the 10th timelord

| No time | The Tenth Doctor

“Oh hello there!“

You turned around, eyebrows raised in shock. Out of pure instinct you reached towards the gun tucked in your belt. It was an attempt to scare people off, as you hoped you weren’t actually given the chance to use it. But as the man that had carelessly shouted walked quickly up to you, you wondered if you’d have to.

"Who are you?” You asked firmly, stepping backwards, drawing your gun in a quick and smooth motion. The man blinked, as if he hadn’t thought you would do that. “Hands in the air!”

He quickly put his hands up but fidgeted from foot to foot, as if he couldn’t stay in one spot. He was anxious, running from something? You would know, you had been trained to decipher a person’s body language just in case something actually happened. Something like this.

“Oh,” he breathed, giving you a look over that made your body tense, eyes widening as if he’d just noticed your attire. “Ohhhh. Police.”

“I asked you a question, sir!” You barked, narrowing your eyes, switching from your neutral intimidation stance to actually resting your fingers on the trigger. He flinched.

“Oh!” He said and you wondered if that was the only word he could say. “John Smith.”

You narrowed your eyes.


“And what are you doing here, ‘John Smith’” You didn’t let up the amount of incredulity in your voice.

“Yeah about that-”

He was cut off when a crashing noise emitted down the corridor he came from and he immediately became even more antsy.

“Who’s that? Some of your accomplices?” You scowled, stepping around him. You squinted as if to see down the dark hall.

“Uh no. And I’m sorry but I’m going to have to ask you to trust me-” he rambled, running over the words so fast you could barely break them apart to understand them.

“Trust you?” You said, scoffing and shooting him a glare, cocking the gun when you saw his arms had relaxed.

“And I said don’t move Mr. 'John Smith’. You’re trespassing on this ground, this is a crime scene." 

He surprised you by grinning. "I wouldn’t call it trespassing, exactly. I was sent to help.”

“Wearing that?” You glared. He winced. He was dressed out in boots over a blue suit (seriously what was even his fashion sense) and had a cowboy hat stuffed over his messy, brown locks.

The man actually whined. “I was going to go horseback riding! It’s not my fault I landed in this century!”

By this remark, you were sure this conversation was going nowhere.

“What in the world are you on about now?”

The noise came again down the hall, but closer now, way closer. The man took in a deep breath.

“Alright I lied,” he relented, shrugging. “But we’ve got bigger problems. So I’m going to need you to put that down.” He nodded towards the gun.

“Officer L/N,” you murmured into your shirt, pressing the com with your non-dominant hand as the other still had the gun trained on the man. “Requesting backup at the Harel museum. I’m taking in a suspicious figure downtown for breaking and entering-”

“No no no no don’t do that!” The man groaned. “Humans! They just-”

The crashing noise again, but this time it was as if it was right outside.

“Look,” the man said in a hushed voice, forcing eye contact with you. “I know you have no reason to trust me right now, but I need you to or else that thing you’re hearing will capture the both of us, and then that will lead to a global catastrophe.”

You were completely taken aback.

“Please, trust me,” Brown eyes bore into yours. “Just for a couple minutes.”

And you wanted to.

You didn’t know why but it was like all your common sense flew out the window with this man’s eyes. You had no idea the cause, but you found yourself wanting to.

You weighed your options over before lowering the gun, but still kept your finger on the trigger.

“Wonderful!” The man grinned before whipping out a device from his coat pocket and pointing it at the door. It emitted a whirring noise, and you heard the door lock before something beyond it crashed into it hard.

“What?!” You said but the man was pushing you forward, out the other door.

“No time!” He said. A blast was heard behind the two of you and the man pushed you out the door to the outside grassy floor. “Duck!”

Out of instinct and the command in his voice you ducked to the ground just as he did, something blue and fast rushing over your heads. He then almost immediately jumped back to his feet, a smoking hole in his hat.

“Aww I liked that hat,” He practically pouted before throwing it to the side and rushing over to you to see if you were okay.

“You- you-” You breathed, head pulsing. “Who are you really?”

“I’m The Doctor,” He said, accent clipped. While your heart was climbing into your throat and goosebumps erupted over your skin from fear, there was no sign of fright anywhere on him. You could only see utter thrill in his twinkling chocolate eyes, an intense excitement lighting up his face.

He grabbed your hand, lips splitting in a grin so wide you’d have almost thought him insane if not for the clear sanity drifting in those brown eyes.

“And we need to run.”



Okay. I can’t. No, that’s fine.