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Hello.. can you please answer my question? I'm very in love with your blog actually and I love Root so much but I couldn't get the meaning of may 3.. I don't want to miss a thing about her.. can you please answer?? Thank you.

050313 was the number on her (fake) grave which fans believe was in reference to the date the machine first spoke to her in ‘Zero Day’ :)

Do you ever find yourself watching something multiple times and having your mind blown every single time by how gosh darn good it is? ‘Cause like…

…all of those half-hour episodes from WOY season 2? Hokey smoke. Whenever I think of what it is that I love most about this show, my brain immediately screams “IT PRETTY”. And it is, it’s eye candy at its purest. And, as an artist, great material to study. I remember waiting for these episodes to get released on iTunes and being so excited to get to go through them frame by frame so I could observe every detail and movement. The show in general is already pretty top-notch, but I felt these ones in particular really went above and beyond.

And even though i’ve seen these episodes numbers of times, I still feel that same excitement from when I first saw them. I already know what’s gonna happen, I can see it all playing in my head, but I can never take my eyes off the screen.

It just makes me wonder how good season 3 would have looked, if it would’ve continued to raise the bar. But for now, i’m forever glad these episodes exist.

1st ep: Amo not ammo, it’s about love not the cases, character named Love, mary not in the picture anymore?

2nd ep: Confession, something you can’t unsay, once you’ve opened your heart you can’t close it again, act on your feelings before it’s too late, don’t let your chance slip away?

3rd ep: I love you???

My kid got into Yuri on Ice by repeatedly walking in on the second half of episodes and refusing to leave unless I let them watch it with me. So we’re watching all the episodes from the beginning together. Here are some choice reactions so far:

First episode

“Yuri is sad! I want to hug him!“ 

"When does the guy he love show up?" 

"Ha! Butts are hilarious!" 

"But now Victor is going to be Yuri’s boyfriend right?”

2nd ep:

“Victor loves Yuri!" 

"Yuri is too cute." 

"I don’t like this other Yuri. He’s mean.” Russian Yuri sees the Tiger shirt “Oh he is cute and I love him and I want that shirt!" 

"Yurio is great name and he’s angry and cute!”

 "Yuri is too adorable!“

3rd episode (so far, we’re halfway through): 

opening bit where Victor is talking to Yuri about his Eros "So they are already boyfriends right?”

 "Yurio is beautiful.“ 

"Oh Yuri! You will win! You are already boyfriends with Victor!”




mnet can literally suck my ass at this point and its only the 2nd ep in.

they really trying to make tension between mark and hongwon. in the waiting room(?) when mark walked in they asked if anyone knows him (why you wanna put him on the spot?) and they made it a point to show that hongwon specifically didn’t raise his hand to show he didn’t know mark. then when they asked if anyone doesn’t know hongwon, they once again made it a point to show that mark raised his hands like ???? why? 
every time hongwon does something they just have to show mark in the audience. and whenever mark does something they just have to show hongwon in the audience. in the preview, when hongwon was going up on stage they kept showing mark glancing at him like ??? why?? lol what’s the point they don’t even know each other give them a break omg 

anyways, dont bash mark and dont bash hongwon they cool kids who don’t even know each other