the 1200 calorie days of christmas

Wednesday the middle child

- no alcohol January is in day 9 and I’m a bit light-headed at times.  That’s due to the <1200 calories a day though.  I will up it to <1500 calories on Monday but I’ve found this robust caloric deficit gets my annual diet off to its best start.  I’ll loose 20lbs+ from my middle (again) before March and I’ll feel great!   Then well you know.

- we’re planning Christmas in Bruges this year!  Tentatively, my daughter and her husband, will fly with us first to London and spend a few days with our English friends.  Then we’ll hop a cheap Ryan Air flight to Brussels and take the train to meet our son In Bruges.  Can’t wait to undo that diet with Belgian beer and chocolate, and waffles, and frites, and more Beer!!

-  we finished “Dark” last night, well this first season anyway.  It was very good but I doubt American audiences will appreciate it.  Subtitles and a convoluted plot will be too much effort for our “want to know nothing” society.

- struggling to finish a lengthy series set in a zombie apocalypse world.  In this world, everything goes awry all the time with few consequences for the main characters.  These writers have created really interesting characters and can really write both dialogue and action but they don’t seem to grasp that constant danger without consequence is really only tedium.

- though I’m not drinking alcohol at all this month, I’m still going in the bottle shops and buying interesting things when I see them.   I found two sixers of Zombie Dust today though I don’t drink it even when I am drinking.  I give it as gifts to people who don’t spend nearly enough time in bottle shops to get it for themselves.  Sacrifices! 

I calculated all the calories for what I ate today….it wasn’t horrible. Any other day I would have been completely pissed at myself but considering most people eat around 7,000 calories on Christmas and Christmas Eve, I think I did ok for sticking to a “normal” diets worth of calories (just over 1200)

Of course, I’m just saying that to myself so I don’t completely freak the fuck out about all the shit I binged on today! I’m so fucking glad that I ate so much salad or I think it might have been so so much worse