the 104th trainees squad

Reblog if you miss this good old days, when all our babies are babies, stand together, having fun, eat, sleep and training together, no hating, no fighting wait what…

Seriously, all the training course flashback this season are killing me….

If Shingeki no Kyojin was a regular shounen

•Mikasa’s boobs would have been more important.
•Armin would be a “trap”.
•Eren would’ve at least walked in on Mikasa chaning once.
•Jean and Connie would’ve probably been severely perverted.
•The 104th trainee squad arc would’ve been longer.
•We would’ve had sneak peeks from the girls dormitory.
•Eren would have probably had a boob landing on Annie.
•Ymir would be groping Historia/Krista in public.
•Titan shifters would come out of their titans naked.
•When the girls be riding horses they be jiggling.
•Hanji’s gender was gonna be assumed.
•Eren and Mikasa would’ve -God forbid-kissed in chapter 50.
•They would’ve went to the beach-idk how-and the hot springs in the middle of a battle.
•Eren would be even blunter and denser.
•Mikasa would’ve been extremely stupid.

Just some stupid thoughts with no need to be released whatsoever…

Headcanon: Break-Up (Part 1)

Everyone’s reaction or different way of dealing, after a split from their S/O.


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Headcanon: Jealousy (Part 2)

Everyone’s reactions to their S/O being hit on in front of them.


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Shingeki no Kyojin OST. - The Reluctant Heroes

104th and Veterans React to Seeing Their Crush Being More Skilled than Mikasa


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  • Completely blown away by your amazing performances during training. He’s totally enthralled and uses you as his inspiration.
  • Growing up with Mikasa means he’s well aware of her frightening power. So to see someone he likes manage to overcome even that; it leaves him both inspired and slightly afraid.
  • Although he’s incredibly impressed, he’s also a bit miffed that both you and Mikasa are way more skilled than him. He wants the power to kill the titans more than anyone, and it rubs salt in the wound to have the one he pines after come out on top.
  • “It’s not fair…why can’t I be like them…”


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  • She’s never seen anyone like you before. To think she wasn’t already smitten over you enough; now you’ve shown that you’re strong, too.
  • Isn’t sure whether she should be impressed or upset. Although it’s never fun to be beaten, this was probably the best way it could’ve happened.
  • Ultimately, she chooses impressed. Silently, that is.
  • She never expected anyone she trained with to surpass her, but if it had to be anyone, she was glad it was you.
  • She’s very glad that she doesn’t have to worry as much about protecting you. She knows she’ll try to anyway, but it’s comforting to know that you’re clearly capable of handling yourself.


  • Is rather conflicted about your newly-shown set of skills.
  • On one hand, you’ll be able to easily protect yourself now and increase your chances of survival.
  • On the other hand though, he worries that your skill in killing titans may lead you to join the Survey Corps or take a more front-line area of your job, which could do the opposite.
  • In the end, he decides to just be happy that your skill is incredible and holds on to the hope that you can use it to protect yourself.
  • After all, he was secretly hoping you’d be the strongest anyway, because above all else, he values your safety. That’s the only reason he worries himself in the first place.


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  • Jean doesn’t know where all these incredibly strong people are coming out of, but he’s not sure if he likes it.
  • I mean, he likes you for sure, but his dreams of joining the Military Police are beginning to dwindle with being faced with all this skill.
  • It is pretty reassuring to know his crush won’t be dying on him any time soon. Maybe you could even give him some tips, too. Also, you could even go training together.
  • On second thought, maybe he does like this. 


  • Totally fascinated by what he’s seeing. You were already so incredible to him, and now you’ve increased that tenfold.
  • While the other trainees are mostly complaining about it now being basically impossible to get in to the top ten, he’s just genuinely happy that you’ve reached your potential.
  • Will be singing your praises all day long after seeing what you can do. He’s so enthralled, he can’t hide it.
  • “I’ve never seen anything that amazing in my life…you’re even more incredible than I thought!”


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  • Jaw. Dropped.
  • He basically re-evaluates his life choices upon seeing you. If he ever thought he could match something like that, he was crazy.
  • “Why did I even join this program…”
  • However, your display only serves to strengthen his admiration towards you. You’re smart, attractive and skilled too! 
  • He decides not to compare himself to someone like you, but instead find ways to get closer to you. He can just do it under the guise of wanting to stick with the strongest person for protection.


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  • “No way! Amazing!”
  • The second you touch the ground, she’s up in your face. She needs to know everything: how did you do that, how can she learn it, and how are you so awesome?
  • You can’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. She bounces up and down like there’s no tomorrow. She’s a total bundle of energy.
  • Is likely to bring your skill up in front of Mikasa, resulting in some unintended tension.
  • “And then they flipped, and moved in so fast -like lightning!- and then in one clean slice, the thing was destroyed! It was so cool! They were even faster than you, Mikasa!”


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  • “You really know what you’re doing, huh? And here I thought I’d be the one protecting you!
  • He is incredibly impressed by your skill, but he’s also sad because now he can’t encourage you or help you out because you’ve already surpassed him. For once, he’s going to have to observe and follow you.
  • Is actually a little afraid to hit on you or joke around too much in case he loses his limbs over it.
  • “You wouldn’t uhh…use that on me, right?”


  • Can’t stop staring at you every time you’re in training, with a huge blush painted across his face.
  • He can’t help it, every movement you make is so mesmerizing in its precision and finesse that it becomes impossible to look away. It’s a bonus that he already just likes looking at you anyway.
  • He’s a bit frightened by your power. He doesn’t ever want to get on the wrong side of your blade.
  • Takes a little while afterwards to snap out of his trance, and then remarks on your skill to whoever’s nearby.
  • “Amazing…”


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  • She’s impressed, but also concerned. You’d be a formidable foe if you ever found out her identity.
  • Then again, maybe it’s fortunate that you’re this good. If she’s careful, there’s a good chance you won’t get hurt in one of her attacks.
  • From now on, she’s going to have an even closer eye on you. Someone like you would be great to have by her side, for more reasons than just your skill.
  • She’s also pretty chuffed that this gives her an excuse to be near you more often. If anyone asks, she’s simply protecting herself. After all, she’s just a “frail girl”. 


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  • Watches from the sidelines, smirking proudly in your direction.
  • Is totally amazed by how fantastic you look pulling off those flips. She’s never seen such agility in her life.
  • When you touch down after your display, she gives you a nod of approval and walks right towards you to “mark her territory.”
  • “That’s my [Name]! I always knew you were better than all those freeloaders anyway!”


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  • Super super big smile on her face when she sees you.
  • She’s so happy for you; she just can’t hide it. There’s nothing better than seeing someone reach their potential.
  • Shouts to you during your training exercises and evalutations.
  • “Go [Name]! You can do it!”
  • Will give you the most eager, genuine smile afterwards. She looks up to you majorly. 


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  • Unlike the others, you’re not going to get much more than a nod and a “Good job,” out of Levi. 
  • Though he might not seem too impressed, he will definitely trust you with more difficult operations and just generally like you more if you’ve proven that you can hold your own.
  • Over time, he’ll eventually let you take part in operations only for the higher-ups. But only after you’ve given a lot of evidence of your skill, since he doesn’t want to let his crush bias him for you over the other members.
  • He’s also slightly scared that you’ll catch up to him. But he won’t mention that. 


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  • “That was amaaaaaazing! You’ll do that again, right? Show me!”
  • Is totally going to drag you out for her more dangerous experiments, since they now know you can be trusted not to flake out.
  • *Moblit sighs in relief in the distance*
  • “Levi! You should promote [Name] so we can be in the same squad! Don’t worry, they’ll be fiiiine!”


  • Is genuinely impressed by your efforts. He’s excited to have such talent on his side.
  • Doesn’t want to let you take the front-lines out of concern for your safety, but understands that it’s the most sensible thing to do.
  • He secretly hopes he can promote you quickly to get you into a position where he can see you more. 
  • “What do you think of [Name]?”
  • “Who, [Name]? Oh- well, they’re great! *cough* yes, excellent skill. Would love to see more of them. Platonically, of course. Not romantically. Only as a Commander to his underling. And nothing else. Hmm.”
  • (if you can’t tell, he’s lying. a lot. and overcompensating.)


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  • “Awesome.”
  • After seeing what you’re capable of, Mike would love to have you on his squad. Not only would it benefit him tactically, but he also just really enjoys your company. He’d be thrilled to see you excel in training.
  • He’s a talented man himself, but even he is pretty astounded by your skill. It reminds him of Levi in his earlier days.
  • Praises you well and often. He feels that you deserve it, for your battle power and your personality, and he looks forward to seeing more of you.

Headcanon: Jealousy (Part 1)

Everyone’s reaction to their S/O being hit on in front of them.


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