the 2nd one always kills me to make

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hi, its sulay fic anon, i was gonna wait until next week to message you but i literally found a fic just last night and it killed me lol, its 'Unorthodox' by zyxdimples on ao3, the 2nd one is ' Always On Call' by the same author but on asianfanfic. i never asked you if ur into fluff, smut, etc. cause i kinda want to know so i can make sure i don't send you something you really don't like or is uncomfortable for you. hope ur still okay with me sending you fics and i hope you like these as well :)

Hi! Wow!! New ones already :O You’re such a productive reader! So much more productive than I am… I want to read all of them but I don’t have that much time right now argh ;_; But thank you for sending them because my followers appreciate your recommendations too! ♥ Ohh and I like pretty much everything, fluff, romance, smut, angst, that’s all fine, though too much angst makes me sad LOL but yes I don’t mind, you can send anything! But aww thank you for asking! so considerate of you :’) 

Here are the links for anyone interested: Unorthodox & Always On Call


I just wanted to make a shout out to all my followers and the people that help me day to day. I’m going to be real honest here, tumblr is like my 2nd family and no matter how I was feeling, one person would lift me up and make me smile and enjoy life. I’m grateful to have all of you…i wish I could a I could find a word to summarize on how much you guys helped me. you all even helped me from not wanting to kill myself. you helped me get stronger and you helped me become the man I always wanted to be. I love you all. I’m here for you guys, I hope you know that. for the old friends and the new ones..your all unforgettable and truly a blessing. I feel wonderful to of met you. so for this I’m going to do a unorganized follow forever. IF YOUR NOT ON HERE, I PROMISE i will talk to you and love you the same as everybody else.

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