the 1906 san francisco earthquake

It is the natural and legitimate ambition of a properly constituted geologist to see a glacier, witness an eruption and feel an earthquake. The glacier is always ready, awaiting his visit; the eruption has a course to run, and alacrity only is needed to catch its more important phases; but the earthquake, unheralded and brief, may elude him through his entire lifetime
—  Grove Karl Gilbert, Of the U. S. Geological Survey 
The Investigation of the California Earthquake (1906)

According to Scott Watanabe, Big Hero 6 is set in an alternate future where after the 1906 earthquake, San Francisco was rebuilt by Japanese immigrants using techniques that allow movement and flexibility in a seismic event. After the city was finished being rebuilt, it was renamed San Fransokyo due to it being a city with Japanese and American architecture combined.


Last week the onceuponatown tumblr featured a post on photographer Arnold Genthe that mentioned his pre-earthquake photography in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  Above is an assortment of those photos, taken between 1896 and 1906.  The photos come from the Library of Congress, although most of these copies come from a Mashable article, as does this info: 

The Chinatown area of San Francisco was well documented by photographer Arnold Genthe. Genthe emigrated from Germany to San Francisco as a tutor to a wealthy German family. When his contract expired, he stayed in San Francisco and opened a photo studio.

Genthe was fascinated by Chinatown and took hundreds of photographs of the area and its inhabitants. He used a small camera and sometimes captured his subjects covertly. He later cropped some of his images to remove western references.

These images are some of the few that remain of Chinatown prior to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Stored in a bank vault, Genthe’s photos had survived the disaster.

The photographer rebuilt his studio and continued to work in and around San Francisco until 1911, when he moved to New York.

daughterofscotland  asked:

9., 13, 14, 26, and 27

Filling this out for the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why? 

The Flash: Lewis Snart. I think the reasons why are obvious. 

Legends: Nate, do not like, do not want. Frat boy. Who hates history despite having his PhD in it on a time travel ship. Like, okay, then you’re doing it wrong. Tell Mick what history won’t miss or place that fires started in history (you want to rob the Tuilleries before they burned to the ground in 1871? Because no one’s going to miss that stuff and you can start fires to your heart’s content. You want to start fires and help people? San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. You want to rob the Library of Alexandria and just happen to have found the lost artifacts in it? Please do, Mick, please do, then Mick, Ray and Nate can pretend they are Indiana Jones)  He also convinces Ray to make fun of Sara acting like a captain with a very misogynist remark. He also convinces Amaya away from the life or death mission at hand by being a dicknugget. I just don’t like him.

13.  Unpopular opinion about XXX character? Leonard Snart. I prefer him as the anti-villain/anti-hero/villain Leader of the Rogues, then what they were increasingly pushing him towards at the end of Legends season 1. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like post-Oculus!Len back. It just means I would like him to go back to acting like nothing’s changed, just now he has less murdering and more people he considers teammates, and with a better understanding that Mick is really, really important to him.

14.  Unpopular opinion about your fandom? Iris as she is portrayed by fandom is awesome. Iris as she is written is not, and owes almost all of her badass to Candice Patton’s wonderful acting. But she still has about as much storyarc as Cosette in canon. (I think she would have more storyarc if she was with Eddie and if she isn’t being used as a prop to have Barry have emotions (and that she would be a stronger character for it)). The reasons to ship her with Eddie and not Barry are not racist. And jumping down people’s throats (in general, but particularly with accusations of only racists don’t ship WestAllen) when they don’t ship a ship is a thing this fandom does that really needs to stop (unless the person doesn’t ship them because they are in fact racist, which I have seen every so often). But don’t accuse everyone who doesn’t ship a ship of racism, when there are other reasons to not ship them.

26.  Most shippable character? Barry or Len by fandom. But particularly Barry. Little black dress of fandom award goes to Barry, who flirts with everyone. 

27.  Least shippable character? Stein is with his wife and no one else.


Fires after the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906

April 18, 2017 … 111th anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

Wikipedia:  The 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on April 18 with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.8 and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of XI (Extreme).

Severe shaking was felt from Eureka on the North Coast to the Salinas Valley, an agricultural region to the south of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Devastating fires soon broke out in the city and lasted for several days. As a result, about 3,000 people died and over 80% of the city of San Francisco was destroyed.  The events are remembered as one of the worst and deadliest natural disasters in the history of the United States.  The death toll remains the greatest loss of life from a natural disaster in California’s history and high in the lists of American urban disasters.