the 24 days of top

I Told You So

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2383

Warnings: injury, swearing, minor angst 

A/N: Based on anon request: What if reader gets injured or sick in some way and Bones has to treat them but he’s mad that they’re hurt (because he hates to see them hurt) and he’s kind of rude about it? And reader is anxious and doesn’t like doctors/being yelled at and he goes to apologize after but reader isn’t ready to accept and says they need some time to think about it?? Surprisingly not as angsty as I originally intended, but I hope you still enjoy it!!

“Told you so,” Bones gloated, running a dermal regenerator over the burns of your hand.

“I wouldn't’ve gotten hurt if Keenser could’ve held his sneeze two more goddamn minutes,” you grumbled. “‘It’s the last time you’ll see me for a week. Promise.”

Bones snorted. “You’ll be back in two days tops.”

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Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 24, 2017)

10. Volkswagen was sued by Czechoslovakian car maker Tatra before WWII because the original Beetle was so similar to the Tatra T97. After Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 the lawsuit was cancelled by the Nazis. 

9. When Paris fell to the Nazis in 1940, French soldiers cut the elevator cables to the Eiffel Tower. This meant that if Hitler wanted to hoist a swastika flag, they would have to climb hundreds of stairs to get to the top.

8. Carlsberg beer used to have a Swastika (as a symbol of purity) in its logo. They removed it in 1940 after the Nazi’s appropriated it.

7. When men don’t masturbate for 7 days their testosterone levels increase by 45.7%.

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Hey! Say! JUMP “OVER THE TOP” Single Details

First-run limited edition 1 (CD+DVD)

Opening theme song for the Yomiuri TV/Nippon Television networks anime, “タイムボカン24 (Time Bokan 24)”

Music and Lyrics: twelvelayers
Arranger: SSKHz

2. Vanilla Ice

Composition:Janne Hyöty / KOUDAI IWATSUBO
Arrangement:Janne Hyöty

3. Vanilla Ice (original karaoke track)

“OVER THE TOP” music video + making-of

● First-run limited edition 2 (CD+DVD)

2. Funky Time

Music and Lyrics:Takehiko Takeuchi
Arrangement:Sumiharu Chiba / SSKHz

3. Funky Time (original karaoke track)

“Funky Time” music video+making of

● Regular edition (CD)

2. PARTY!!

Lyrics:Shigeo / MICO♯
Composition:Fredrik”Figge”Bostrom / MiNE / Atsushi Shimada

3. Our days

Music and Lyrics:twelvelayers
Arrangement:Tomoki Ishizuka

4. OVER THE TOP (original karaoke track)
5. PARTY!! (original karaoke track)
6. Our days (original karaoke track)

I was only halfway through today’s entry so I thought, why not practice some filming? I want to travel pretty much everywhere but right now Canada, Japan, and the U.K. are at the top of my list. Day 24 of the January challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen, F
Pencils: Fantasia Watercolor Pencils
Brush: Sakura Water Brush

30 Days Of OOTD “The Rewind”by @mxfsims
Day 24: Plus Size Fashion

The challenge is here xxxxxxxx

Thanks to all the cc creators ♡


Day 1 Ultimate bias
Day 2 Ultimate bias with blonde hair
Day 3 Ultimate bias with red hair
Day 4 Favorite group
Day 5 Bias of favorite group
Day 6 Top 5 favorite groups
Day 7 Bias(es) of top 5 favorite groups
Day 8 Top 5 favorite rappers
Day 9 Ultimate OTP
Day 10 Top 5 ships
Day 11 Top 5 soloists
Day 12 Top 10 favorite MVs not from favorite groups
Day 13 Top 5 favorite MVs from ultimate favorite group
Day 14 Top 5 favorite MVs from second favorite group
Day 15 Top 5 favorite MVs from third favorite group
Day 16 Top 5 favorite MVs from fourth favorite group
Day 17 Top 5 favorite MVs from fifth favorite group
Day 18 biases from other groups beside your 5 favorite groups (10 is the limit)
Day 19 Favorite subunit
Day 20 Favorite MV from subunit
Day 21 Top 5 Japanese MVs from ultimate favorite group
Day 22 Pre debut picture of your ultimate bias
Day 23 Pre debut picture of your ultimate favorite group
Day 24 Top 5 biases
Day 25 5 other groups you like
Day 26 5 pictures of ultimate bias with member(s) from your top 5 favorite groups
Day 27 Leaders of your top 5 favorite groups
Day 28 Rappers of your top 5 favorite groups
Day 29 Maknaes of your top 5 favorite groups
Day 30 1 favorite MV per top 5 favorite groups

You go through all the greats at Manchester United and you’ve certainly got to put him in there. The fact that he’s playing for Manchester United means he’s going to get hounded 24 hours a day. But he’s got the top man looking after him in Sir Alex Ferguson and he’s been through it before with people like Ryan Giggs and Eric Cantona. - George Best

Here’s a list of helpful tips for roleplay admins to remember when working on their group. These tips are based off of the way that I, personally, like to run things so please don’t eat me or get mad if you don’t agree with all of them.

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