Matt Healy from The 1975 on exploring his sexuality.

This is why I love Matt Healy so much.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Matty is sad?

currently, i have no idea. none of us do. from what i can tell from recent pictures and social media, he looks to be rested and healthy at the moment and enjoying his break and that makes me happy. and overall, from a meta perspective, i think that he’s kind of a sad soul, i think he’s very sensitive and that’s why he’s an artist and so creative and can take all that and channel it into his music. but i don’t think like day to day he’s like overwhelmingly sad, i think he very much appreciates that he can have a “creative existence” as he’s said in interviews before and he’s living his dream, he knows it and is grateful for it. 

here is the plug-in magazine interview where he says “I just want to be a bit happier. I want to be a truly happier. I’m constantly on the precipice of finding something that will make me truly happy. Problem is that I embrace that because I realize that that search is what my music is made up of. So I become a bit of a parody of myself this kind of constant search for happiness…”

and here is a good interview with spook magazine where he says “I mean, day to day, I’m fine. I’m not like, a walking nervous breakdown. Ideologically, I don’t know, I guess I’m pretty fucked up. Like, I don’t really know what to think. I can deal with it, I’m content, but I don’t know what to make of it. Because where all of my music comes from is a place that – obviously there’s ego and there’s being a bit of a show off – but it comes from quite a humble, self-aware, self-deprecating place; which is why all these teenagers love the ideas that are in the music and they flock the hotel. But I’m still quite neurotic, as everybody is. So, when you’re really, really objectified and you don’t have time off or time away from that and you’re on tour for two and half years, and every time you get up there’s constant reminders of your projected personality…It’s like I’ve said before, it’s this disconnect between art and reality. Where does it stop? Where do you let shit hurt you? When does it stop becoming material to work with? Like, at one point, everything’s just material. “Oh, I’m a bad person” – I can write about it. “Oh, she broke my heart” – I can write about it. It’s all those things wrapped up, but then there’s also an element of – because you’re a person who’s not the biggest fan of yourself anyway – you start thinking, “well, get over yourself, what are you getting upset about? Everything’s fucking brilliant.”

hope that answers your question!