Most Reblogged Bands

1! 2! 3! 4! [drum set collapses]

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  17. Little Mix 
  18. Nirvana | Official Tumblr
  19. The Beatles
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13. // Somebody Else //

Another one of my more popular edits, this was also made before the song had official lyrics or was even a single. As you can see I didn’t really add a whole lot of new content except the hearts for the title and the banner at the bottom. The main issue I had was fixing the hair because it was now exposed. Still not being aware of the clone tool, I used the smudge tool a lot, because there were too many tones and colors to try and easily recreate by brush tool. I also had issues with the larger heart, because I wanted something nice and uniform and the stock heart provided by photoshop is more curvy. In the end I still really do like this edit.

Total Time Spent: ~2.5 hours