the 13th key

I love how November 13th is a low key holiday in the fandom where everyone reminds everyone else that Taylor’s birthday is a month away like our lives truly revolve around this women we stay up till 2am every year to celebrate a random date she mentioned once in a song from six years ago?????????

Fun fact: here in Italy Friday the 13th is not a day of bad luck, it’s actually Friday the 17th. The reason is probably that in Roman numbers 17 is written as XVII, which can be shuffled in VIXI (“I lived”, meaning you are dead in the present).
In Italy, 13 is usually a lucky number! Even though, due to Americanization, many young people consider Friday the 13th unlucky as well.
Key word: as well. Because, guess what? Friday the 17th occurs twice in 2017 (on both February and March), and Friday the 13th also occurs twice (on January and October).
Is 2017 an unlucky year, then? No! Even though we get four unlucky days (plus the year itself finishes with 17)

(group) ongoing schedule

fixed schedules

daily: [jonghyun] mbc fm4u - blue night radio (12am)
(* usually live weekdays / prerecorded weekends.)
thursdays: [key] mnet - m!countdown (6pm)
(* unless schedule specifies otherwise.)

■ ■ ■ ■

anniversaries / birthdays
september 23rd: key’s twenty fifth birthday
december 9th: minho’s twenty fifth birthday
december 14th: onew’s twenty seventh birthday

■ ■ ■ ■

pending - late september: shinee - album - release
september 5th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode one (11pm) (first airing)
september 6th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode two (11pm)
september 8th: pyeongchang winter olympics d-500 festival (7pm)
september 12th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode three (11pm)
september 13th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode four (11pm)
september 19th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode five (11pm)
september 20th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode six (11pm)
september 23rd: [onew] east, sleep, eat - episode one (9:15pm)
september 24th: 2016 incheon k-pop concert (7pm)
september 26th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode seven (11pm)
september 27th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode eight (11pm)
september 30th: 2016 gangnam concert (tba)
september 23rd: [onew] east, sleep, eat - episode two (9:15pm)

pending - october: (japan) [key] in the heights (* rumored)
october 1st: 2016 spectrum dance festival in seoul (day i)
october 2nd: 2016 spectrum dance festival in seoul (day ii)
october 3rd: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode nine (11pm)
october 4th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode ten (11pm)
october 6th: 2016 dmc music festival (day six) (tba)
october 7th: [jonghyun] 2016 dmc music festival (day seven) (tba)
october 7th: [onew] east, sleep, eat - episode three (9:15pm)
october 10th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode eleven (11pm)
october 11th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode twelve (11pm)
october 14th: [onew] east, sleep, eat - episode four (9:15pm)
october 17th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode thirteen (11pm)
october 18th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode fourteen (11pm)
october 24th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode fifteen (11pm)
october 25th: [key] tvn - let’s drink - episode sixteen (11pm) (final airing)

november 5th: (japan)『shinee world j fanclub event 2016』 (kobe) (1:30pm)  
november 5th: (japan)『shinee world j fanclub event 2016』(kobe)(6pm)
november 6th: (japan)『shinee world j fanclub event 2016』 (kobe)  (1pm)
november 23rd: (japan)『shinee world j fanclub event 2016』(saitama) (1:30pm)
november 23rd: (japan)『shinee world j fanclub event 2016』(saitama) (6pm)

pending - december: [minho] kbs2 - hwarang: the beginning

■ ■ ■ ■

* notes on scheduling behind the cut!

Keep reading

  • august 11th: shinee summer picnic ► dreaming radio - mbc harmony concert
  • august 12th: show champion (comeback stage)
  • august 13th: "hold on" (key's collaboration with axodus) - digital release
  • august 14th: music bank
  • august 15th: music core
  • august 16th: inkigayo (airing was 2015 sokcho music festival) ► shinee world iv in taipei
  • august 21st: music bank (800th broadcast special)
  • august 23rd: 2015 a-nation festival
  • august 25th: smtown the stage screen greeting (with exo)
  • august 26th: smtown the stage screen greeting (with red velvet)
  • august 31st: "hold on" (key's collaboration with axodus) - mv release
  • september 11th: 2015 k-festival
  • september 27th: shinee world iv in bangkok
  • october 24th: 「 girls award 2015 」
  • october 26th: shinee world j fanclub event in yokohama (day i)
  • october 27th: shinee world j fanclub event in yokohama (day ii)
  • october 28th: 2015 super concert
  • november 3rd: shinee world j fanclub event in hamamatsu
  • november 7th: shinee world j fanclub event in fukuoka
  • november 8th: shinee world j fanclub event in osaka
  • blue night (with jonghyun) is broadcasted nightly, whether live or prerecorded (fridays, saturdays and sundays are usually prerecorded) from midnight to 2am kst. the show is held at the garden studio on wednesdays when specified.
  • key can be seen mcing on "m!countdown" (unless otherwise specified) every thursday at 6pm kst, via episodes of "key's know how" every wednesday and "olive tv" on thursdays.
  • minho can be seen mcing on "music core" (unless otherwise specified) every saturday at 4pm kst.
  • * this schedule is subject to change and be added on to (especially if the dates are far in the future). each time listed is in kst. you can also find a frequently updated schedule on the main page of fyjjong!