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uncharted challenge  [2/2] Chapters→ The Tree of Life (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)   

What the hell did you do back there? Oh, you know…saved the world.

if i ever get married

1. There will be a dress code. Like a color code not a level of formality per se
2. It will probably be a destination wedding
3. Open bar
4. Don’t care about food, songs, or dancing because in my experience the wedding couple is too busy w dumb bullshit to eat or have fun anyhow
5. If people aren’t cool w 1 or 2 or just don’t want to come… don’t come. I’d rather have 20 enthusiastic people and 200 regretfully toasting from afars than 200 unenthused people and 20 people relieved to have a reason to get out of it.

6. OH and I’m either hiring a wedding planner or it’s not happening. I work way too much and ambition is a prerequisite for me to find a guy attractive, so neither of us will have time for this shit

Feb 13-17 - Eames Does Shit

we’re at the point in the quarter where like really I need this to be a weekly thing so I feel like I can see things getting done more

  • RLST (BA Thesis - BS Seminar): response to Dominic’s 20-30pgs [2/20]
  • MAPH (MA Thesis - Work): Partial Draft 7-10pp [2/20]; Partial Draft 10-15pp [3/10]; Partial draft 15-20 [3/31]; Complete Draft 25-35pp [4/17]; Thesis Abstract [5/8]; Thesis [5/19]
  • ARTH (Modernism on the Margins): three annotated bibliography entries on the topic of modernism [3/17]; Martins Constructing an avant Garde, Small “Exit and Impasse”, Gullar “Neoconcrete Manifesto” [2/16]
  • ARTH (Reading Artists Writing): JW Scott “The Evidence of Experience”, Foucault “What is an author?”, Foucault “self writing” [2/15]
  • SPAN (Theater and Performance in Latin America): Afro Paradise ch. 1-3 [2/15]
  • @avventurierisenzapaura homebrews:  The Cult of the Keeper; CTA Dungeon Crawl; Pandemonium Day; Police Station Dragon; Lich in the Library; Tooth Fae, Snow Day, the funeral of Cuthbert Enlon, flesh out Bayla Delve
  • King’s Goblet Irregulars: Plan something for Feb 25-26 weekend
  • D&D based side project: the friendship campaign
  • Classical Entertainment Society: bring KBP and Bacchae props and costumes to CES Storage, CES storage inventory
  • Attori Senza Paura: rework High Noon Hijinks [2/17], write the real estate drama, rework The Master’s Dead! [2/17]

let the 7th week games begin


i Taylor! We are four girls from germany and we’re going to your 2. show in cologne (6/20/15) together!! We met up to create the signs and the tshirts and we had so much fun. It took us about 20 hours btw:D We are Swifties since 4-6 years and we love you so much. We’d literally die to meet you!! We will be in section 103 row 11 seats 12-15. So if you’re free that night after the concert… we are too😏:D we decided not to watch any video or search the setlist so we are overly excited to experience the incredible 1989 tour in less then 2 weeks, to party like it’s 1989 and dance like nobody is watching even tho thousands of people are going to be around us. WHAT IS LIFE. Love you xoxo Annika Tammy Theresa Laura♡ taylorswift tree-paine


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