the 11th of the 11th

Part #3: Astrofacts 📚🌌

•Low key Capricorn rising people want to show how silly they are behind that mature & responsible mask.

Mars in 12th house can make you repress your anger .

Venus in 12th house can indicate secret affairs.

•People with Pluto in 1st house have a lot of presence and sometimes they can intimidate you.

Geminis are full of layers that people can never completely reveal even if they seem to be very extroverted.

Gemini Moon can make someone appear completely different in the outer world from what they actually are deep down.

Lilith in 1st house can make you come off as extravagant or provocative. You can stimulate the sexual fantasies of many people.

Sun / Pluto aspects can make you a person with a lot of influence .

Uranus in 2nd house can make you gain or lose a lot of money all at once unexpectedly.

•People with Neptune/Pisces in 3rd house can have a weird handwriting that is hard to they can experiment with their handwriting, trying to write like others around them .

Moon in 4th house can make you relocate constantly.

Saturn in 5th house makes you want to use your talents to get money .

Moon/Pluto hard aspects can cause extreme emotional or mental imbalance on someone.

•Woman with hard Sun/Pluto aspects tend to attract men with issues or undeveloped Plutonians . Sometimes even abusive men.

•If your South Node is in Capricorn you can struggle between spending time to reach your goals or to spend it with family and people you love. It also can give you a born talent in business.

•People with Venus/Pluto hard aspects can find themselves in the middle of Hell ,even if the relationship seemed to be magical . Also they can be seduced from their dark side where they feel the need for control in relationships ,but using manipulation always backfires to them.

Mercury in 7th house is an indicator for long distance relationships or for relationships that are created through a ton of writing. Also people with this placement need to be careful because they tend to attract partners that can have more words than actions.

Mars in 6th house can make you hyperactive and it can cause health issues if you don’t learn how to manage your anger.

Fixed star Aldebaran conjuct your Sun can give you a lot of fame and glory but you will have to save your good morals or your crown will fall .It can also makes you very sensual.

Neptune in 11th house can make you experience supernatural or mystical experiences with friends.

•People with Scorpio in 11th house are part of secret groups and they like to keep their friends as a secret. Powerful and mysterious friends.These people are obsessed with their goals.

•If you have Mars in Capricorn probably you would love the idea to start a business with close friends that you trust.

  • If you want to see your 1st house: Find a reflection and look into your eyes, look at the masks you hang on the back of your door. Reflect on the sense inside that feels wrapped around a tiny pulse, the one that has always been with you and never leaves, the one that responds to hearing your name out loud or validation of your presence. What is going on inside your mind? there is the chattering of thoughts, but who is the one listening?
  • If you want to see your 2nd house: Look at your bed and furniture, your clothes and decorations, your bank account and wish list, the book you are reading, cuisine you are enjoying. Listen to the sound of your voice, touch every soft curve and harsh angle in your body like you are reading a musical about yourself. Look at your art room and creations, your wine fridge, your garden and flowers, hold your gold, gemstones, or crystals. Look at the assets that reflect the quality of your hard work
  • If you want to see your 3rd house: Write a blog post or flick through your articles of interest, talk to your neighbour or message your sister. Look at your schoolbooks, look at the way you have arranged your immediate environment to make it stimulate and interact with you. Take a drive to your favourite cafe or the tram to your little hangout where you like to amuse yourself. Think of your first day of school, ask the first question that comes to your mind out loud
  • If you want to see your 4th house: Go to the physical place or place that your mind knows as home. See where the flow of your solitary fantasy takes you. Look at your parents and grandparents, your photo albums, old journals, and comforters you have kept hold of. Write down what you are feeling, read or start a dream journal. Imagine a golden umbilical cord that comes from inside your core and leads into space. Look at the personal touches you leave on every house you make a home. At the end of the day, what is it that truly matters? the 4th house reflects on these deeply conditioned values
  • If you want to see your 5th house: Lose yourself in your child's imagination, look at your romantic partner, look at the source of your pride and accomplishments. Think of a day that was made to celebrate you like your birthday or wedding. Let spontaneity flow through you and write a song, poem, or grand story of your life and dream. Look at your dress to impress, the things you post on your blog, your make-up, your special charm, the items that keep you amused and entertained, your school and sports awards, your unfinished grand schemes. Play with your deck of cards, enjoy a wine under solar light, make a bet with yourself
  • If you want to see your 6th house: Look at your daily planner, make an appointment, look at your your medicine box. Look around your home at all the quirky innovations and constructs that make it more personally efficient. Look at your pet, look at your obvious or irregular patterns of order, the way you left your shoes at the door, and the way you left reminders for yourself. Do something intricate with your hands. Think of something that gives you butterflies, think of the new skills you have learned on the job, get your work prepared for the next day
  • If you want to see your 7th house: Look at your partner, your loved ones, your relationships, your first love, reflect on their great value and necessity, think of that mystical rare spark or cosmic crackle that romantic encounters can ignite, think of the sister that peeps out from inside you when these people are around. If Cupid could grant your wish, what would you envision your ideal relationship and partner to be? Look in the mirror and turn off the light. Play the opposite day game.
  • If you want to see your 8th house: Look at your inheritances, photographs of your ancestors, look at your intimate partner, and look at the resources you have grown together. Think about the time you confronted one of your greatest fears or survived something you didn't think you could. Go to the place you hide things, unlock your top draw of concealed desire, open your confidential files, look at your tax return, imagine you were to go to sleep and never wake up. Reflect on the way that people would describe your energy or legacy after your spirit has gone home
  • If you want to see your 9th house: Look at your degree or certificates, look at your passport or desired travel destinations. If you could go anywhere or study anything what would it be? Look at your heavy textbooks and reading material, your holiday photos or blog, read your horoscope or mythology. Try to remember the first way you managed to think about or describe God. Reflect on an extraordinary experience, sense of joy, or oneness with nature and the world around you. Think of the one question you would ask the universe if it could give you a direct answer.
  • If you want to see your 10th house: Look at the personal success story and badges of honour you have collected for yourself, you may be looking at things like your academic credentials and awards, your children, your profession. Look at your online profiles, your resume, and your followers. Think of what you wanted to be when you grew up, and what you still want to be. Reflect on what the definition of success is to you. If you could give your 10 year old self a message or piece of advice, what would it be?
  • If you want to see your 11th house: Style your appearance like you would if you knew you were not going to be judged, labeled, or receive unwarranted attention. Reflect on the times when you have felt a life to be heaven on earth, or you have experienced an out of the ordinary position of consciousness. If you were to be accepting your dream on a stage, who would you thank for supporting you to get there? Look at your friends, your online groups, your devises around the home. Play with, or support your team. If you were a leader what would your one major political policy be?
  • If you want to see your 12th house: Hide under your blanket, lose yourself in a book, shut your eyes and go inside, read your private journals, realise the moment between sleep and awake. Listen to a song that is emotionally inspiring, hypnotising, or transporting. Meditate, pray, create or daydream. Turn your devices so you won't be disturbed, soak your feet, take a swim or bath and submerge your ears, let your imagination run wild, observe how you feel and spend your time when nobody else is home
Moon In The Houses

Moon In First House
- You wear your heart on your sleeve
- You react emotionally
- To feel happy, you need emotional stimulation
- Your moods change quickly
- You take things personally

Moon In Second House
- You are afraid of being in debt
- You need to pay your bills and have a large savings account to feel secure
- You do spend impulsively when you are emotionally frustrated
- You cling to people
- You look for admiration from others

Moon In Third House
- You are very curious
- You have a talent for picking up languages
- You rapidly swing between intellectualizing your emotions and communicating with excessive emotion
- Your opinions change often due to the people around you
- You are restless and require frequent change

Moon In Fourth House
- You long to belong
- You change frequently, either where you live or your style of home
- You are emotionally immature
- You have a strong attachment to the past

Moon In Fifth House
- You have a flair for the dramatic
- Your love affairs are intense
- You don’t take love lightly
- You are attached to children
- You have an innate artistic talent
- You daydream often

Moon In Sixth House
- You need to feel useful
- You need to lead a healthy life
- You need a lot of variety on your job
- You switch jobs often
- You are very sensitive to even the most minor health annoyances
- You tend to exaggerate illnesses to gain sympathy

Moon In Seventh House
- You are drawn to partnerships
- You like to be with a companion
- You have many relationships, believing each is the one
- You are very likeable

Moon In Eighth House
- You like to push your own limits
- You are fascinated by how people work
- You have a sexual unrest
- You desire to connect with another person intimately
- You tend to be jealous and possessive

Moon In Ninth House
- You have a deep longing for something more than the mundane routine
- You are philosophical
- You are curious about the world
- You need a goal in mind

Moon In Tenth House
- You need recognition and popularity
- You are quite charismatic
- You are at your best with a structured and responsible life
- You change your goals often
- You worry about living up to expectations
- You act on emotional whims

Moon In Eleventh House
- You need to belong somewhere
- You turn to friends for support
- You are filled with dreams and wishes for an altruistic future

Moon In Twelfth House
- You are sensitive to ethereal concepts
- You have delayed reactions to your own emotional experiences
- You need to be alone to recharge
- You can either be overwhelmed with your emotions, or out of touch

Part two of signs on the house cusps

Libra on the 1st house-Beautiful, graceful and likable but can be two faced. Usually has dimples and a sweet smile.

Libra on the 2nd house-Likes spending money on things dealing with their appearance. Values beauty and kindness.

Libra on the 3rd house-Beautiful voice and handwriting. Very likable among peers. Had a pleasant childhood and early school experience.

Libra on the 4th house-Pleasant upbringing. Values harmony and usually grew up in a pleasant environment with luxurious objects, or beautiful objects.

Libra on the 5th house-Good and charming dating partner. Has pleasant hobbies like doing art, singing, writing, cooking etc.

Libra on the 6th house-Usually has a beautiful body and their daily life is well balanced and pleasant. Sickness may come and go if they aren’t balanced. Beautiful hips and voice

Libra on the 7th house-Needs a beautiful, charming, likable spouse. You act very non confrontational in relationships. You’re very pleasant to be around but can act two faced. People pleaser.

Libra on the 8th house-Gentle sex. Likes to please their partner. Their bad side can cause them to be very hurtful, mean and two faced.

Libra on the 9th house-Non confrontational about religion, politics, etc. Would make a good ambassador. Likes to settle disputes. They are the mediator we all need.

Libra on the 10th house-Pleasant reputation. Not too many conflicts in public. Will make a good lawyer. Everyone likes this person. When people think of you, they may think of you as charming and kind.

Libra on the 11th house-Gentle friend who just wants what’s best for everyone. Tried to settle issues between friends. Gets invited to go places because everyone enjoys their company.

Libra on the 12th house-Private self is gentle and compassionate. At their lowest they can be very mean and like to start drama. Spiritual pursuits is something they may enjoy.

Scorpio on the 1st house-Magnetic, alluring and addictive. Very noticeable eyes because they’re so intense.

Scorpio on the 2nd house-Secretive about finances and their belongings. Sex is placed at a high value. Very resourceful in making money. Sources of income may be secret because it can involve scandal.

Scorpio on the 3rd house-Communicates in a vague but attention grabbing way. Detective like mind. Seduces your mind easily.

Scorpio on the 4th house-A lot of growing and life lessons came as a result of the family. Childhood might have been hard and sexual or emotional abuse is likely.

Scorpio on the 5th house-You approach love and dating with intensity. Sex isn’t taken lightly. You attract potential partners through the vibes you ooze. Can be jealous. Taboo hobbies.

Scorpio on the 6th house-Sex is apart if the daily life. Daily life is transformative and often intense. Repression of desires takes a toll on your health often times.

Scorpio on the 7th house-Attracted to power and status. Attracted to sexually alluring types. Intense relationships and secret business dealings.

Scorpio on the 8th house-Very intense sex. Transforms through sex. Secrets are often kept dealing with other peoples secrets.

Scorpio on the 9th house-Religious and philosophical crusader, often engaging in arguments over religious beliefs. Beliefs have the ability to transform you greatly.

Scorpio on the 10th house-Intense public persona. Often revolutionizes career. Transforms an industry. Recognized by many.

Scorpio on the 11th house-Tend to surround yourself with dynamic, aggressive, and powerful friends. You don’t have many weak friends.

Scorpio on the 12th house-Kow how to cultivate hidden talents in others. Your downfall can be caused by secret resentments and concealed love affairs.

Sagittarius on the 1st house-Jovial and bright. Philosophical approach to things and can be very wise and insightful.

Sagittarius on the 2nd house-Lucky with finances. Doesn’t worry too much about their belongings or money. Spends money on experiences, like travel, sports etc.

Sagittarius on the 3rd house-Loud and expressive voice and laugh. Siblings probably travel and experience a lot. Has early travelling experiences. Lucky with school.

Sagittarius on the 4th house-Had a blessed early childhood. Got to experience a lot with parents. Comes from a huge ethnic background probably.

Sagittarius on the 5th house-Spontaneous, happy dating partner. Enjoys learning and traveling. Adrenaline junkie.

Sagittarius on the 6th house-Day to day life consists of adventurous with a happy go lucky approach. Since the 6th house rules pets you may also have large pets.

Sagittarius on the 7th house-« You might be deeply attracted to love relationships with a partner who has a background quite different form your own, either culturally or with religious beliefs. The differences stimulate you. »

Sagittarius on the 8th house-Approach to sex, love and intimacy is filled with optimism. A lot of sexual encounters is likely since Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

Sagittarius on the 9th house-Philosophical and lucky with travels and higher education. May travel a lot later in life. Good traveling partners.

Sagittarius on the 10th house-A spiritual leader/mentor among the public. People look up to you.

Sagittarius on the 11th house-The happy, inspirational friend. Gives good advice. Experiences a lot with friends. Excellent travel buddies.

Sagittarius on the 12th house-You easily understand universal concepts. Blessings will come from the most unexpected people and places, these individuals are able to sense anyone’s goodness of heart from miles away.

Capricorn on the 1st house-Seems hardworking and serious but can also come off as sad or cynical. Defined bone structure, nice smile. Beautiful skin.

Capricorn on the 2nd house-Responsible and tactful with money. Good at business.

Capricorn on the 3rd house-You’re careful in the expression of your thoughts. You never say or write anything unless there is a good reason. You can be quite harsh with speech and your voice intimidates people.

Capricorn on the 4th house-A great disciplinarian and household organiser. Grew up in s sheltered but strict household.

Capricorn on the 5th house-Able to easily combine business and pleasure. Large appetite for sex. Can be insatiable.

Capricorn on the 6th house-Extremely hard worker. Very serious and focused on your profession. Health is related to job. If you overwork yourself you may become ill.

Capricorn on the 7th house-Marries late in life and it may be for status. Cautious in relationships and business related endeavors. May be attracted to older partners.

Capricorn on the 8th house-Likes control during sex. Enjoys being dominant. May like bondage as they can be quite kinky. An inheritance is likely and they are good st handling other peoples money. They are very resourceful.

Capricorn on the 9th house-Traditionnel and conservative in religion and philosophy.

Capricorn on the 10th house-You’re ambitious and want to achieve professional prominence through competition. Good at managing and organizing tasks and people. Good st business. Bound to succeed.

Capricorn on the 11th house-Hopes and wishes are often dominated by a desire for security, you choose stable, conservative, and established people as friends. Lifelong friendships here.

Capricorn on the 12th house-More conservative than they care to admit. Sometimes limited by unconscious fears, their hidden strength is the discipline that enables them to work hard behind the scenes. They can be trusted with secrets.

Aquarius on the 1st house-Strange expression and gestures. Appearance may change a lot. Quite tall but slender. Rounder face.

Aquarius on the 2nd house-Erratic finances. Finances constantly have ups and downs.

Aquarius on the 3rd house-Very noticeable voice and laugh. Distinct handwriting. Intelligent but weird siblings.

Aquarius on the 4th house-Erratic upbringing. Maybe moved around a lot.

Aquarius on the 5th house-Doesn’t like to commit too much. But dating life is interesting but has many ups and downs. Bounces around a lot with hobbies and interests.

Aquarius on the 6th house-Spontaneous. Unplanned person, doesn’t tend to follow a schedule. May encounter weird illnesses.

Aquarius on the 7th house-Enjoys freedom loving partners. Wants a spontaneous partner. Someone who’s weird, intelligent and fun to be around.

Aquarius on the 8th house-Can be very kinky. Loves taboo or weird stuff. Can be very much into the occult.

Aquarius on the 9th house-Strange or out of the blue beliefs. Doesn’t follow a set religion or isn’t completely with one side. Experimental and likes to experience everything.

Aquarius on the 10th house-Weird public persona. Funny person to the public. People don’t really know too much about you. You’d do well in jobs where you have to be creative and revolutionary.

Aquarius on the 11th house-Has many acquaintances but not too many close friends. The weird friend. You’re fun to hang out with but you are equally strange. You make friends/acquaintances rather quickly.

Aquarius on the 12th house-Secretly weird. Doesn’t show it too much but can be into strange and taboo things.

Pisces on the 1st house-Selfless, kind, and compassionate. Spiritual. Somewhat ghostly presence.

Pisces on the 2nd house-Losing what you love is the greatest way to take away from your value and security.

Pisces on the 3rd house-Soft and gentle voice. Grabs attention. Has a deep, introspective mind. Great love for siblings.

Pisces on the 4th house-Great love for family. Selfless when it comes to their family and loved ones. Maybe idealized their mother when she might not have done such s great job of parenting. Very vulnerable with family. Capable of being manipulated by those closest to them.

Pisces on the 5th house-« You might have a difficult time seeing your lovers clearly, having a tendency to place anyone you’re dating on a pedestal of perfection with full God like status. Yearning for deep soul mate connections. You’re able to surrender your body and soul completely during sex. Might date or fall in love with someone who is psychic or extremely artistic. »

Pisces on the 6th house-Health is largely dependent upon your emotional state. Very selfless. Derives satisfaction by helping others.

Pisces on the 7th house-Needs an artistic and selfless partner. May be out of touch with reality but is compassionate.

Pisces on the 8th house-Transcendental sex. Soul bonding occurs during sex. Soul bonding is what brings about transformations.

Pisces on the 9th house-Religion and spirituality play a large role in your life. You’d make a good mentor or spiritual teacher.

Pisces on the 10th house-Seems to be “otherworldly” and visionary, and not always practical with regard to work and public reputation. You’re elusive and can be hard to pin down in professional matters.

Pisces on the 11th house-May have toxic friends. Friends may introduce you to drugs and alcohol. Nonetheless you may have compassionate and caring but elusive friends. You express a great, selfless love for friends.

Pisces on the 12th house-« They will live their lives unaware of their own inner faith, needing healthy sleeping routine in order to stay in a calm and peaceful state. »

The Saturn rings symbolise the laws of karma, so obstruction with Saturn is somewhat inevitable. But Saturn also constructs internal conditions and rationalisations that result in external obstructions, and it’s most likely the prime experience we are consciously attempting to circumvent that we create. Certainly, Saturn can be the devil inside, re-enforcing to us why we deserve what we fear the most 

🖤 Saturn in the 1st - There is a consuming need to be loved, accepted, respected, and valued. But the mask can be so tightly sewn and programmed that the light is dim and people don’t have an opportunity to truly see them, the connections can therefore seem vague or unreal, but they don’t expose enough of themselves to make these relationships possible 

🖤 Saturn in the 2nd - The sense of being unworthy and void of value makes it difficult to enjoy what they have worked so hard for. They fear missing out on life to survive, but they can be so focused on surviving they forget to live, indulge, and remind themselves that they are important 

🖤 Saturn in the 3rd - Thought patterns regarding lack of intelligence and reduced sense of mental value can create paralysis in the mind. Fear of fearing an exam can become so consuming that the mind is worn down by the time pen is put to paper. They can see the work on the board and feel reduced, telling themselves over and over that they are too ‘dumb’ to learn it and missing everything the teacher says in the meantime 

🖤 Saturn in the 4th - Fear of change can bind the individual very closely to mental and physical conditions. They can lean dependently on personal routines and practices until they become self-destructive ritual and they are forced with desperation to make the substantial internal reflection and change they shy from. It can reach such a low they may be forced to change residence 

🖤 Saturn in the 5th - The sense of not being special enough to love can blind romantic opportunities when they present themselves, the individual can shut off from the person’s affections despite their need and desires, feeling that soon they will be exposed for what they are. The person may feel unworthy of a child or in desperate need for one, increasing stress on the body and physiology and obstructing its natural processes  

🖤 Saturn in the 6th - Fear of losing employment can create a nervous or vigilant nature at work that draws exactly what they attempt to avoid the most - attention. Intense self-consciousness can cause them to make unusual mistakes before superiors and act of of character, much to their detriment 

🖤 Saturn in the 7th - The image of the perfect, solid, and unproblematic relationship can be so consuming that the individual searches for a conditioned and constructed ‘spark’ or ‘feeling’ when seeking a prospective partner. It can be so tightly regulated that they ignore, deny, or evade the natural, mysterious, and evocative sensations they generate with the people who can provide what they are searching for  

🖤 Saturn in the 8th - Fear of exposure, vulnerability, and submission can occlude the flow into natural intimacy and interpersonal trust with lovers. They individual can fear the process of letting go and allowing instinct to take over, instead they can watch themselves, create pains, and fail to build into that peak of union they deeply long for 

🖤 Saturn in the 9th - There is significant desire to accredit and accomplish the mind, but feelings of intellectual invalidity can cause the individual to doubt their potential and withhold enrolling into higher education due to ‘never feeling ready’. The intense fear of failing and high expectation can create such severe nerves and mental paralysis that university is extended due to illness, underperformance, and reconfiguring the course 

🖤 Saturn in the 10th - Fear of failure or unreadiness blind successful opportunities when they present themselves, and seeming like they are making no progress only exacerbates this complex. Self-lowering beliefs can obstruct them from stepping into the world they desire to conquer 

🖤 Saturn in the 11th - There can be significant self-consciousness with friends, the taunting complex that they are disliked or purposely left out of things. It can make them quiet and withdrawn socially and threatens the substantial connections they crave because friends have a hard time knowing who this person really is 

🖤 Saturn in the 12th - There is a highly tuned instinct and a great inner knowing that the inner waters lead to the right direction. But they can feel unworthy or undeserving of intuition or helpful guidance and put it down to childishness. There can be a need to prime and perfect the intuition to such acute degree that the flow from heaven is substantially obstructed


art: Haenuli

PLUTO THE UNKIND(Pluto through the houses)🦂🌑

First housers:

First house Pluto natives, are a presence to behold both in their expression and their dominating personalities to match. Since we are in the house of the “self” and Pluto is the planet of “death and rebirth” there is a continuous emphasis for make overs and transformations in the lives of these people. Often times they have alpha personalities without trying and tend to put a crowd in silence when they enter a room. They are strong in will and have a very blunt and straightforward means of expressing themselves. They can have sharp and eagle like features(this can be doubled depending on how strong Pluto’s influence is) and they can have structured and noticeable jaws! The eyes can be dark in color and very intimidating. The hair is thick and for some it’s curly in nature. The skin can also be oily and acne can be a thing in the early years-and these people have beautiful skin! Olive and or Carmel in complexion in some cases. They tend to walk like serpents and can have a defensive way of moving that creates space from their surrounding environment. They’re very intense and have a naturally magnetic Aura about them.

Sex: in your face, powerthemes-who’s in control you or I? Feel my body-let’s fight for he pleasure. (Aggressive and raw sex:sex that has an explosive and animalistic edge) hair pulling.(Can have very bare sexual organs! Kind of look like they should just be naked all together)

-Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé knowles, Britney Spears, Keanu Reeves, Justin Bieber.

🥀Beyoncé ghost/haunted.

2nd housers:

Second house Pluto natives are paradoxical in nature, they can be very secretive when it comes to their items and possessions, be it lovers/close family/their own resources like clothes or money or even themselves as a whole. They always maintain some amount of emotional and sentimental distance from outsiders and can have clannish tendencies towards those they don’t know well as opposed to those whom they’ve been close to for years. They have a intensified sensuality about them and can prioritize the more physical and earthy aspects of relating to others and tend to judge and observe how others react to situations and life situations on a “close up” level. They have an intense relationship with money and may have struggled with it being taken from them or being scarce during the early years which causes them to hold it near and dear to them as they age. These natives love very hard and can be paradoxical in the sense that they’re either slow moving and passive in romance or they’re intense and overwhelming.

Sex: sensual and an exploration of the body, how do you ignite my senses? How do I become your aphrodisiac. Teasing and prolonged touch. Oral sex and neck stimulation. (Can have heavy set/really thickesh looking sexual organs that are very beautiful to look at)

-Johnny Depp, Uma Thurman,Bill gates, Harry styles, Emma Watson,Mark zuckerberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger

🥀bonobo x Andreya Tirana eyesdown.

3rd housers:

Third house Pluto natives are what I like to call “heavy talkers” they talk and think with a deep and cutting intensity that is both noticeable in the words they speak and the ideals they cling too. They tend to be fixed in their own beliefs and not in a close minded way or a my way or the high way mentality either-it’s in a more moralistic standard type of way. They don’t like foul treatment and have a notable disgust towards those who over extended their power for bad reasons. They have a natural power and authority to their words and have a 1 on 1 way of speaking even if it’s a crowd that happens to be their audience. They hold people to no expectation and view everyone as there bare and raw selves but that being said that makes them in a way hard to reach on an intimate level due to their aversion to the more superficial aspects of life. They can be immensely intellectual and practically genius when it comes to human nature-they just know how to work a person in their favor. The why and how of things runs through their mind often and they can be quite sexually minded but have an easy time of presenting a stone face even when thinking the most grotesque of scenes.

Sex:stimulate me, the subversive lingo and enticing wordplay. Talk to me dirty-sexting and telephone sex. Nudes and provocative webcaming. Hand jobs and fingering come to mind here. Anything involving time and hands-think quickies. (Can have thin/skinny sexual organs)

-Angelina Jolie, Martin Luther king, Julia Roberts, Justin Timberlake, Napoleon |

🥀 Kendrick Lamar ADHD

4th housers:

Pluto in the fourth house natives are as one would say emotionally transformative. Unlike Lilith in the 4th that can come across as emotionally detached and in a sense aloof-those with Pluto in the 4th can seem almost too emotionally present and can have a way of surrounding a room in their aura of depth no matter their environment. There is a tendency for them to be straight faced in the face of others yet those who cry in the silence of their own comfort. They are extremely resilient and even more privy to the manipulative and exploitative nature of man and because of this they’re not only protective of themselves but those whom they hold dear. They can have very complex emotions no matter their moon sign and can have a very scorpionic themed childhood full of secrecy,loyalty,deception, early sexual influences and strong female guidance and seeing women as a powerful and sole providing source. Mother may have been obsessive and maybe overly intrusive but was intensely loving in her own way and held the child close even at times if it were too close.

Sex: very emotional in nature-very dependent on the mood and often times can shed tears depending on how intense the connection. May fall in love or grow attached after sex and will have a hard time letting go of the person. Likes positions that require intimacy and face to face. Breast and for men also the breast and the face. (Soft and thick sexual organs.)

-Selena Gomez, Kanye West, Ben Affleck, Tyra Banks, Charles Manson.

🥀 lil Silva ft sampha salient Sarah

5th housers:

Pluto in the fifth housers are extremely self aware, in fact one of their most standout qualities is their atmospheric energy-they naturally encompass intensity and have a residual darkness about them. Most cases they have a strong relationship with their sexuality and at times naturally express this via body movement and the way they go about doing things. They’re no stranger to obsession and even less a stranger to thrill. They live their lives in a daring fashion and have a willful personality that can undermine even the highest person in power-they don’t stand down and hate being ordered about no matter who you are. Both men and women here have a thing for earned dominance and prefer to be in the presence of people whom are authentic and aware-they don’t do well with people who “act” or “wear mask” and have a tendency to ice these people out. They have a naturally overwhelming energy and for some it can be intimidating and nerve racking being in their presence early on due to how “them” they are. Relationships are often HEATED. And often times they attract people and lovers from a last life. A lot of their “flings” get serious and end up becoming really passionate love affairs that also tend to burn out after the karma is dealt with. People crave their energy and often times they attract a lot of strong Saturn and Pluto energy. They can obsessed over their creative endeavors and can also be moody in how or when they feel like being “creative” they are some of the most amazing artist and performers!! But once again they’re moody and it really depends on when they feel like expressing their artistic side. Relationships take a tol on them and when they fail it can serve as a medium for transformation for these individuals!

Sex: passion,Passion, PASSION. An insatiable and primal encounter-sex to the point of exhaustion and intoxication. This is a deep penetration placement and these natives tend to crave deep intimacy in sexual endeavors. Back and spine. (Can have natural looking and a bit on the more wild side looking sexual organs)

-John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Robert Patterson, Adele, Coco Chanel

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6th housers:

For natives with Pluto in the 6th house there is a strong projection of the will in the workplace. Honestly the work place can be shady and downright agitating for these natives. Your workers can and tend to be of a more private and serious nature and at times can either demand to much of you or do much behind and out of your line of sight. Caution is advised here with being to trusting of your co workers because let’s just say-some of them are out to get on top. Work is also the source of greatest spiritual growth and transformation and often times you learn and get a lot of life lessons from work for better or worse. Their might often be some more intimate and sexual themes that play out at work such as workers using sex as a bargaining chip to get a position, such as office sex and or sexual manipulation such as pimps and prostitution(this is not set in stone or guaranteed by the way-it’s just one of the ways this aspect may manifest) people view many of these natives as indefinite and immensely capable-you’re a juggernaut when it comes to getting your job done and these natives have a noticeable coldness to the way they express themselves rooted in excellence and superiority. Might be the types to love aggressive and or scary animals as pets-and animals many be intense towards these individuals and vice versa!

Sex: this can point to a need for sex in the day to day or some sort of physical release for health reasons and just to overall feel good! Sex to please and sex with unequal themes invited such as worship or satisfaction of the partner. Anal sex is sometimes a commonality here. The lower and upper stomache area.(can be petite in appearances and look very neat sexual organs wise)

-Michael Jackson, George Clooney, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Lana del Rey, Amy winehouse, Kristen Stewart, Demi Moore.

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7th housers:

These natives are VERY VERY PASSIONATE. Since the 7th house not only rules the house of marriage and partnership on a 1-1 setting romantic and otherwise, these natives approach these themes in a very Plutonian fashion. They crave deep intimacy and usually unconsciously attract and seek out this intensity-but be it that this is the house of reflections and shadows these natives often are frightened of what comes there way and the depth and passion they’ve invited to their doorstep. For better or worse they want a soul reaching love and one that allows them to let their walls down and merge on the deepest of levels with their s/o but it takes many years upon years to open up to this concept on a realistic level. This is mainly because love scares them and truly leaves them at their most vulnerable as often the house Pluto is in even more than the moon shows where your soul is at its most weak. They want and crave solace and often times are scared of it simultaneously. Being with these natives is going to be a trial but one worth your wild if you’re willing to put up with their behavior that is purely done out of fear. They’d do anything for those they love and place a high value on love even though it depletes them and leaves them drained. They can be harsh to those whom them really love and can be very difficult when they love you-but they’re love although complex is SOO deep and SOO sincere. “They don’t really think they’re that intense-it’s everyone else that’s taking things to seriously”

Sex: very mutual based-I want to please you, I want to love you-when you’re happy so am I-you climax-I climax. Sex is both passionate and emotional-take on the feelings of the partner. Positions that allow mutual intimacy and eye to eye. The buttocks.(very pretty looking sexual organs-can be petite or thick depending)

-Barack Obama, Rihanna, Mahatma Ghandi, Ryan Gosling, David Bowie, kourtney Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, anti-Christ(supposedly)

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8th housers:

These natives are the equivalent of there ever was one of hell. They’re the embodiment of tribulation and rebirth and can be some of the most powerful and intense souls you’ll meet. Despite contrary belief since Pluto is at home these natives tend to have a very free and almost whimsical attitude about themselves-they’re confident and self assured and carry themselves strong. They don’t allow they’re emotions to freely devour them nor do they wear it on their face. They usually have an intimate relationship with their own personal feelings and prefer to handle their more darker tendencies alone. They have a non trusting personality and are the hardest people to get to know out of all the Pluto in the housers. They can have a very loner attitude and dislike anyone for any reason feelings as though they’re relying on them. They’re both self sufficient and driven and have a very GUARDED presence. Despite their carefree side they’re very intimidating and have very black or white views on how they interact with others. Intimacy is seen by them as something that demands maturity and restraint and they have an immense amount of sexual control. Sex runs rampant in their minds in some cases-or not at all there is no inbetween. And sex here takes on a life force and these natives at times use sex as a weapon and can be very easily manipulative and perceptive beyond anything you’d be able to see coming. They embody Pluto yet the scary thing is that you’d never know.

Sex: intense and emotionally incredible. Serpent movements and speed. Sensuality and losing control. There can be a death like feeling during sex once climax is reached and albeit sex is powerful with these natives it’s draining on their bodies so all though it may not happen often it’s an intense scene to behold. Lumbar region and upper thighs. Oral and cullingas. Also another deep penetration placement. (Sharp looking sexual organs and may be veiny if male)

-Jesus Christ(wow yas figures!), Adolf hitler, Christiana Aguilera, Elvis Presley,Marlon Brando, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce lee.

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9th housers:

Okay, these natives have a strong moral constitution-and what’s even more so many of them are immensely mature beyond their time. They approach life with a grounded and serious demeanor and aren’t the types to joke or play with the idea of morality or the concepts of others or themselves. They are usually private about religion and often have complex and even dubious relationships with it. It’s not something as simple as bending a knee nor is it’s something as simple as a holy building to them it’s something much more and something in which many spend much time trying to understand. Much like Pluto in the first these natives undergo many changes of the ego and can seem like A different person at many points in there life. A noticeable theme here is comfortability. Many natives with this placements have a deep understanding of themselves-even on a sexual level. Many aren’t threatened by the “if” factor and most don’t feel threatened by others beliefs of feelings of them. They know who they are and no one living or dead will change that.

Sex: bountiful and vast. Tend to have a hug appetite for sex but see sex as something fun and playful rather than an obsession or need. Thighs and oil/lubricant items. (Says some may have bigger sexual organs than usual)

-Nicki Minaj, Hilary Clinton, Brad Pitt, Ellen Degeneres, Winona Ryder, Demi lavoto.

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10th housers:

The ELITE and the SUPERIOR is how I’d describe those with this placement. There’s a very powerful and commanding nature about these individuals. They come across as very earthy and connected to their environment and bodies and have a pretty acute awareness of their crowd and those around them. They feel the changes and the shifts in the actions and natures of those around them. They take life itself seriously not just the world of the public and I’ve noticed many of them to have good relations with their family yet completely disconnected in the sense that their family seems to not really know who they are deep down. They can have a more explicit and intense internet persona and public look. They can have naturally earthy beauty to them be it makes or female and have a very naturally sensual look to them! They’re hard to read and don’t easily involve their emotions in anything they do-so it can be hard to gauge their level of emotional investment in anything they’re doing. They do not fuck around(excuse my language) when it comes their public image or jobs and hate being the topic of discussion.

Sex: the theme of control runs strong here. There’s a tendency to challenge their lovers and those they get sexually involved with-the idea of being unable to hold up their persona-the idea of submission in the face of domination. Bdsm. (The knees and the middle to lower thigh. )(can have an earthy and polite look to the sexual organs! They can be soft much like the 4th house)

-Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Prince, Ariana grande, Paris Hilton.

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11th housers:

This is kinda a “your friends are not my friends” placement and these natives can have very high priority on their friendships that often can cause a lot of damage and wounding to them if their friends aren’t as loyal and protective of their friendships as they are. They tend to show they’re more intense and brooding qualities around they’re friends and due to Pluto’s influence here they also attract the same type of energy back. Their views towards groups and revolutions can be baffling and many have a more odd and out their approach when it comes to groups and communities. They may even outright seek to control them. They also tend to have a sometimes harsh view towards order and structure and may periodically struggle with relating to the idea of it and them in the same sentence. They sometimes mix sex and friendships together and this is at times a bad idea because a lot of the time it not only makes things develop into something neither party was asking for but it can also alienate you from your friend-groups. The friends tend to be strong in nature and can have magnetic and captivating personalities! And these natives are also usually popular and have an easy time getting a following because of their own innate captivating personality that often infatuates many for better or worse.

Sex: Power is a theme for sex here-disputes the airy nature of this house, sex that allows them to be on top or feel above fulfills some here. Sex with friends and or those whom they’ve crushes on-as well as being turned on by lower vibration and higher vibration conversation and communication. That weird stuff. Imagine a boiling room party-with the Florecent blue to yellow lights. (So here is the calves and ankles and inbetween the breast and the pecks.)(can have an angular look to them! Can look like bananas for guys and may have something unique about them for males and females)

-Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Anniston, Bruce Willis, Bill Clinton.

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12th housers:

These natives are what I like to call an enigma. They often portray themselves in a way that is completely opposite from who they really are. They often present an easy going and passive demeanor and one that is both compressed and non-explosive as a means to control themselves. This is not to say they’re not beautiful and kind hearted; they truly are immensely healing and tender hearted people with a love as expansive as the universe itself but there’s often another side to them that many with this placement either choose to ignore or that they choose to disengage with. And for those aware of it there can be a tendency to be frightened of their more “powerful side” they have powerful emotions and at times these emotions can overwhelm even them. They’re not open by any means and out of all the housers dare I say even Pluto in the eighth they loathe opening up and hate anyone seeing the more intense and deep side of them. They are both extremely resilient and stronger than any in terms of what they’ve been through and what they can tolerate. They constantly rise from the ashes behind the shadows and deal with some of life’s most vicious of karmic lessons. They have an almost breathtaking intensity hidden below there cheery smiles and can often have a resting face that shows their true feelings with out them realizing it. They’re unconscious movements are aggressive and at times come across as very intense and agitated.

Sex: a world separating experience and can often have a romantic and seemingly soul touching level of depth to it. Can be sacrificial in sex but despite this they might sleep around in an attempt to find true peace through the act but a lot of them get used sexually and it truly hurts them.(the feet! Aha and really the finger tips and the lips) (can have very sensitive and translucent sexual organs! Can be undefinable or look different depending on the viewer)

-Marylin Monroe, Donald trump, Madonna,Steve jobs, Katy perry, Kurt kobain, Freddie Mercury.

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