the 2nd one is actually hilarious

This chart is so mind-bogglingly nitpicky that I just have to go through it, at least for the ones I know. For the ones I don’t, feel free to make your own contributions.

Guardians of the Galaxy [spoilers for the 2nd one]:

Who is more competent - Okay it’s true that Gamora is a trained assassin, and is frighteningly good at it. That does not REMOTELY make Peter Quill “semi-competent”, and he in fact has several other skills which he wishes to deploy despite interference from the other Guardians, like say, diplomacy. And while Gamora’s sheer battle prowess is formidable, Peter’s ability to improvise on the fly has saved himself and the Guardians AND the Galaxy.

Who gets captured - Well in the 1st movie nobody, but in the 2nd movie it was Peter, wasn’t it?

Who saves the day and gets the credit - uh, it was all of them. I distinctly remember that official pardon which all of them received (followed hilariously by Drax and Rocket respectively asking if murdering and stealing stuff was still okay).

The Lego Movie - this one misses the point so hard it’s actually worrying.

Who is more competent - Lucy, surely. But her hypercompetence was a blessing and a curse - she knew how to make the most incredible things Emmett had ever seen, but it got her and the entire resistance movement absolutely nowhere in the fight against Lord Business. Emmett isn’t semi-competent, he is completely useless… because he is being told constantly that he has to be special in exactly the same way that Lucy, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman,Vitruvius etc. are special. But he doesn’t, and that’s the most important lesson that Lucy and everyone else learn from him. He is special because he knows how to work as part of a team, which is something no other Master Builder knows how to do, until he teaches them.

Who gets captured - everyone.

Who gets the credit - Depending on your interpretation of Emmett and Finn’s final speech, the answer is either “Lord Business” or “everyone”. Almost like no one specific style of creation is necessarily superior to any other.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Who is more competent - I find it odd that Vox chose this specific movie/book, because it’s the one where Harry swordfights a Basilisk all by himself. Either way, Hermione is more competent academically, but Harry is more competent in Defence Against the Dark Arts, and in several other ways besides. Hermione’s own speech at the end of the previous book should have put this comparison to rest, but Vox insists on using it anyway.

Who gets captured/defeated - You got me there. This was the one time Hermione was rendered entirely incapacitated.

Who gets the credit - Harry and Ron. You know. For discovering the entrance to the chamber of secrets by themselves, saving Ginny by themselves, fighting a basilisk, defeating Voldemort for the second year in a row… fun fact: Hermione and Voldemort were never ever in the same room together between the time when he was hidden under Quirrel’s turban, and about five minutes before Harry kills him for good. I’m not sure what credit Hermione deserves aside from that which Harry and Ron already gave her - for giving them basically all the information they needed to solve the mystery.
Unless you think Hermione could have or would have taken Voldemort down by herself, but that’s another discussion.

I’m gonna skip the Matrix cause I’ve only seen it about once. But as far as Inspector Gadget is concerned, if I recall correctly the entire joke is that Penny is the competent one and the inspector himself solves the mystery by accidentally bumbling his way into it.

Star Wars: A New Hope:

Who is more competent - Unpopular opinion: It’s Luke. I’m not gonna tell you that Leia is incompetent, cause she’s not by a long shot. She has a decent strategic mind, and she’s a good shot when she needs to be (though she was heavily outnumbered). But Luke was a better pilot, which kind of came in handy for the legwork part of the operation. The actually-blowing-up-the-Death-Star bit. Different skills sets = different value at different times.

Who gets captured - For this movie and this movie alone, it’s Leia. Luke and Han are captured in subsequent movies.

Who gets the credit - Luke, for blowing up the Death Star. Han and Chewbacca, for being directly involved in ensuring Luke’s ability to blow up the Death Star. Leia got the credit during an earlier scene for delivering the plans to the Rebel Alliance. You know. The part that she was actually involved in.

What exactly is the problem here?


Under the Cherry Moon premiered in theaters nationwide on this day, July 2nd, in 1986

anonymous asked:

If you wouldn't mind sharing, how did the proposals happen?

WELL the night after mallory & I went to the 21p concert we were lying in bed and she was like “when “tear in my heart” was playing I was about ready to get down on one knee right then and there” which got me extremely worried because I wasn’t planning on proposing for another two weeks

I had ordered the ring the day before so I hadn’t gotten it yet. but I had already been paranoid that she was going to ask before I got the chance to so I was like “what if I told you…that I ordered a ring yesterday…and I was planning to propose on our anniversary” and she started crying & said yes. we agreed that we wouldnt make it official until the 2nd because we didn’t want to have to remember another date lmao

when our anniversary actually came around I stole her ring off my desk. I managed to convince her that she lost it (which was hilarious) and that we would have to find it once we both got home from work. 

before I tell the next part of the story, I have to provide a little context: one time mallory was singing “how do I” by LeAnn Rimes, so I showed her this flash from homestuck, because I am unable to refrain from mentioning homestuck whenever I get the chance.

and mallory knows how important homestuck is to me. we had been trying to pick out “our song” for a while by then because the song that was playing during our first kiss was this super sad bon iver song and we weren’t about to make that sad ass song “our song”. so she was like “that’s our song” when I played the flash. I tried to suggest different ones (because I cant hear that song without thinking about homestuck) but she insisted that “how do I” was the one.  

back to the story. every morning, I drive mallory to the bus stop so she doesnt have to walk there (it’s really not that far from the house, but I like driving her, plus it sucks that she has to take the bus to work). the morning of our anniversary, we left a little earlier than usual. when we got in the car, I started blasting “how do I” and we were singing it on the way to the bus stop. I drove around the block before I pulled into the empty parking lot behind my house. I turned up the music all the way, rolled down the windows, got out of the car, and opened the door for mallory. by then she had been laughing hysterically for a while. 

we slow danced to the song for a while and neither of us could stop laughing. as soon as I got down on one knee, she started crying (even though I had already proposed to her before). granted, I was nervous even though I knew she’d say yes again (and she did)

ok so i like the “bokuto is good at math” headcanon but also it conflicts with the 2nd ova bc bokuto failed math BUT consider this: his response is to tell akaashi that he promised not to talk about it, and this is bc bokuto is actually very good at math, he just got distracted and failed that one exam, and akaashi won’t stop bringing it up because he thinks it’s hilarious that bokuto, of all people, failed math

Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So I had this idea, when I was writing with just an amazing person. (Like damn, she’s so beautiful - her body as well as her mind…oh god, she’s also so sweet *-*). Anyways, I guess this is going to be a bit longer series :3 I hope you enjoy!

Summary - You’re a pretty nerdy girl, loving to surf through tumblr after work and you randomly find this blog, that catches you attention.

Words - 814

Warnings - spoilers about movies and series but seriously…that shouldn’t be a spoiler to you anymore

A/N: Not my gif - didn’t know what gif to use and I guess that was the best thing for this situation xD

After a long day of work, you love to surf through the internet, especially through Tumblr. In the end nothing really has changed since you were on high school. You didn’t have a growth spurt like everyone told you, you still wore the same style of clothing that was quite boring and nerdy, didn’t change your haircut like you actually always wanted to and didn’t stop fangirling about your favorite pairings on your favorite shows you always binge watched on Netflix on your days off. But this time nothing really interesting was going on…so you decided to look for some different things. And you just happend to find yourself reading a really funny text post of someone freaking out about the ending of The Fault in our stars. This person seemed really furious about the ending and how a author could be this cruel. You ended up on clicking on the blog and scrolling through the hilarious posts, how this person is freaking out about all different sorts of books and movies. When you saw the comment about, why someone would start with the 4th movie of a series and make the 5th and 6th one before filming the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, made you curl up in your couch, bursting into laughter. And the reaction that Darth Vader is Luke’s father and that Anakin actually is Darth Vader doesn’t really help you. You end up reading all most of the comments until you’re already one hour late going to bed.

The next days you keep reading the comments you didn’t read yet and are excited to read the most recent ones. After a week of training your muscles from all the laughter, you see that there’s a new post that you immediately read.

Can someone please tell me, if they cried watching the scene of Lion King where Mufasa dies and Simba calls for help but no ones shows up, just Scar telling him it’s his fault and that he should run far, far away. My “friends” are making fun of me and I want to prove them, that I’m not the only one.

You chuckle a bit and comment on it.

Hey, there! I actually still cry whenever I rewatch it. Was it your first time watching this Disney classic? Btw, I’m really enjoying your blog. You have an interesting taste.

You wait a bit, but soon enough you get an answer.

Oh my god, thank you! It actually was. I didn’t see a lot of movies and my friends want me to catch up the classic movies and books of today.

You smile reading the answer and immediately write back.

Did you like it? I mean The Lion King. It’s my favorite disney movie of them all actually, even though the music of The Lion King 2 is really nice too. Oh, and if your friends get out of ideas, you can ask me as well. I actually really like reading your reaction to all the movies. It’s hilarious.

Soon after the answer follows.

Wait, there’s a sequel to The Lion King? Okay, I know what I’m watching next. That’s really nice of you as well. Maybe you have better recommendations than my stupid friends. And about that last part…was that a compliment or did you just insult me.

You can’t keep yourself from laughing reading the last line. You see the comments underneath the post getting a bit too long, so you decide to start a chat.


Hey! Aren’t you the one, that just insulted me?

You giggle to yourself.

Might be. I hope you’re not mad at me. I never saw someone with this passion, writing about books and movies.

I count that as a compliment. What’s your name by the way?

Oh, I’m Y/N and you?

I’m James.

You’re a guy?!

Yeah, did you think I am a girl?

Sorry, but you cried at the Lion King and complained about John not admitting to have feelings for Sherlock. The most people who ship this, are girls or guys, who are gay.

Well, sorry. But I’m definetly not gay. I mean it’s obvious that somethings going on between these two. Even if I was blind and deaf, I would notice that. Also what’s a ship?

Are you serious?

You then explained the main stuff every fan has to know, like what shipping is and what’s canon and you two complained about some other ships in different series and movies on how they should definetly together by now.

It was quite refreshing to talk to someone who shared the same opinion with you, but also had a whole different point of view on some things.

The next days you two talked a lot. About fan theories and discussed your opinions about some movies. You really started to look forward to get home and chat with James the whole night.

Want a second part? Let me know! Also if you have a request for a Bucky fanfiction! Requests are still open! :) Click here for requests!

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Few Ships of Fall/Winter 2015 & 2016

Few Ships of Fall/Winter 2015 & 2016

1. TakeRiku (Prince of Stride)

I actually started this on Saturday and it’s hilarious, I was like, a new sports anime, w/ one of the favorite sports, and also very gay? Sign me the hell up! ALSO JUST LOOK AT THEM AND TELL ME THERE WAS SO EROTIC EYE CONNECTION. FIGHT ME.

2. KyouHaba (Haikyuu 2nd season)

These two are my precious angst couple, I mean just look at the angry marshmellowpuff getting mad at his bara boyfriend. GUESS WHO‘S BEEN ANIMATED *SCREECHING* (they just need to hurry and be animated in the same frame though shhh)

3. GureShin (Owari no Seraph and Owari No Seraph: Battle in Nagoya)

I have a weakness for childhood friends as you can tell from my blog ._.’ But no, this ship gave me an emotional roller coaster during the 2nd season i screeched my feeling to my friends every time a new episode came out, plus they trust each other with every aspect of their being which is ship fuel. (THOUGH WHERE DID SHINYA GO IN THE SECOND SEASON LAST EPISODE HE’S NOT THERE IN THE MANGA EITHER HELP ME)

They go from this:


4. KazuBisha (Noragami and Noragmai Aragoto)

A wild rare Heterosexual ship has appeared,


You know some deep part of you ships it too if you don’t already