the 24th needs to get here now

A week dedicated to our brave, determined and comical Connie Springer! 

Hey guys! It’s time Connie gets his own appreciation week, right? Well here it is, running from September 18 - September 24th! Now all that is needed is your help in deciding what the prompts for the week will be! 

This blog is currently open for taking prompt ideas to put up to vote! The deadline for prompt suggestions will be Friday, June 26th, and voting will begin the next day! Please reblog this post to help spread the word. 

Connie Springer deserves our love, and now is the time to start giving it to him!


Hello everyone! The other day I realized my follower count was up more! and since I didn’t do anything special for 300, I’ll do one right now! So I’m doing a contest that will run from now until the 24th of September! (I started this when I hit 340 followers but 2 left so unless they were bots they’re missing out ;P)

Now here I have 4 eggs, all you need to do is reblog this post(likes are cool but won’t get you an entry;3)and be following me. If you win you will win the creature that is inside the egg you get!

You can say the preferred number that you would like, but everyone who reblogs and is following will have their name all put in equally for all eggs, just so I don’t have to search through and separate people into 4 categories. And for new followers,  please do not just follow for the egg and leave after you get it, or you’ll have a sad Sugar. 

Okay loves! Are you ready? Go!

Holy fuckiplier. 

How?!? Thank yo all so much.

Its crazy to think at the beginning of the year I set a target of reaching 10,000 followers and now here I am less than 2000 followers away. Its unbelievable. You’re all such beautiful, epic, glorious people. And sure sometimes you need a reminder because you don’t see it but remember I always see you that way. You’re my biggest inspiration.

Its my birthday on the 24th May, what you think we can get to for that? 

Oosh out
Thank you for existing