the 2nd in the 2nd row

I woke up not expecting the ticket to reach that early but I was wrong. And I started crying (because the first thing I saw was 2階/2nd floor) and had a minor panic attack.

When I relayed my seats to Aya, she told me everything will be fine and showed me a photo of the venue and it seems like 2nd floor starts from around row I of 1st floor? So it could be /kinda good/…maybe…kinda calmed down but still..
I cross my fingers for night session.

On the other hand the ticket is pretty~
((I don’t have a clearer shot ahaha I’m sorry 😂))


(Original page in Chinese is here)


* This concert admission of strict security, no admission to the ticketed spectators to carry audio and photographic equipment *

※ The performance date:
2015/09/05 (f) 19:00.
(The actual performance time, needed to show time shall prevail. )

※ Venue: Taipei arena (prohibited food and video cameras, video cameras and other admission. )

※ The fare:
$5,000 (rock and 2F, 9 rows before seating)
$4,000 (2F seating area after 10 rows)

※ The rock station-the area to perform according to the serial number on the stamp as part of the admission on the day.
Photos by 09/05 (vi)-is expected to 17:00 in response, is expected to 18:00 to enter.
(Real part time will be subject to future announcements)

※ The ticket location: 7-ELEVEN Ibon in all of Taiwan only to facilitate life station

‧ Ibon service shop enquiries:

※ Date of registration: 2015/08/15 (f) 11:00 the hour begins.

※ Ibon operation teaching website: Please be patient.

※ The ticket with disabilities: 2015/08/15 (f) 11:00 received a fax ticket stock lasts.

※ The ticket form with disabilities Web site: Please be patient.

※ The disabled fare: 400

※ Special Notes: red, violet 2B, 2B zone for “sight shield”.
Due to the above 2 blocks are too close to the stage and stage angle of erection problems, this 2 blocks to watch not to:
“Main stage” of LED screens.
Artists in the “main stage” in the back-end performance to watch not to. (Main stage live, needed to watch the stage on both sides of the screen)
Sight sight outside the shaded blocks do not affect the main stage, like center stage and the flower blocks.
* Poor sight location is the hypotenuse, will be part of the viewing angle will be obscured, please be sure to consider and purchase tickets in the region.
* Live stage line of sight if there are adverse (notice the poor sight outside the region), must be made within 10 minutes of the show staff. Confirmed by staff determine if sight for bad seats, seats will be adjusted as appropriate; if there are no seats can be replaced, customers have to apply for a full refund. If there is no author, deemed consent to the seating arrangements.

“Before booking, please read the notes below:”
1. purchase 3 tickets per game per person.
2. This ticket without dome membership.
3. under the Taipei little dome site provides: children under 110 cm in height shall enter the 3 districts in order to safeguard their security.
4. admission tickets for bearer of valuable coupons, situations such as the lost, destroyed, damaged, will not be invoiced again.
5. one voucher, tickets, ticket limits used once, not free to purchase unsolicited coupons, lest their own rights.
6. the event is forbidden to take photographs, photograph, sound recording, admission is not to bring cameras, cameras, if seized, field staff have the right to immediately delete the shooting, Lu advised, if not the listener, organizer has the right to ask you to leave, and reserve the right to legal recourse.
7. the performance venues have their own admission requirements, ticketed spectators are requested to comply with the organizers/promoters and venue requirements, if interference performance of order behaviour, the Organizer is entitled to request its departure.
8. buy discount coupon is required to purchase and use in accordance with the requirement to provide supporting documents.
9. Ibon machine in the ticketing process to enter personal contact phone, this data is only for use by the Ibon customer service links, and according to the personal data protection act shall be transmitted using encryption.
10. payment a single payment period of 10 minutes, please in the period to which the payment for the tickets, not across the shop to pay for a ticket. Attention please! Over time to counter the payment, the transaction will be automatically invalidated, necessary to order ticket.
11.7-ELEVEN counter in the store will be only accepted cash, after a successful payment, please wait at the counter ticket printing, for a ticket.
12. Ibon-related operational problems, Ibon, please call toll-free line: 0800-016-138 or 02-2659-9900.
“Refund rules”

A, refund
1. the refund deadline and fees calculation Description:
(A) every 10 days before show time (excluding performance), fare is charged 10% fees.
(B) within 10 days prior to each show time that is nonrefundable.
© on September 05 ticket on August 25 (b) the deadline on August 26 ©, that is no longer a pickup.
(D) if the payment refund deadline, after the deadline, but did not receive tickets, refund, subject to discretion subject to a fare 10% fees.
2. the refund for each wire transfer costs 30 yuan from refund account, directly deducted from the refund.
3. the refund process takes about 10~14 working day (counted from the receipt of a refund request).
4. the date identified in company data date of receipt of the application. (Not subject to the postmark date, send please computation time, late will not be accepted).
5. the refund for each count shall not exceed the concert announcement of the purchase of count.
6. If there are any forms of resale for their own use and fare increases (regardless of fare items for purchase and transportation fees, subsidies are included) was found to be true, the company may not be refunded, and depending on the social order maintenance Act 64th paragraph 2nd for radial police prosecuted.
7. Please do not buy any non-notice access tickets for sale by securities of the company, so their rights.

Second, refunds Description:
1. (1) the original ticket (2) name (3) Tel (4) into the bankbook copy (including bank name, branch name, account name and account number) to Taiwan local banks are limited, please register by post or courier return according to the following provisions:
‧ E-mail address: 3/f, Taipei’s Pateh Road, 23rd
‧ Recipient: “Super dome Entertainment Productions Ltd-ticketing section”
‧ Envelope front indicate the show name and date (example: “xx x Matinee concerts XX years x months”).

Third, failing which a refund of this rule was found to be true, the company may not be refunded, and directly or by registered mail will be sent back to their original tickets.
Before purchasing tickets, please understand and agree with the above code, if you do not agree please do not purchase, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes and damage; when you make a booking and refund operations, will be treated as you have understood and agree to abide by all of the above matters.

To avoid the Super dome of force majeure to keep this active approach of modification, alteration of rights, the change notice in the Super dome Web page.

Staff of the Super dome 2015.08.01

Translated by: Bing


I went to UNIQ’s showcase in Osaka. (1st stage and 2nd stage) I’m going to share my beautiful memory ♥ I will try to be really detailed so that you can feel what it was like. (please excuse my feels because it WAS SO AMAZING.)

Well first of all, they had this amazing INTRO with really strong beats. 1st stage, I can totally feel that they were kind of nervous but 2nd stage, Sungjoo was singing along with the intro singing “Bam baba bam, baba bam.” And the big UNIQ curtain opened and BAM! It was the five amazing guys in front of us!! My seat on 1st stage was 2nd row while my 2nd stage were 4th row. I was pretty close to the stageㅠㅠ♥ Set list went like…

  • EOEO
  • Born to fight
  • SJ+YX Original song
  • YB Solo dance
  • Listen to me
  • MC talk {balloting=giving away signed posters, cd, be the ‘lucky girl’.}
  • WH+SY (Happy - Pharrell Williams + YB’s NAENAE)
  • Celebrate
  • Driver’s High (L'Arc-en-Ciel)
  • — says byebye and comes back to the stage again
  • Falling In Love
  • — Showcase End
  • Hi-touch event

They continuously performed EOEO and BORN TO FIGHT flawlessly. They were amazing. The moment when UNIQ curtain went up, they looked kind of nervous but when the music started playing, their faces changed and I saw these five amazing guys in front me. So amazing and so passionate with the thing they’re doing. Then MC talks, asked UNIQ to introduced them selves. They were so close to me, I didn’t know who to look at but obviously I stared at Yibo.. ♥ I was so happy to see him with different hair style. He looked really great and he was shining so bright. He still has those shy glances but his smile was so warm. Sungjoo was the most confident one, he did his best speaking in Japanese even though it was 80% wrong but it was rather adorable. They all did their best to speak in Japanese. I saw how they slowly gets comfortable and tried to speak every japanese words they know.

MC talk again. Introduced their selves again, and asked every member with their impression on Osaka. They were saying popular words in Osaka. (Kansai dialect) and they did the GLICO pose. Glico is really popular LED board in Osaka. And they asked each other’s impression. Each member.. but it’s gonna be so long so type it all here. I’ll post it on different post! and here goes the balloting! T^T This is the part where I was so nervous because I wanted to get picked but also so afraid that I might get picked because GUYS…. they were hugging EACH GIRL that won the prize. It started with Sungjoo he was the first one to pick a ticket (it was balloting) and then the girl went near the stage and HE hugged her so CONFIDENTLY ㅋㅋ as expected from Kim Sungjoo! and then all the other members just followed each other hugging every girl who wins and the grand prize was to get on stage and be the lucky girl of UNIQ’s Luv again performance!!! and they were really gentleman to the girl who won. 

fuck it i’m just going to buy the tix for Moz in Brussels and if i can’t go because of school i’ll sell them and cry for 379 days because at least i will have tried. it is on a monday and chances are big i will not be able to make it because i’ll be living in the north of the country by then so the train to Brussels will be looooooong. but i just really want to see him again and the fucker decided to skip us this time. i reallyyyyy hope, if i do go, i could be at the front and touch his hand (3rd time’s a charm, right).


3rd Installment of pics:

1st Row:: kajaseastar-sso & I did the pony champ, which is where we met Anna Catpaw :) she’s great. Apparently she used to have a tumblr but doesn’t have one currently. 

1st big: Anna and I have the same color pony. Their heads were sticking out of the horse’s shoulder XD I had to get a pic of that

2nd big: Star got in my shot XD darn you gf

2nd row: Fiona got on so we introduced her to Anna

3rd & 4th big: Anna & I got our starters (we are all non star riders btw) & Fiona stayed on Dragon. We got some cute pics. Summer, Anna’s, is a girl. Auma isn’t too sure about her XD