the 2013 british fashion awards

Harry Styles, former One Direction heartthrob, remains one of the best-dressed men in music. Back in 2013, he won a British Fashion Award for his signature skinny suits, but has since swapped out the slick Saint Laurent for more whimsical, graphic pieces from Alessandro Michele’s Gucci. For an appearance on The Graham Norton Show that will air tonight, Styles performed in a custom suit from the Italian house that showed how the now-solo star might bring louche glamour back to the stage.

The peak-lapel jacket married ’70s and ’90s design cues, thanks to its strong shoulders and velvet trim. The retro Bowie-meets-Jagger effect continued onto Styles’s flared trousers, which came with red silk embroidered dragons running down the pant legs. A simple silk shirt kept everything sleek, as his go-to rings completed the rock star look.

olga-g87 replied to your post “HE’S STILL FRIENDS WITH ALEXA AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY!”

who is she???…

Alexa Chung is a british model and TV host. I knew her before even being a harrie because she had a long term relationship with the (very hot sex god) lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner. He wrote a couple of really sweet songs about her, they were a dream couple (Alex&Alexa lol). But regarding what concerns us, she used to hang out a lot with Harry back in 2013.

She was the one who created one of the most famous descriptions of Harry: x

Also, at the 2013 British Fashion Awards, the ones where Harry was nominated and won the British Style Award, Alexa was designated to give that award. When she was asked what Harry would say if he wins, she said “He’ll probably be chewing gum. He probably won’t understand what he’s winning!x

And when she had to give Harry his award, they put on quite a show

Harry even said “I actually didn’t think anyone was allowed to win apart from Alexa.”

And that’s not all, last year Harry used a sweatshirt from the Alexa’s collection she did for AG Jeans

And back to December of 2016…. well you already know what happened :)

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do you really really really never thought about Harry and Jeff being more than friends? seriously they are alwaaaays together, Harry moved to the U.S to be closer to him (well the azoffs), the whole living together rumors, and well Harry just like... changed after Azoff, didn't he started getting distant from the boys after him? and the super star fashionista public persona started. Honestly, is weird. I'm not trolling, I just can see why people were going hard with 'hazoff '

Lol okay. No, I’ve never seriously thought Harry was dating Jeff. First off, Jeff was dating Glenne long before he ever knew Harry. And I’m pretty sure that if Jeff was gay or into guys that it would be well known around town. Also, Harry and Jeff have not shown any signs in their behavior of romance or anything more than platonic bro-ing around. And the main reason he started hanging out with Jeff was to threaten Syco/Modest with the Azoff connection. I do think they are genuine friends now but get back to me when they start kissing each other on froyo dates and holding hands and giving each other hickeys. Also, Harry didn’t move to LA “to be closer to the Azoffs”. Harry was already mostly living in LA when he befriended them. I think he was initially there to work and network. But he’s carved himself (and Louis) a little niche there now and has a lot of LA-based friends, along with his work, and the weather is just nicer lol. Hello, it’s late April and it was snowing in London yesterday so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol.

There were rumors of Harry and Jeff living together because hazoff shippers started them lol. From what I’ve heard, Harry would stay at Jeff’s house a lot in 2014 when Louis wasn’t in LA because there’s crazy ass stalkers following him around. And he also just probably didn’t want to stay alone at the time, idk. He was also staying with Cal Aurand a ton in 2013-2014.

As for “Harry started getting distant from the other boys after Azoff”….what?? Harry was already distanced from the rest of the band FAR before he met Irving. Harry was pushed to the forefront of the group since xfactor. The press, mainly Dan Wootton, really started in late 2012/2013 in the press to put distance between Harry and Louis and their team totally just used the LA thing to their advantage. They separated, in the public eye and also on stage, not only Harry from Louis but also Harry from the rest of the band. And what do people not understand? Harry did not cuddle up to the Azoffs solely for himself. He did it for THE BAND. They’ve ALL been treated like shit. Not just Harry (at the time) and Louis. I’m so tired of people believing that Harry is a self-righteous asshole who only worries about himself. Harry has done nothing to warrant this judgment. And HELLO, someone did leave the band and go solo and it WASN’T HARRY. Harry loves this band and also Louis, Liam and Niall. This has been proven in actions more than enough times the past year alone.

As for the “super star fashionista persona”…sorry that Harry’s just fabulous?? No but seriously, Harry scored some major deals with YSL and most recently Gucci. Probably because he had just won a British Fashion Award in 2013 and had a lot of exposure at the time.

Okay, this is far too long so I’m going to wrap it up. Moral of the story: Harry and Jeff have never been more than friends. The only reason people “went hard” for Hazoff was because people agreed that Harry wasn’t straight (thanks for half listening) but they’re all Louis haters that think Harry’s too good for Louis. Same thing with Gryles or any other guy Harry hangs around with. It’s just people believing their team’s agenda that Harry sleeps around with everyone he stands next to (except Louis). The End.

Zayn steals 1D’s girl

Stylist follows ‘bro’ Malik out of band but group say she was sacked                    

FIRST he devastated ONE DIRECTION fans by ditching the boys.

Then he brutally dumped LITTLE MIX fiancée PERRIE EDWARDS by text.

Now ZAYN MALIK is at the centre of another showbiz break-up.

I’ve learned 1D’s chief stylist Caroline Watson, who has been responsible for shaping the look of HARRY, LOUIS, NIALLand LIAM for half a decade, has left the band to work solely with Zayn.

Caroline claims she chose to quit after Zayn, who she once described as her “baby bro”, walked from the band in March. But the boys insist she was axed in April.

The British stylist has been with 1D from the off, moving from LA to become a key part of the group’s small team after they were formed on The X Factor in 2010.

My 1D source revealed: “She’s told some of her close pals that she left to work with him. But after five years, it felt like her partnership with 1D had come to a natural end.

“The decision was made by the band but the secrecy around her has led people to speculate whether Zayn ‘stole their girl’.”

Over the years Caroline and Zayn grew so close that he was made godfather to her two-year-old daughter, Brooklyn.

Caroline helped prepare Zayn for Paris Fashion Week in June and it feels like he’s always been her muse. Speaking in March, she gushed: “Zayn was always the cool, mysterious one who was quite street but could be quite high-fashion.

“We’re like brother and sister. We fight about stuff, but he still listens and that’s what I love about him.”

Caroline, who has also styled BRITNEY SPEARS, CHRIS BROWNand USHER, came on board with the aim of turning 1D into “the male equivalent of the SPICE GIRLS”, whereby each member would have their own identity.

It’s largely paid off, with Harry even winning the British Style Award at the 2013 British Fashion Awards.

But there has been the odd style faux-pas as my countdown on the right shows.

Meanwhile Zayn and DJ CALVIN HARRIS had a Twitter spat last night after Zayn retweeted a message criticising Cal’s girl TAYLOR SWIFT.

After an F-word filled exchange, they agreed an uneasy truce. I’m Team Calvin. Zayn needs to calm down.

Five worst 1Dsasters

(a picture Harry as mentioned)

5. Harry’s striped trousers: Michael Keaton just called — he wants those trousers he wore in Beetlejuice back …

(a picture of Zayn at TCAs 2013)

4.  Zayn’s Betty Boop patch: Even Betty looks alarmed by his jacket on X Factor.

(a picture from Kiss You video)

3.  Hawaiian horror: Not since Alfie Moon on EastEnders have the colourful tropical shirts looked quite so bad.

(a picture of 2014 Brits)

2.  Zayn’s silly scarf: Fans needed to take a couple of aspirin after seeing their idol in this migraine-inducing frippery.

(for his final reach he went all the way back to 2010)

1.  One Direction onesies: No wonder they covered their heads … it’s not a good look.