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why b.a.p deserves love, support & respect

*note: english is not my first language so i’m probably going to make a lot of mistakes + this is going to be a mess sorry*

(first of all i’m really sorry if this is going to bring back bad and depressing memories to my fellow BABYz)

I’m mainly doing this for those who do not stan b.a.p and don’t know what happened with TS in 2014. I feel like everyone needs to know it at least.

I want to do this to spread awareness and i want people to realize and never forget what b.a.p has gone through because of TS. I really want more people to support them in the future because they are extremely talented and deserve so much better and i hope that by understanding all that they’ve been through, everyone can gain a better appreciation for them.

anyways let’s get started!

Daehyun’s vocal teacher exposing TS:

(he literally talked about all the awful things TS did to the members and we should never forget this)

- His tweets:

‘’I didn’t say a word to not cause damage to the team, but now I have to speak up. B.A.P received an official break for the first time this year. Before that, all they did was get 1 or 2 days about 2 times when they were let out of the agency by the head of department and manager. What is really a shame about that official break itself is that when it was all about to fall apart with a clash with the parents this year, the agency stopped taking proper care of B.A.P to the point that one can only think that the agency was trying to get them to slip up so that it would be advantageous to them if a lawsuit were to occur and waiting for them to get involved in a mishap that would be a violation of the kids’ contract by canceling their schedules and quickly grabbing [schedules] again… The same people who kept a close eye on them even when they were going to the convenience store in front of the agency headquarters sure have gotten nicer [sarcasm].

Even if they contact [others] through KakaoTalk or FaceTime on their iPads, just in case they might get caught during an inspection [of their devices], they would always delete their entries. They are kids who’ve memorized their friends, teachers, and parents’ numbers.

The agency didn’t allow them to meet up with their parents at first, but later when they were in a meeting with the CEO, the CEO cursed out and yelled. But isn’t it only natural that the parents, who trusted the CEO and put their kids under his care, would be worried if the CEO is acting like that to their kids who they can’t see often?

For 3 years, the agency took away their cellphones to sever ties with the outside world. Even when they came to their hometowns for a fan meeting, they weren’t allowed to see their parents for more than 10 minutes even when it was obvious that they didn’t have any other schedules. But still, they wouldn’t allow them to see their parents who came from far away. And without not even one official break, they lived under the manager’s control.

The agency pressured Daehyun, who went to a hospital to receive treatment due to physical and mental exhaustion, to carry out his schedule.

Here is an exemple of when daehyun was forced to perform even though he was supposed to be in a hospital:

this was one of their last performances before filling a lawsuit againt TS (i dare you to watch it without feeling concerned and worried about them)  

Himchan was so sick that he couldn’t even attend and perform, all of them were exhausted, daehyun looked like he was going to faint, you can see the anger and frustration in yongguk’s eyes, they did their best to cover it up so that we wouldn’t notice… but everything seemed off… this is just an evidence and a proof of ts’ mistreatments.

[Daehyun] told me and his parents that the manager would coerce him, saying that if he runs away to his parents, they’ll file a damage suit. I read that the parents covered the hospital fees in an article. Not only did the parents cover the hospital fees, but since they don’t have an income, all of the expenses involving their personal things from their trainee period up until now were covered by the parents’ [credit] cards. Even when the parents said let’s talk to the agency multiple times, the members said to trust [the agency] and that they only need to work hard in doing music and stopped their parents, never complaining once and consistently carrying out their activities.“

"I actually wish that this spreads so that many people may know. I am determined to fight for and alongside Daehyun,” “I can’t get in contact with the members currently, but I showed this to their parents first and posted it after receiving their permission”

AM 4:44 : (you can check it here)

Yongguk released this song on april 2015, he made this song to show how he was feelingduring that time.  The lyrics are so powerful, deep, emotional…

please support b.a.p… you really won’t regret it.

the signs as things my friend has said
  • aries: i'm gonna get your mom to dab
  • taurus: i'm EMOTIONALLY a hoe
  • gemini: maybe i love herpes
  • cancer: it gets a lot less romantic when you say it's gross
  • leo: (to our english teacher) want to see me eat an entire clementine in one bite
  • virgo: *chuckles quietly* i'm thinking about the aha music video
  • libra: don't put this on the list of stupid things i've said
  • scorpio: flip flops? are you shitting me? FLIP FLOCKS AND SOCKS?
  • saggitarius: how many chicken nuggets make up a chicken
  • capricorn: your dad is a michael cera cloning machine
  • aquarius: i am syphilis
  • pisces: my stomach's a high maintenance bitch
on art theft

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been reblogging a lot of stuff related to plagiarism and art theft recently. This is because my painting of an OC character design was reposted on another site without my permission or any credit to me. It still had my watermark on it. I’ve since had it taken down.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of posts already made about tracing, reposting, and outright reclaiming; rightly so. They are prevailing issues on tumblr and deviantart (it’s a cesspit), and urgently need to be addressed. Another issue is people submitting other people’s art for videos without permission. The phandom unfortunately has a bit of a penchant for this, mostly due to the number of people desperate to be noticed by Dan and Phil who don’t realise the implications of stealing art – hence the angry posts made by affected artists. However, there are very few – if any – posts on cheating.

What I mean by this is artists who take photos they find online and pass them through filters to make them look like paintings, then claim that they drew them themselves.

This is cheating. I cannot stress it enough. I’ve seen it on my dash recently, and I recognise what has been done to the picture. I can see the tools that have been used because I know my way around Photoshop and other editing programs, but someone who is not familiar with these may just see a really good digital painting. Thus, the “artist” gets attention and praise for their “work” – something that took all of ten minutes to create.

It is grossly unfair to legitimate artists who pour hours into a piece of work that they’re proud of, only to post it online and have a piece of cheated art surpass it in notes. It also basically spits in the eye of artists, completely devaluing their work and integrity, reducing their talent to something that can be cheaply replicated and passed off. Can you see how this would make them feel? Like they may as well not bother if their stuff is going to live in the shadow of faked pieces.

It is absolutely not okay. Ever. This is a very grey area in terms of plagiarism etc, but it’s absolutely a demonstration of a complete lack of artistic integrity and respect.

Sorry for the rant.

We'll miss you Tree

At around 6:30 EST I will be doing a live stream in memory of @coldlovetree

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I’ll be coloring a comic for Tree and possibly doing some Patreon requests if the live stream doesn’t run on long enough.

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I want to help in any way I can.

Thank you all so much.