the 10s

I just really love the little detail that at the Cup of China, Yuuri seems to have a hotel room all to his own?

which makes the fact that he shares a hotel room with Viktor before the Grand Prix Final, beds pushed together and everything, even cuter and more impactful

The fact that Yuuri went from sitting alone and anxious to sleeping next to his fiancé makes me so happy??? This show is so pure and wholesome

  • count olaf: unhygienic, can't act, is a moldy crouton
  • also count olaf: dated kit snicket, dr. orwell, esmé squalor, possibly ??? jacquelyn, has more game than anyone in the entire series combined

Since the zine was just announced, I can finally unleash this cover piece unto you guys! It was so hard to keep my big mouth shut about it because I’m so excited about the opportunity. 

So anyways, here are the boys in a parody of the “My Life With You" manga cover, which was @141-point-12 ‘s wonderful idea LOL. 

Happy 10 Years of The Maine!

Ten years.

A ten-year relationship has extremely strong ties. You have to face a lot of good, but also a lot of bad. You grow with the person next to you. Living with someone for ten years requires a lot of trust, which makes you a better person. They are always there for you… And in this case, for a whole decade. That’s a long time to put into something. You have to be patient and true to yourself. But The Maine did it. Ten years working hard and playing all around the world. Meeting people who speak all kinds of languages, and still unite by the greatest of all gifts: music.

You make music that matters, that heals, and that makes people have a reason to go on. After five albums (and now the sixth), thousands of shows and songs; You continue to treat your fans as if they were friends who live far away and you have not seen them for a while. You treat us with so much affection and respect, thanks you so much! That everything good that you have put and continue to put in the world, all the beauty that you have created in 10 years, come back to you in double. You guys deserve!

Happy 10th birthday, guys! You must be celebrating like you won a Grammy! Not many have come as far and with as good and kind heart as you have. Keep doing what you always did: inspiring people and living your dream. We hope that ten years from now you will continue to do this… And if so, we will continue to follow in your footsteps.

Thank you, The Maine! Thank you, Garrett, Jared, John, Kennedy, Pat, Tim and all 8123 crew and family.

- The Maine All Around The World


“You’re thinking of getting involved. You check the temperature out there. People are increasingly suspicious about foreigners…”