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The Daily Themes Are In!

Thank you to everyone who responded to our community input survey and sent in asks/left replies to make this week as inclusive and representative as possible. With your help, the official daily themes for the first ever Legends of Superflarrow Diversity Appreciation Week have been chosen as follows: 

Monday, August 7th - Mental Illness/Neurodivergence Day
With mental health and neurodivergence largely overlooked by canon (barring a few exceptions) Diversity Appreciation Week kicks off with a chance to give these experiences a voice. This could include – but is not limited to – anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, BDP, DID, pyromania, addiction, bipolar disorder, and autism. 

Tuesday, August 8th - Race/Ethnicity Day
Show some love to the incredible POC characters across the Legends of Superflarrow Universe. Give us West family feels, a POC superhero team-up (J’onn and Rene would either get along famously or not at all), or explore the heritage of characters played by mixed actors like Lucy Lane, Leonard Snart, and Dinah Drake.  

Wednesday, August 9th - Disabilities Day
The term disability covers a wide variety of experiences. Physical disabilities – like paralysis or amputation – sensory impairments – like blindness or deafness – speech and language disorders – like apraxia or aphasia – learning disabilities – like ADHD or dyslexia – brain injuries, and chronic pain all fit the theme of the day. Explore a canon disability, a disability from the comics that didn’t carry over into the shows, or a personal headcanon of your choice. 

Thursday, August 10th - Aromanticism/Asexuality Day
Whether it’s through queerplatonic relationships, sex repulsion, polyamory, or something else entirely, explore your favourite aro- and/or ace-spectrum headcanons with as much fluff or angst (or smut) as you’d like!

Friday, August 11th - Religion Day
For many, faith and religion are important aspects of day to day life. Whether characters are fasting for Ramadan, micromanaging preparations for their child’s upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, or going to confession for the first time in years, explore how faith impacts people’s lives in incredibly big or incredibly mundane ways. A character experiencing a crisis of faith is a perfectly acceptable fill, but be mindful not to bash any particular faith. Likewise, be respectful that some characters are canonically Jewish (Felicity, the Steins, Rory Regan) and that identity should not be erased during this event.

Saturday, August 12th - Trans Identities Day
Often an overlooked group in media representation for the LGBT+ community, today is a day of visibility for trans people – binary or otherwise – whether they’ve transitioned pre-series (think trans woman Thea) or are taking the first steps to transitioning now (genderfluid Iris asking family and friends to use he/him pronouns sometimes)

Sunday, August 13th - Ladies’ Day
In the immortal words of Senator Knowles: “Who run the world?” Highlight the achievements of career women as doctors, and journalists, and business owners. Celebrate women as mothers, and sisters, and (perhaps other women’s) wives. And of course, showcase women who are agents and captains and detectives, villains, and superheroes. Today is also a great day to explore topics like reproductive health, sexual violence, or workplace discrimination. Just be mindful to keep today a safe and inclusive space for our trans sisters, too.

Monday, August 14th - Free Day
The full scope of this world’s diversity is a tricky thing to capture in seven themes. Needless to say, this week, despite its best intentions, is still nowhere near representative enough. So, have a free day to contribute another work to one of the themes above, or represent something that doesn’t quite fit or feel appropriate anywhere else. 

Note: In keeping with this week’s theme of diversity appreciation, the use of Cynthia Reynolds’ canon alias G*psy in any work is not permitted as it is an ethnic slur against Romani people. Consider instead the fan favourite, Charmer, or create one of your own.

Our official About/FAQ page should be updated soon. Any questions or comments/concerns about the prompts or the upcoming week itself can be directed here

Happy Creating!