the 2011 fandom so good :')

black sails cast spotting

Ok so yesterday I was randomly rewatching a British-German mini series set during WWII that deals with The Sinking of the Laconia (which was a passenger ship torpedoed by a German U-boat and the survivors then saved by the same U-boat… it’s a wild story but true). Anyway, I first saw this years ago but when I saw it now, I noticed this lady hanging around in the background-

-and I was like, wait, what, that’s- THAT’S MIRANDA! 😱😍(aka Louise Barnes)

This two-parter was a co-production of the BBC Two with a German broadcaster and the cast is made up mostly of Brits (like Brian Cox, Andrew Buchan…) and Germans (like Ken Duken, Franka Potente…). So I was completely surprised by Louise showing up. Especially since I’d seen this before (but that was before I saw Black Sails and she’s only in this for like 3 short scenes tbf). Anyway, I figured they shot this in South Africa and yep, turns out they did.

She plays the mother of two young children. And this is about the sinking of a ship. And… well, you can figure out the rest.

Her being in it at all was a pleasant surprise though lol But I kept on watching and there was more. Lo and behold-

IT’S FUCKING LORD ALFRED HAMILTON!!! The actor plays a British general and while not as vile as Alfred Hamilton, the character’s a bit of a twat lol Typecast much? lol And he actually has, like, dialogue scenes and stuff.

But the best was still to come. Because look who I spotted later-

IT’S DUFRESNE #1!!! (aka Jannes Eiselen) The superior Dufresne 😢 RIP, man, RIP. This was both a pleasant and a sad surprise. What happened to the actor was so tragic :( 

Here he’s playing an American radio operator… the Americans are all portrayed as buffoons tbh (which is kiiiinda true to how they acted in history when it comes to this particular incident though) and his character’s like the anti-Dufresne, strutting around with sunglasses and shit. It’s kinda hilarious.

Anyway that’s my random trivia broadcast of the evening, thanks for listening in :)

Darkness, Flooded in Light by galaxysoup

Loki falls. Injured and unable to access his magic, he must struggle to restore himself physically and mentally before the Bifrost is repaired and Asgard comes to find him. That would be difficult enough, but one of Asgard’s deepest secrets has followed him…

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: The milk fic is the only thing the Panic! fandom will ever be remembered for, and it dissapoints me deeply. It's 2014, and we're still told that our fandom is disgusting for one piece of strange writing from 2011. There are so many good things involved with this fandom, such as incredible music, fantastic live performances, incredibly dedicated fans, but none of that matters. We have made a mistake with making this well-written, strange fiction so popular, and we regret it deeply.