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Masterlist Sebastian Stan Fics

I think it’s clear I will be writing a lot more of this man in the future and my Hiddleston Masterlist is already way too long, so I’m going to split them up from now on.

These are all the Sebastian/Bucky fics I’ve written so far. Any warnings or triggers are in the posts.
Most of these stories are 18+nsfw and quite explicit, some are just pure fluff. I don’t write Bdsm and I don’t take requests (sorry).

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One shots:

Rebound: (Sebastian) Erin finds comfort in the arms of a friend after her boyfriend cheats on her. Fluff

The late shift: (Sebastian, based on Lance Tucker) When Kira works the late shift with Sebastian things heat up quickly. 18+ nsfw 

The man on the train: (’Romanian’ Bucky Barnes) After traveling home from a disappointing trip with your boyfriend, who ignores you constantly, you meet a dark handsome stranger on the train who is more than willing to give you the attention you deserve. 18+nsfw

Last Christmas: (Sebastian) You were supposed to spend Christmas with a couple of friends in a cabin outside of the city. When they all fail to get there on time you end up alone with Sebastian, the guy you slept with last Christmas and who then left you for dead. 18+nsfw

All that glitters: (HiddleStan): (Sebastian, Tom Hiddleston) When Tom surprises you with a very expensive big gift on New Year’s Eve your friend Sebastian, who’s always been in love with you, witnesses the whole thing and feels jealous and embarrassed because he got you a much simpler gift. Fluff

Oblivion: (Bucky Barnes) A sad Bucky drabble.

Be with me: (Stucky) After a night of too much drinking Bucky finally confesses his feelings to Steve. Fluff


Multi chapters:

Who says you can’t go home?: (Bucky Barnes) Jess meets the mysterious Bucky at the homeless shelter where she volunteers and he saves her from an attacker, but is she really safe with Bucky? 18+ nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

You can cry on my shoulder: (Sebastian) After a break up with your boyfriend you meet your friend Sebastian in the bar and he comforts you. 18+nsfw Part 1, Part 2 (finished)

Amends (HiddleStan): (Sebastian, Tom Hiddleston) Sebastian lives right down the hall from you and one night you end up having amazing sex with him. The morning after however your ex, Tom, is back in town. 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

Summer charm: (young Sebastian) During his summer job a young Sebastian meets Tess, a married woman who is bored with her life and intrigued by his attention. 18+ nsfw chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4 (finished)

My best friend’s girl: (Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers) Bucky’s been in cryo for a year now, during that time you and Steve have grown closer together. You both want more but are scared to give into your feelings, until one night… 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)


Masterlist Tom Hiddleston fics

18 years ago a man walked into a school in Dunblane, Scotland with four handguns and killed 16 students all under 6 years old, a teacher and then himself.

This led to a debate on gun control and in 1997 2 firearms amendment acts were passed making it illegal to own a handgun for personal use in the United Kingdom.  We have had no shooting on a similar scale to this since.

6 weeks later in Australia was the massacre in Port Arthur when 35 people were killed and 23 wounded, which led to the imposing strict gun control. There have been no shootings on a similar scale to this since, either.

If I hear one more person tell me that there’s nothing that can be done in the US when there are massacres after massacre I will scream because it is so clear and people are pretending to be blind.

7 Moments when ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Saved Me

1.  “Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.” - Welcome to the Hellmouth, 1x1

2. “Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless? Puppets? Nah. The big moments are gonna come, you can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are.” - Becoming Part 1, 2x21

 3. “Strong is fighting! It’s hard, and it’s painful, and it’s every day. It’s what we have to do.” - Amends, 3x10

4. “You have to be strong … the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.” - The Gift, 5x22

5. “Life’s not a song. Life isn’t bliss, life is just this. It’s living. You’ll get along. The pain that you feel can only heal by living. You have to go on living. So one of us is living.” - Once More, With Feeling, 6x7

6. “ They’ll never know how tough it is … to be the one who isn’t Chosen, to live so near the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night, and I see you working here today. You’re not special; you’re extraordinary” - Potential, 7x12

7. “When it’s something that really matters, they fight. I mean, they’re lame morons for fighting. But they do. They never… They never quit. And so I guess I will keep fighting, too.” - Chosen, 7x22

J’ai un peu envie de faire un post genre “comment grimper sur les toits à Paris” mais c’est dangereux ce truc putain, j’veux que personne meure à cause de moi quand même

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1) Re: Wanda and her lack of redemption arc- One of the MCU's biggest fuck yous was that they allowed Zemo to apologize to T'challa for his Father's death as collateral in his revenge scheme, but didn't have the decency to allow Wanda to do the same to the Avengers for stripping them of their autonomy and using them to hurt other people (of which the primary victims were Tony and Bruce). If they wanted to redeem her and make her more sympathetic, they really should have allowed her

I’m really sorry that I didn’t answered this last night, nonny but it was very late here and I was on mobile.

1) Exactly. But honestly I like Zemo more than Wanda for that. They allowed him to apologise, but also they showed him not being so bat-shit hateful blaming all the evil on his life to the Avengers (just the death of his family) and he neither played the victim. Like Wanda did.

The problem with Wanda lays directly in her “tragic backstory”, I mean, just listening to it, it’s ridiculous:

This is a backstory that doesn’t work for an anti-villain/anti-hero to go straight up a hero. Because it’s illogical. The audience that has a minimal knowledge of how the world works knows that blaming the person that made the weapon is stupid an illogical.

  • Second part of the ask:

2) to make real amends to her primary victims. Also, having her sit and talk to Tony about her anger against the American military industrial complex (which was what killed her parents) and how she conflated that with Stark. She has serious trauma that needs to be laid out. I mean, Tony could have talked about how he too realized the faults in the MID and is trying to make amends for his ignorance and inaction. How it has led him to believe in accountability and checks and balances

  • Part three:

3) LIKE THE FUCKING ACCORDS. It would have been 10x better than Steve’s convo w/ her in the beginning of Civil War, where he treats her unintentional murder of 12 ppl as a small hiccup that can be corrected w/ “try try again”. But no, all we end up w/ is a character marketed as a child half the time, and an adult the other half. It’s character assassination and it sucks. Either show her struggle w/ redemption and accountability as a member of the Avengers, or keep her a villain.

The problem here nonny, it’s that the dynamics are terribly flawed and bad placed. With Wanda, her deed of joining the Avengers it was not for goodness, it’s was common sense and self-preservation. We never see her re-thinking about Tony or showing a single little remorse about hurting him, neither she seems to want to stop and think about the situation. Tony talking to her would have required she trying to go closer and talk but to the first moment that we see her on screen with him her intention are clearly hostile:

Look at the corporal language of this part. This is a hero? No.

This is an anti-hero? No.

This is someone who is conflict?

I dare say: no.

The point about anti-heroes and anti-villains is they know, very deep in them, they have a doubt, a conflict. Wanda doesn’t. She knows what she is doing. She knows that she is hurting someone and she knows what she did. Take a look to Bruce too:

Also take her reaction when he calls her out for mindfucking him:

Her expression seems to be the one of someone who regrets her bad deeds.


Her face hardens when he threatens her and she doesn’t speak about the topic again. Not with him, not with Clint in their oh so marvellous pep talk.

Someone that answered one of my posts said that showing Wanda’s struggles were that ridiculous scene whit with her crying in front of Clint, so the audience have to see her as a poor misunderstood child that was very scared and didn’t know what she was doing…

That’s not how it works!

Wanda should have showed struggle and conflict since the beginning of the movie! She should have interacted with people that she hurt as you said but she didn’t!

And before somebody says something…

Clint doesn’t count!
Steve doesn’t count!

Clint was not attacked by Wanda, he didn’t suffered in her hands. Steve? He forgave her at the instant. He attacked his armour-less teammate because of her word. He told Natasha, one of Wanda’s victims “she with us”, like she hadn’t some right of feeling uncomfortable by her presence!

They don’t count!

The base, the point for an anti villain to be redeemed and made an ally or friend in front of their enemies is the interaction and and the villain admitting that they hurt the protagonists. It’s simple, take Regina Mills in Once Upon A Time. She never became in a full hero but she earned trust by admitting her bad deeds. She showed struggle and doubt. She became a wondeful anti-hero Wanda didn’t.

Just look at the moment when she decides to side with the Avengers:

What choice do we have?

This is someone that learned form her mistakes. No.




This is somebody that wants to fucking live. She wants to keep herself and her brother alive. There’s no doubt here. Not struggle in the loyalties. No conflict! She switched sides in the beginning and she does it again because it’s convenient for her. Not for goodness or anything that changes that she hurt people during all the movie!

She doesn’t doubt for a fucking instant to go to the “winning side”:

What kind of anti-hero can you get of that?

Which leads to CW. You said that she siding with Tony would have been the better, and yes, it would have been a good character development she being remorseful and keeping her initial supposed believes about accountability but with motherfucking Johannesburg, how it’s that possible?


Like, that’s what the Russo and M&M tried to to do and failed miserably. They tried to sell us an anti-hero. They washed her awful deeds and make her look as conflicted when she never hesitated at the beginning.

They tried to us to believe that she can’t control her powers.

And that



And just bullshit.

They also made her clothes more clear, her hair too. Miss Elizabeth was wearing a wig, it was not difficult have one as her hair was in the previous movie.

They tried to vanish the darkness of her. Why? Because it its more difficult present a redemption for villain than a anti-hero. Or as that idiotic writers seem to think: that poor kid that did no wrong.  

Because it was more easy to forgive this:

Than this:

So, they invented this new Wanda, and put all the blame in Tony’s shoulders. The funny thing it’s that the audience it’s stupid enough to believe it. That might talk about the power of the female characters of being forgiven for everything as long they have a pretty face and a delicate body.

Even if it’s a character without struggles or good intentions, or remorse.

So, nonny, my opinion is firm. Wanda Maximoff’s redemption arc was a fuck you because she didn’t deserved or needed one.

Because Wanda Maximoff is better as a villain.


It’s party time

(I’m watching, pausing, and rebutting so I will put times down)

0:03 Moultrie Flag lookalike on an anti-South vid. Hmm
0:18 Twitter handle is @ notaxation but he has no sympathy for secession
2:58 Not the Stars and Bars

This is
3:07 Yes, some Southern States have Confederate symbols in their flags. Only one has the battle flag, Mississippi, and it was kept in 2001 in a popular referendum. Georgia is based on the 1st national flag after dropping the battle flag in 2001 and that piece of crap Barnes flag in 2003
3:50 Of course all those things are entwined to Southern Culture. The WBTS was our watershed moment. We lost nearly a fifth of our able bodied white males between the ages of 18-45. A bit of a big deal.
4:04 With all due respect, you aren’t one of us. Your family roots do not stem down here. Many southerners whose family have been here for generations have an ancestor or many that fought and/or died for Dixie. It makes the waqr more personal when your flesh and blood was involved. As a Yankee, our culture is not your culture. You are an outsider looking in. Your opinion is yours, but it must be put in perspective.
5:01 You may have studied history, but not culture. Surprised that we revere our heroes? In the capital of our former country? Please.
5:20 Let’s play what if for a bit. What if, in the Revolutionary War, the 13 colonies seceded from Britain, and Britain kept a garrison on Long Island. No one is shooting yet, but the Continental Congress tells London that Long Island is part of New York and the garrison must leave. In response, the Royal Navy sends supplies like food and ammo, as if they aren’t going to leave anytime soon, because “the colonists can’t secede! the is no legal precedence!”. Should Hancock and Franklin let an important harbor sit under foreign guns?or is this an act of aggression?
5:24 Bless your heart
Ah, the “T” word. Traitorous to whom? DC? Before the WBTS, the United States was plural. “The United States are” not “is”. It was common at the time to fell more attached to your home state than any federal entity. The men who followed their home states were traitors in the Federal regard, but they followed their hearts and consciences.
7:09 C U R R E N T Y E A R
7:33 Military History Visualized has a good video on why that may not be the case
8:05 Wow, this came later than one would think! Time to break out my favorite questions to Yankees: 1) Do you know what the Corwin Amendment is? 2) Why should I give the moral high ground to a nation that originally would have that as the 13th amendment? 3) Why were the last slaves set free in Union states?
4) Do you know that Davis was wiling to trade slavery for international recognition? 5) Did you know that multiple times Lincoln tried to stop the war by promising the South it could keep her slaves as long as she returned to Federal rule?
8:33 Profanity aside, let us remember our dead. I am not asking you to put a Dixie flag in NYC, nor a statue of Davis in Manhattan , but don’t tell us what to do. Yankees have a hard time with this concept.
9:10 An institution that was still in practice in the North. It wasn’t as explicit, but if I had a significant other leave me to inject black tar heroin in her eyeballs all day every day, but I only did it once a week in between my toes (welding school gave me the weirdest metaphors), am I innocent, or still an addict? And point 2, the WBTS was as much about,slavery as the revolution was about taxes: Yes in the beginning, but if in 1779, King George III said, “OK, you can have representation!” (which had been floated), would Massachusetts and New Hampshire have said, “Cool! We don’t want independence anymore!”? By a certain point the war goals shifted and slavery was on the table for international recognition.
11:36 Yes, it was unnecessary, but only because YOU WOULDN’T LET US LEAVE. The South did not want war, and she took her shot at peaceful secession. Going back to the point above about your sovereignty being threatened by a foreign base in your territory, Fort Sumter was unfortunate but no self respecting nation would allow such uninvited trouble.
12:22 O he mad
12:30  Credit where credit is due, the immediate aftermath of the war, the Yankees did try to be reconcilable. That lasted until the 1960s, when the civil Rights movement made the South the target of ire. Right or wrong, it snowballed until the safest punching bag is Southern stereotypes. Trailer trash, redneck, Bubba and Cleetus, Nascar and beer, all became available comedy gold. Never mind the South hasn’t fully recovered from our “””liberation”””, the rampant opioid epidemic in Appalachia, the poverty, lack of worker’s rights to make cheap goods for the Yankees. Naw, let’s just make fun and talk down to them while destroying their monuments and telling them how awful their ancestors were, and act all shocked when they start to cling harder to the shreds we haven’t gotten to yet, and accuse them of being sectarian. Good idea /s Now I mad.
12:51 We had moved on, until now. The flag and statues have always been there, but only now is it an issue.
13:15 Addressed above
13:31 Then don’t. They ain’t your heroes, they’re ours, and we shall honor them as we wish, bluebelly.
13:38 I had kin fight under the leadership of Lee and Beauregard, so yes it is. If your grandpappy was under Patton in Europe, I’m sure you;d take pride in that. Men who love their commanders fell that pride, and it is passed down to their offspring.
13:42 It’d be just as easy to separate the US from Washington.
14:10 No, because those men had an impact on Richmond history
15:30  Oh the horror! Benjamin practiced law in Britain!
15:37 Mad again!
17:11 Louisiana not Georgia
18:28 Breaking news! Grunts die more often than staff officers. More at 11
19:14 Why couldn’t they go to the safe North? Oh yeah, the Yankees didn’t want them up there.
19:37 Some union officers owned slaves too. Oh, what Yankees can get away with!
20:02 Victim blaming! Triggered!
21:08 He was Chief Traitor to all us traitors!
21:11 I admire your passion, just needs some alignment
21:14 Then don’t argue. In the famous words of Davis “All we want is to be let alone”
21:33 The town square makes sense to me
21:40 The former
21:50 Our courthouse in my hometown has a statue on the front lawn, but it’s not of Lee or Davis, but a single Johnny Reb. It is dedicated to the men of our county that fought and bled for the South. You had a problem honoring the higher-ups, can we honor those who were us, among us, and part of us? Or were they rebel, traitorous scum to?
21:54 The main difference between the Rebs and the colonists was foreign intervention. Without France, we’d still have a monarch. Without Europe, the CSA was toast. Let’s not discount that the North was war weary in 1864, and McClellan wanted a white peace. 2 options for Southern victory.
22:28 No, how about I don’t
23:06 That’s just like, your opinion, man
23:29 So they are holy and righteous because they kept the stripped banner? You admit there were Union slave states. So does that make the Union evil too?
23:36 Ah, there in lies the rub. You can do whatever as long as you wear blue and not grey. Gotcha!
23:55 I’m down to clown if you are
And scene.

Basically, this is another Yankee telling us how to run our affairs. I’m beyond sick of it, tbh. You don’t want a statue, a flag, a road, whatever named after a Confederate hero, fine. I don’t know why the North would, but let us have it. The South is a different place than the North, thank God, but we don’t try to push our ways of life on them. They want things we disagree with, fine, but we we have things they disagree with, it’s their “““““moral obligation”““““ to set us straight. I can’t recount the number of times people online say they will “drag us into the 21st century kicking and screaming”. Seeing what the future looks like right now. I’ll hang back in the 1800s if you please, where up is up and left isn’t right. Usually, Mr Moriarty has good videos that I agree with. this ain’t one of them. @scconfederate @dixieblr-official @ any Southern patriot, if I missed anything or you want to add, please do. One doe not become a Southern apologist without having to know ones’ stuff, and this helps sharpen my arsenal for debates with Yankees over the WBTS. Thanks, and y’all have a blessed day!

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JE CROIS QUE LE POINT SHIP lepoint(.)fr/politique/valls-macron-une-lutte-a-mort-10-05-2017-2126328_20(.)php

Le lien !

Je pleure. C’est trop pour ma petite âme sensible :

“Août 2014, l’idylle : (…) Le brun ombrageux, raide et tranchant, et le châtain solaire, accommodant et diplomate. (…) L'ironie de l'histoire veut que ce soit Valls qui ait propulsé Macron. Il le trouvait brillant, sympa ; il voulait dynamiser son gouvernement, la photo était belle.”

Une tragédie shakespearienne, je vous dis :

“ Nul ne se doutait à ce moment-là que Macron prendrait si vite autant de place. Une hypertrophie médiatique inacceptable pour Valls. Il fallait le voir maugréer, le 29 août 2015, dans une des froides salles à manger de l'hôtel Mercure de La Rochelle. « Il aurait dû venir ! Il est brillant, il aurait dû débattre avec les militants. Moi, c'est ce que j'ai toujours fait », s'énervait le Premier ministre.”

La rupture du 49-3 :

“L'exécutif passe en force. « Macron n'a rien dit, personne n'a rien dit. Mais personne n'était dupe de rien, se souvient Richard Ferrand, devenu secrétaire général d'En marche !. Il était comme un marathonien à qui on fait un croche-patte à 10 mètres de l'arrivée. » Des mois de travail, 400 heures de débats à l'Assemblée, 9 000 amendements étudiés, 2 000 amendements adoptés… balayés d'un trait de plume sur un parapheur.”

(Un coup je suis aww, pauvre Valli, le paragraphe d’après je suis aww, pauvre Loulou. Pauvres idiots.)

L’installation du D/s :

“Des jeux de pouvoir malsains se mettent en place. C'est ainsi que Matignon se met systématiquement à arbitrer en faveur des propositions d'Axelle Lemaire, la secrétaire d'État au Numérique, placée sous la tutelle de Macron. Pourquoi ? Uniquement parce que Macron ne la supporte pas, au point qu'il a demandé sa tête au président. Tout ce qui peut contrarier Macron est bon… pour Valls. Les petites humiliations invisibles se multiplient comme autant de piqûres de guêpe sur l'épiderme de Macron.”

Qui atteint son paroxysme lors du fameux clash à l’AN :

“« C'est Juppé que je visais », tente de se défendre Macron. « Mais alors, dis-le, dis-le ! » hurle Valls, qui reproche à son ministre de dévaloriser l'image de l'ensemble de la classe politique en mettant tout le monde dans le même sac. « C'est inacceptable. Pourquoi tu dis ça ? » lance le chef du gouvernement. Macron baisse les yeux. Ce jour-là.”

Bref, je me demande pourquoi on écrit des fics quand la réalité dépasse toujours la fiction.

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Your opinions on.... serious things - 1. Trump 2. religion 3. 2nd amendment 4. Muslim 5. Climate Change. 54321 GO!

Oh boy, hot seat time!
1.Trump is kind of an idiot and I can’t help cringing whenever I hear him talk, but I think Hillary would have been just as bad in other ways so I voted per party instead of the individual… 2.Religion: in the context of politics? I think freedom of religion is good for a country, as long as the religion doesn’t impede on other people’s rights.. 3.Second Amendment: it’s important!! If we make everything a gun-free zone, criminals won’t care and will still bring guns, and we’ll be dead meat unless we’re lucky and a policeman is nearby enough to come in time. 4.Muslims: cultural Muslims are alright, unless they actually follow their Koran, and then they get more dangerous. 5.Climate Change:I haven’t studied it enough to have much of an opinion, but atm I think climate change is happening as a natural phase of the earth, and not something that could be affected by humans, either to cause it or to stop it. But ykw? I love trees, trees clean the air, plant more trees :)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you undoubtedly one of the strangest Rejected Princesses: Corn Maiden, mythological Native American figure. 

Corn Maiden figures into a vast number of tribe mythologies, all of which are slightly different from one another. This much is generally agreed upon across most of the stories:

  • Corn Maiden was a pretty neat lady who settled down with the tribe in question, a long time ago.
  • Somehow, whenever she was around, the corn storehouses would overflow! Corn for everyone! It was pretty great!
  • But, she warned, never try and check out why or how that’s happening.
  • Eventually someone did, only to find Corn Maiden secretly rubbing corn off her skin in the most delicious case of leprosy ever recorded. 
  • In some versions, it’s hinted that she was actually pooping it out into bucket after bucket, bag after bag, like a chunky firehose.

From there, one of two things happened:

1) The tribe chased Corn Maiden out of town, subsequently ran out of corn, realized their terrible mistake, and attempted to find her/make amends, or:

2) The tribe decided to kill her for witchcraft, at which point Corn Maiden was like, “Okay cool, but after you kill me, drag my gruesomely-murdered corpse around the field, and corn will pop up wherever you go. Taking one for the team here, guys!”

I probably don’t need to tell you which one is my favorite.

The variations across this legend are innumerable. In the Arapaho tradition, to get rid of her, they tied her up and tossed her in the river. In the Zuni telling, instead of the tribe as a whole driving her off, she was frightened off by the erotic gyrations of the male dancers – only to be later found, after the head rain priest climbed a giant tree to look for them, hiding underneath the shadow of a duck’s wing, deep in the ocean.

Undoubtedly the absolute zaniest Corn Maiden tale is the Tepecano version. Due to a lot of exposure to European cultures, their legend got warped into a sort of hyperactive medieval fanfiction that was easily twice as long as any other tribe’s version. Try and follow me here.

This guy, let’s call him Joe, is lazy and stupid. He finds Corn Maiden in a clearing and is like, “Hey God!” – yes, we’re talking Christian Jesus here – “can I marry her?” and God is like, “Sure why not.” So he marries Corn Maiden, despite never having seen her face or apparently talked to her. On the way to their house, a personalized cloud forms around Corn Maiden’s head, obscuring her features. She then retires to a private room the first night in his family house, and in the morning, it’s full of corn. How mysterious!

From there, it is a comedy of errors how poorly things go for poor Corn Maiden:

  • Joe’s mom makes some corn tortillas and burns the shit out of them, which in turn burns the shit out of Corn Maiden’s clothes and skin.
  • Joe starts cheating on Corn Maiden with a turtle, whom I cannot tell is actually human or a literal turtle. For hilarity’s sake, I am imagining a literal turtle.
  • The turtle makes some corncakes, burns the shit out of them, which, again, burns the shit out of Corn Maiden.
  • Joe then cheats on Corn Maiden with a raven. Again, picturing a grown man screwing a literal bird here. 
  • The raven then steals some grain, which pisses off Corn Maiden some more.
  • Corn Maiden, sick of Joe’s shit, runs off.
  • Joe goes to God on bent knee, promises he’ll be better, and God is like, “Okay, I believe you. Hey Corn Maiden, get back with Joe.” And she does. I mean, what you gonna do?
  • At this point, Joe is pretty curious as to what Corn Maiden actually looks like. So, despite being told – by God – in no uncertain terms NOT to look at her face, Joe waits until she’s asleep and lights a lamp. She is, of course, beautiful.
  • Joe then drops the lamp on her face, again burning the shit out of her.
  • Corn Maiden gets the fuck out of his house and runs off before someone else sets her on fire.

From there, it gets EVEN WEIRDER. Joe goes searching all over the world for Corn Maiden, but nobody has seen her, not even God. Eventually Joe finds her in the magical city of Merlin, where the wind does not blow. He then has to bust her out of Merlin prison, fighting off the palace guards in the process, alongside his buddy, Wind – who is an anthropomorphic embodiment of the concept of wind.

Told you it was like medieval fanfic.

Immediately after exiting the citadel of Merlin, Corn Maiden turns into a bunch of corn in a field, and says, “Hey Joe! Look after me for one month, I’ll be back, I just have to do this one thing.”

Joe makes it a whole fifteen days before getting married to some other girl. Who, presumably, was yet another form of wildlife.

At the wedding, Corn Maiden shows up, drags Joe up in front of God, and is like, “THIS GUY IS A TOTAL DICKBAG." 

God finally agrees and turns Joe into a weird vegetable-man-thing, with his head planted in the soil and his feet dangling in the air. 

Art notes:

  • Her dress is designed to look like corn, with the skirt being the eaves and the shirt being corn-patterned. In many versions, she was responsible for blue corn more than other colors, so I made the kernels blue.
  • Joe is visible on screen right.
  • Ducks are flying overhead, as she was found underneath their wings in the Zuni version.

Lastly: I would like to thank the inimitable Kate Johnson for suggesting Corn Maiden. Without her, this illustration would not exist.

Character Development

Some characters get the flashy, in-your-face character development (Willow, Wesley, Spike, Cordelia) and there are those characters whose character development is so subtle that you barely notice it, but it’s there. 

Xander Harris and Bangel

Xander was a jerk to Buffy and her feelings for Angel on many occasions, like this:

and this:

and this:


Later on Xander will:

1) Admit that he was an ass about Angel and will help Buffy save him in Amends:

2) Witness a lover’s quarrel between Buffy and Angel and genuinely asks if he can help in The Zeppo:

3) When Angel falls ill due to Faith’s poisonous arrow in Graduation Part 1, Xander is there to help Buffy save him. Not only that, but when Oz and Willow are hesitant to reveal the cure, he’ll say:

4) Graduation Part 2, after the battle, Xander reassures Buffy that Angel survived the fight and gently tells her that he might have left after:

Xander Harris DOES learn from his mistakes. He DOES grow up and change. I’m sorry if his character development isn’t as flashy as the other characters, but Xander was never meant to be a larger than life character. He’s a simple human being like the rest of us and changes accordingly. 

I Voted “No.”

Seven years ago, I voted “no” against Florida Amendment #2.

Voting “yes” would’ve effectively banned gay marriage in the state.

I’ve never told anyone this in public before. At the time, I was working at a highly conservative church that would’ve fired me if they found out. In the end, they fired me anyway, at least partially because of some of my views.

I consider myself a conservation Christian with liberal leanings – though it does a great disservice to pigeonhole ourselves inside dichotomous categories, when people are much more complicated than that.

What I mean to say is, the Christian stance on marriage, and therefore everything else, requires a nuance far beyond checking a box or choosing a party line. It’s much bigger than voting “yes” or “no.” Sexuality is only one element in the journey of our human story.

I voted “no” on banning gay marriage because I couldn’t stand the thought of legislating morality on a personal choice. It took me a long time in the booth to think this over. Though I absolutely believe in the Bible and what it has to say about everything, I also believe the Bible isn’t meant to be a theocratic sledgehammer to dominate in the courts.

I’m a man happily married to a woman, and I believe “traditional marriage” is awesome. But it’s not a polemic against anyone else. The institution of marriage is not a prop for a platform: it’s a beautiful gift of an incredible adventure, and it’s not to be diminished as a vehicle to grandstand or go viral. It’s also not my job to enforce my worldview on you, just as much as we can disagree and still be friends.

This cannot primarily be about the “issues,” but about real people with real stories who really matter. I believe this doesn’t start in the court, but over coffee, where we can discover who we really are – and travel together.

The problem is that the right wing would yell, “You’re sugarcoating and watering it down and compromising.” The left wing would yell, “You’re still a bigot in disguise who believes in an archaic, outdated, hateful book.” I don’t know what to do with either of these statements. I just know I love Jesus, I love my wife, and I love you. Will you love me, too?

There’s going to be a lot of yelling. I beg of you: Please don’t buy into this reactionary cycle of dehumanization. It’s easy-mode to demonize the “opposition” and ridicule little quotes out of context.  It’ll be easy to pick a side and throw grenades over the fence. This is the way it has always been, to violently dismantle those who infringe upon our platform and to puff up our own choir, and it will only get worse. I only beg of you that we each might be the ones who listen, learn, and lead. This is harder, but it makes us better in the end. Above all, I hope we would love as Jesus did, in both truth and grace, and I believe God will show up, as He always does.

— J.S.

Antifa is either:
Anti”Fa”schism or Anti-Facist Action.

1) There is nothing about them that remotely addresses First Amendment causes. They are a sometimes violent group that protests perceived fascist movements. Please stop saying they are anti-First Amendment.
2) There are Antifa groups worldwide. The First Amendment isn’t in any other country. That immediately rules it out. 
3) If another person is telling you to shut the fuck up, that’s not censorship. It’s only a constitutional issue when the government is telling you to STFU or punishing you for speaking.

Source: My fucking undergraduate law degree and over 10 years working in politics.