the 104th trainees squad

Reblog if you miss this good old days, when all our babies are babies, stand together, having fun, eat, sleep and training together, no hating, no fighting wait what…

Seriously, all the training course flashback this season are killing me….

Honestly though.

To everyone who’s read the manga and knows what’s coming: I’m so, so sorry.

To everyone who hasn’t read the manga and has no idea what’s coming: I’m so, so sorry.

Like we’re pretty much all just screwed either way.

If Shingeki no Kyojin was a regular shounen

•Mikasa’s boobs would have been more important.
•Armin would be a “trap”.
•Eren would’ve at least walked in on Mikasa chaning once.
•Jean and Connie would’ve probably been severely perverted.
•The 104th trainee squad arc would’ve been longer.
•We would’ve had sneak peeks from the girls dormitory.
•Eren would have probably had a boob landing on Annie.
•Ymir would be groping Historia/Krista in public.
•Titan shifters would come out of their titans naked.
•When the girls be riding horses they be jiggling.
•Hanji’s gender was gonna be assumed.
•Eren and Mikasa would’ve -God forbid-kissed in chapter 50.
•They would’ve went to the beach-idk how-and the hot springs in the middle of a battle.
•Eren would be even blunter and denser.
•Mikasa would’ve been extremely stupid.

Just some stupid thoughts with no need to be released whatsoever…


Shingeki no Kyojin OST. - The Reluctant Heroes

How will the 104th Cadet Corps advertise AoT
  • Eren: Full-blown action! Titan killing! Blood everywhere! You won't regret watching! Instead, your heart will be crushed to the tiniest bits!
  • Mikasa: Know the life of Eren Jaeger as he goes through a lot of bullshit ever since he was born.
  • Armin: The show has an intriguing plot, and... a male reaching a higher note than Mariah Carey.
  • Jean: My family members have a big part in this anime show! All of you should come watch!
  • Marco: I guess you can learn about a little about human anatomy... you know, like what part of the body could you strike to fatally damage your enemy.
  • Reiner: You can look at naked people without it being censored... because there isn't anything that can be censored to begin with!
  • Bertolt: The characters are MYSTERIOUS. You never know if they will die, or are complete assholes. It can serve as a good guessing game for viewers like you.
  • Historia: Trust me, we have the best memes. You won't regret selling your soul to the devil.
  • Sasha: The only thing regrettable about this anime is that there is no such thing as pizza. If that wasn't the case, then this would be the best anime.
  • Connie: It's taking action to a whole new level. After watching this, your sanity can be compared to the hair on my head: a.k.a none.