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'Supernatural' spin-off 'Wayward Sisters' casts Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia
Another Wayward Sister is coming to Supernatural. EW can exclusively reveal that Yadira Guevara-Prip will recur on season 13 of Supernatural as Kaia Nieves, and should the backdoor pilot for Waywar…

EW can exclusively reveal that Yadira Guevara-Prip will recur on season 13 of Supernatural as Kaia Nieves, and should the backdoor pilot for Wayward Sistersget picked up to series, she will become a regular on the spin-off.

Nieves is the most recent addition to the Wayward Sisters cast, which already includes Kathryn Love Newton (Claire Novak), Katherine Ramdeen (Alex Jones), Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills), Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscum), and Clark Back (Patience Turner). Set in the world of Supernatural, Wayward Sisters is about a group of troubled women — Claire, Alex, Kaia, and Patience — who have all been orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Led by prodigal daughter Claire and under the training of Jody and Donna, the “wayward sisters” band together to fight the supernatural.

As for Kaia, her character description reveals she lost her family at a young age. By the time she reached adulthood, she was on her own, completely disconnected from her roots, as she tried to understand a burgeoning gift: In her dreams, Kaia walks between worlds — a rare and terrifying power she experiences only as a curse… a power she doesn’t understand and can’t yet control.  Flinty, sarcastic, and profoundly haunted, Kaia is nevertheless strong and willful as hell — she’s had to be to survive this long on her own.

The backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters will air during Supernatural‘s upcoming 13th season.


Note: Kaia will appear is episodes 9 and 10! 


“Heirs: The Last Supper” (Chapter 6)  - [A Jeremy Irons/Tom Hiddleston/Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans story].

Written by: A.Wölf.

Previous chapter(s): 1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”. // 3. “Family Bonding”. // 4. “Wine Bath”.  // 5. “The 13th Stranger”. 

Notes: It’s good to be bad back.


Sebastian tossed and turned all night long until the eerie feeling in the pit of his stomach made him kick the sheet off the bed in a grudging manner.

He sat up and covered his face with his hands, briefly, before slicking his hair back as if that would cure the migraine that had his eyeballs tainted with red. The light of the rising sun filtered through the curtain, and he couldn’t help but stare as fear crept up his spine, accentuating his restlessness. All of his ambitions seemed to be slipping off his hands and it was driving him insane. But his lover knew that, she could sense it, and the only thing that eased him was the feeling of her arms wrapping themselves around his naked chest as she sat up behind him.

She rested her chin on his right shoulder and both of them stared out the window in silence for one minute until Sebastian glanced at her with a determined look she returned. It was a silent oath sealed with a rough kiss; they’d do anything to get what they wanted and no one would stand in their way.

Jeremy and Tom boarded the train to London.

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We see the ‘13th’ post-it note on Mycroft’s fridge. Mycroft checks his watch.

“Thirteenth stroke of the clock or “thirteen strikes of the clock” is a phrase, saying, and proverb to indicate that the previous events or “strokes to the clock” must be called into question. (x)”

So, we must call into question all the previous events in The Six Thatchers!

Also of interest: “Tick tock” Mycroft tell us in TAB…but is his ‘watch broken?’ Is he not aware of future events?

“Accordingly, with very rare exceptions, when a clock rings thirteen times it is indicating an impossible time and that the clock is not functioning correctly. A children’s riddle asks “What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen?” The answer is “Time to get a new clock!” (x)”

An ‘impossible time’? What will happen that is impossible?