the 2nd and 3rd tags are the title and artist not random tags

Elsanna Contest!

There has been interest in doing this contest, so it is going to happen. Yay! Let’s give you some more information.


1. This is a contest for ROMANTIC Elsanna. We all love the fact that Disney showed True Love that family can have, that is not this contest. This is an “icest” pairing.

2. It has to be made for this contest. If you started a multi chapter fic and posting it, it can’t be entered. The only exception to this is if you posted no more than two chapters and it is going to be at least 10. Translation: Around 80% of the fic isn’t posted yet. If is a piece of art and you posted a WIP, that is okay, just as long as you don’t post it mostly complete or complete before the entry dates.

3. Work has to be orginal. No stealing from other artists. If someone gives you a prompt, that’s okay. But no copy paste for an entry. Working together is also top notch. Just remember that if you win as a pair, you will have to figure out who gets the prize.

4. You can enter as many times as you want. You can enter as many fics, art, whatever you want. BUT you can only win once in a category. (The categories will be explained in a bit.)

5. If you win a prize and don’t feel comfortable giving me your address (though honestly, I’m not a creeper), you can opt out of a physical prize and I will do my best to arrange for a non-physical prize.

6. If you end up an “overall” winner you can not win a category.

7. Rules may change, but I will be sure to let everyone know if they do and if they change after you submit something that goes against them, I will message you about it and give you a chance to change anything (though I honestly can’t see what would cause me to do this).

8. Have fun! This is about spreading the Elsanna love! Spam the tag with love and fun!

9. Make sure to tag entries with Elsanna Contest and Icest. That way anyone who doesn’t want to see this can blacklist those terms and not see it.


Right now, I am gathering prizes a little at a time (I dont’ have a lot of funds and it will be coming out of my pocket). I will be posting pictures probably starting next week with what I have gathered so far (which is only two things haha). I will title the entry with what it is and what it will be for.

Now for the categories. There will be three main sections and an overall section, along with some special random winners.

Random Categories:
Best Smut 
Most Unique (it could be a cross-stitch of Elsanna or even a fic where they are Mutant cats who are battling Nazi zombies)
Most Fluffy
Most Angsty
(I caved and added this one)

Those are what I have so far, I might add more. Who knows, but for right now. That is it.

Category 1: Fanfiction
1st place
2nd place
3rd place

Obviously, this is the category for fanfiction. I know there are some people who only write small little one shots or drabbles, I will post later on how many of those you need to write to make a collection that can be entered as one fic. More will be posted about this, it will mostly be minimum requirements. There will be no max on this (the more the marrier!) Just make sure to have your stuff beta’d and edited.

Category 2: Fanart
1st place
2nd place
3rd place

Comics, traditional art, computer painting, sculptures, cross stitch, it can be a lot of different things. If you are unsure, message me and I’ll tell you what it falls under.

Category 3: Other
1st place
2nd place
3rd place

Here will be the random things, like photo manipulations, colouring the colouring pages, covering one of the songs, making up a song, cosplay, fanmix, videos, whatever the other two don’t cover. Again, if you are unsure about someting, message me! I check my phone a lot.

1st place
2nd place
3rd place

This will be who has the most votes overall. If you win in this category you can’t win one of the sub categories. Pretty self explanatory here.

Other Stuff

This blog (Elsanna-Contest) will only blog information and enteries (when time comes). So this is what you want to follow to keep up to date. I will reblog some stuff on my other blog (Dont-Tell-Them-Its-Me) but this one will not reblog random Elsanna stuff.

The dates to post entries for the contest will be March 1st to March 10th. The reason for these dates is that it will also be a celebration of the DVD coming out (the date I found for it is March 18th. If this is wrong let me know.)

Before voting (which I will figure out how to do later) starts, there will be a master post of entries. If you don’t see yours in the post message me ASAP.

If you don’t want to message me on here, you can send me an email at Dont.Tell.Them.Its.Me at gmail dot com.


Q: Awww… I will be too busy for this, will there be another contest?
A: If this turns out well, yes. But not as big as this one. This is a party for the DVD release and to get the Elsanna fandom a bit bigger and with more fun stuff. I am planning a trip to Disneyland in June, if I find something there in my budget I’ll pick it up. No promises, but I will try.

Q: OMG! They’re sisters! Incest is discusting!
A: What are you doing here? Go away.

Q: What if I want a different prize that someone else has?
A: You can message the other winner and see if they want to trade, if they do, you BOTH have to message me saying you want to trade.

Q: What are the prizes? Are they all the same?
A: The prizes will NOT be all the same, but I am still gathering them. I will try to make the prizes for the Overall category better than the others, but please remember I’m paying for this, so I can only try to make this part fun. And yes, they will all be Frozen Elsanna stuff. (Time to make a couple of two hour long trips to the nearest big city, it sucks being in the sticks.) Again, I will start posting prize reveals sometime late next week. The big prizes will be posted last.

Q: You didn’t answer … (fill in the blank).
A: Message me! Email me! Beep me if you want to reach me… wait, wrong fandom. Send me a message and if I see a lot of the same thing, I will make a post about it.


Q: I’m not from the USA. Will you ship internationally?

A: YES! You peeps that don’t live in the USA seem to always get screwed over in contests (fan driven or otherwise) so I am most definitely including you kids in the contest. Warning, depending on how much your shipping will cost will determine when the prize will go out (I may need to save a little bit before having the funds to do so).

Please reblog this and anything else about this contest as much possible, spread the word. I’ll start some advertising posts soon.