the 2 middle ones are a must cop

Political AUs to Consider

1. I’m an activist and you’re a cop that shows up to literally every single one of my protests and u must suck at you’re job because you’ve never arrested me once wth 

2. So it’s election week and you’ve been sitting in the copy room for hours??? How many flyers do you need??? Are you okay???

3. I meet you at a bar and it turns out we have very different political views and now we’re drunkenly arguing and I have no idea what either of us is trying to say

4. I am in the middle of a hardcore rant about social activism and you burst into the room singing “Uptown Funk” please stop

5. You write a political column in the newspaper and from your grainy picture I think you’re really hot so I flirt with you by writing response letters

6. We are both teen Pages for the State legislature and you literally always drop whatever it is you’re delivering and I am somehow always there to witness your clumsiness

7. I’m the person who calls people and tells them to vote for so-and-so why??? are you flirting with me??? I’m not supposed to hang up but this is uncomfortable

8. ^ I started flirting with the toll free person who called about politics as a joke and they’re actually kinda cute oh no

9. You got into a heated debate about politics again and I tried to step in and ended up getting punched in the face im so done with you

10. You’re doing a dumb election campaign thing that involves a bake sale but you can’t bake so you hired me to make a bunch of cupcakes and i don’t even support this campaign

11. You’re the president and I’m your secretary and tbh I don’t want to bang you because iT’S TOO CLICHE. 

12. I’m advocating in the park and it’s raining so you came up and held an umbrella over my head marry me, maybe? (oh wait itS NOT LEGAL IN THIS STATE YET)