the 14th doctor

Anatomical illustrations from Edo-period Japan

Here is a selection of old anatomical illustrations that provide a unique perspective on the evolution of medical knowledge in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868).

Anatomical illustrations, late 17th century

These illustrations are from a late 17th-century document based on the work of Majima Seigan, a 14th-century monk-turned-doctor. According to legend, Seigan had a powerful dream one night that the Buddha would bless him with knowledge to heal eye diseases. The following morning, next to a Buddha statue at the temple, Seigan found a mysterious book packed with medical information. The book allegedly enabled Seigan to become a great eye doctor, and his work contributed greatly to the development of ophthalmology in Japan in the 16th and 17th centuries.

On the heavily-rumoured-but-not-yet-officially-confirmed-as-far-as-I-know news of Kris Marshall being the 14th Doctor to replace Peter Capaldi, I have this to say:

Everybody who’s getting worked up, calm down.

The people in charge of this show have cast the Doctor 14 times before this. And they’ve gotten it right every time, they have never cast a bad actor to play the role, or even cast a mediocre actor to play the role. It has always been brilliant casting and I have full confidence in them that if they have cast Kris Marshall as the next incarnation of the character, then they know what they’re doing and are fully confident he will fit the show perfectly as it moves forward beyond Capaldi’s tenure.

We go through this “new Doctor hysteria” every time with some people absolutely slagging it off from the get-go and claiming the show is ruined. Hell I think there’s still some people out there wishing the guy would regenerate back into David Tennant because they can’t get over the 10th Doctor leaving. But whatever.

If it is Kris Marshall, or if it turns out to be anyone else, everything is going to be fine.



Glasgow, April 14th. 
Peter Capaldi and Robert Carlyle: two glaswegians, two actors, two awesome men. Both they were born in Glasgow on april 14th (Peter in 1958 and Robert in 1961). Happy birthday, guys. You are growing old, but for me you will be forever young.

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the year is 2024.

doctor who is still airing, and moffat is still writing the show.

every episode is required to have at least 5 explosions, 3 penis jokes, queerbaiting, and a, and i quote, “feisty, sassy, and sexy woman” as the companion.

there are literally no more female characters in the show besides the extras and the companion, all of whom exist solely for the doctor’s sexual pleasure.

the 14th doctor has just been announced.

robin thicke is the next incarnation of the doctor.


screams its done and I dont care

I owe a bunch of character references to peeps and since Ive been thinking about my vamps I started with them while talking w/ naughtypooky

Walt, Charles n Vince belong to her

OC talk under the cut for the sake of simplicity

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