

Imagine Getting Into A ‘Plushie‘ Fight with Connor
      She had stumbled across her stuffed-animal collection while rummaging through her closet and decided to put them to use again. After stalking
through the house in search of her target; Connor, she finally found him
sitting at his desk. He was hunched over a pile of papers with a frown
creasing his forehead.      She stifled a giggle as she raised up a
stuffed bear while taking aim. Excitement was welling in her chest,
making it near impossible to keep quiet. Just as she thought she
couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer she threw the toy with all
her might, hitting Connor in face, and quickly disappeared around the
corner.     “Y/N!” He yelled as he shoved his chair out. She could
hear his heavy footsteps making their way towards her and as soon as he
came around the corner she threw another stuffed-animal at him before
running back up the stairs laughing hysterically.     She heard
him hauling ass after her, her heart began racing with fear; the kind
you get when you know someone’s about to find your hiding spot while
playing hide-n-seek. She quickly disappeared into the far back of her
huge closet, hiding right by the toy chest. She loaded her arms with as
much ammo as she could, and sat in wait.     “Y/N?” Connor asked,
confused. She could just see his pant legs walking past the door. She
hurriedly stuffed an animal against her mouth to hold back her giggles.
“Where did you go?”     A few moments of silence passed before
she burst out of the closet and began tossing her arsenal of toys at
Connor. He managed to dodge of few but couldn’t avoid them all. She
quickly ran out, and stood there for a moment, unable to move due to her
laughing. Tears began streaming down her face and she lost sight of
Connor. She thought she was going to fall over at this point. After she
recovered she managed to open her eyes, only to see her target holding
the stuffed-animals. She attempted to run away but he pelted her with
them, before grabbing her by the waist and pinning her down on the bed.    
“You think you’re funny?” Connor asked, chuckling at her as he bent his
head down and began pressing steamy kisses against her neck.     “Mmhmm.” She closed her eyes, melting from the heat.       “You interrupted my work, Y/N.” He said with a pout.    
“Well, you looked like you could have used a distraction.” She said,
running her finger down his jawline, her eyes slowly rising up to meet
his.       A smiled spread across his face before he began kissing her intently, “Thank you.”