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KW’s MicroCUTE: Baby Colin Goes for It (x)

In the 2000 short film, Call Girl, a 20-year-old Colin plays a young man who is clearly the most virginal of all the virgins in the world. This is his mating dance. Note the stiff arms and aggressive pecking motion. The “my lower body is almost in the next room” maneuvering. The abrupt arm movements. The sudden lift and topple (literally a topple here) towards the nearby bed. This lovescene is priceless and precious in its absolute awkwardness and lack of finesse. You bet your ass there’ll be more coming. (Dedicated to my friend, with my dearest hopes that her new beau is smoother than this…)

twin peaks (1990) / big eden (2000) / falsettos (1981-90) / making love (1982) is the mood. 40 year old man figures out that he’s not straight in the 1980s surrounded by a loving and supportive family 

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It all comes back to how Moffat views Doctor Who. As a fairytale. The Romantic soldier protecting his bride for 2000 years. The old man saving the village on a Christmas that lasts forever. The actual logic of the events don’t matter as much as their symbolism and romance. Like poetry, it shouldn’t be thought about using only logic.

Okay but the main problem with that approach is that Doctor Who isn’t a fairytale. First of all, it’s a TV serial that airs 45-minute segments every Saturday for twelve weeks, which makes it substantially longer than a fairytale. In the ten or so pages it takes to tell a fairytale, there isn’t much room for character development. In actual, professional television, however, character development is pretty standard, and writers who don’t meet that standard are actually producing subpar work. Secondly, Doctor Who is science fiction, and as such, it is expected to maintain some level of internal coherence. I love the whimsy and the magic of the show as much as anybody, but logic is a fundamental piece of good storytelling. Claiming that logic doesn’t matter because the world is nonexistent is a simply lazy excuse.

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Feliciano: I am 2000 years old, I am a wise old man who can teach you a lot about the nature of mankind…Listen child *sips wine*..*serious voice* I will tell you what’s really important…
also Feliciano: Smears FUCK U AUSTRIA on a wall with paint, runs away giggling and shouting radical slogans, trips over own feet and is arrested by state officials

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Well then how about I compare the homo sexuals to other outrageous situations that happen with humans? Let me have fucking 64 wives at a time and take turns fucking them because I'm in love with all of them. That shit doesn't make sense. All you're rooting for is opening to door to some fucked up shit. Gay people can still live together, have sex, go in public, etc etc etc. just they don't need that title. Marriage should take place between a man and a woman.

Excuse me, I need a minute to sigh.
Polygamy is against the law. But I understand the logic with comparing it to homosexuality. Also just because I understand doesn’t mean I agree.
Yes, gay people have all these rights in western countries. But what about in Russia where gay people are being locked up for WHO THEY LOVE? Marriage may only ‘be a title’ but if white straight middle class men and women where suddenly deprived of that title all hell would break loose.
Who said that marriage should only take place between a man and a woman? A 2000 year old book? Because surely marriage should take place between HUMANS. And last time I checked, gay people are human. You love a person for who they are, not for what genitals they have. Love is love and anyone should be allowed to get married and not be prosecuted for it.
Now please, it’s 5am in England and I need to sleep, I don’t want to continue having debates about how why humans should be allowed to marry other humans. Goodnight.

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Can you write "shit my boyfriend is 2000 years old"-Gerita?

lAUGHS REALLY HARD OH MAN i wrote a oneshot about this a while ago (but it wasn’t shippy) if you want to read it

but anywho here you go


Ludwig forgets a lot that Feliciano is, in fact, a two-thousand year old man, and not a twenty-year old idiot.

Feliciano’s happy-go-lucky nature lends itself to frequent absent-mindedness and lots of light-humored playfulness, his energy levels ranging from that of a hyperactive Pomeranian to that of a sleepy kitten.

He was as unpredictable and unfocused as a child sometimes, and most days Feliciano was wearing his energy and patience thin.

To be fair, it was very easy for Ludwig to forget Feliciano is two-thousand years old.

But then, there are these moments where the reality of fact smacks him like a ton of bricks and Ludwig feels incredibly embarrassed about having forgotten.

For example, catching him talking to some of the other older nations during conference breaks.

“When I took over the south I hadn’t really thought to worry too much about the north, I figured it was too busy and too weak-” Sadik was relaying, grinning in amusement before slinging an arm over Feliciano’s shoulders. “But boy, did this kid give me a scare!”

Feliciano giggled and laughed, chirping, “Ah, but I couldn’t let you get away with hurting my big brother, you know?”

“You were a little shit back then! Even with a cute face, you were causing so much trouble,” Gilbert laughed, reaching over to fluff up Feliciano’s hair and making the small Italian laugh and light up in pride at the memory. “I bet you could still take most of us down without even trying, huh?”

Feliciano smiled as innocently and carefree as he always did, and replied, “Aha~ Si, I could.”

“What about a good old fist fight? For old time’s sake?”

“Ah~ I won’t hold back, you know.”

Ludwig was already reeling at the conversation, but the moment the suggestion of a fistfight came up, he was tensing up. No way, he couldn’t let Feliciano get into a fist fight with Turkey and Prussia of all people, he’d be injured-

But before he could protest, Feliciano had both men on the floor.

Feliciano laughed. “Ah… are you alright?”

Gilbert groaned.

Turkey gave a breathless laugh.

“It’s not fair for someone so cute to be so strong,” Gilbert protested. “The awesome me only lost because I was distracted by your face!”

Feliciano smiled innocently and helped his two opponents up.

Ludwig was pale as a sheet.

There was still a lot he kept forgetting about Feliciano, or outright just didn’t know.

“Ludi! Are you alright?” Feliciano said to him, pulling him down with gentle hands to kiss him. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I… I… n-never mind, liebling. Let’s just go back to our room before you can cause more trouble.”

“Aaaw, that’s no fun,” Feliciano protested with a pout, before letting Ludwig lead him away.

Ludwig was once more reminded that Feliciano was more than capable of flipping him if he so wanted to.

The fact that Feliciano didn’t and chose not to was both reassuring and also terrifying.