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Hello everyone! I’m @astraas, the primary coordinator for the 2017 Bumbleby Week!  I’d like to start this off by saying that I am incredibly grateful for the bumbleby community and the compassion it shares and that I’m 100% excited for this event to take place, now let’s get into it.

My co-organizer, @deciido, and I have decided that this event will take place from October 2nd to October 10th, the week before the volume 5 premire. I hope that this gives you lots of time to come up with and produce whatever content you’re motivated to for this event.

The prompts are as followed:

DAY ONE: yin and yang
DAY TWO: garden
DAY THREE: alternate universe
DAY FOUR: first date
DAY FIVE: recovery
DAY SIX: parents
DAY SEVEN: beeunion
and DAY EIGHT: any additional content

I’m really looking forward to seeing everything y'all come up with and if you have any questions the ask box is open! We will be tracking the tags bumblebyweek and bmblbweek!