the (sis)tem

Quiero estar contigo bajo la lluvia; bajo gotas brillantes como estrellas fugaces, y pedir un deseo, y que el deseo sea… cuidarte hasta que el tiempo se acabe.
—  Valo Jones - Delirios textuales

Here are my Ryder twins- Mayil And Varan!

They’re Indian (specifically Tamilians). Mayil is the older twin. Both are outgoing and like socializing, though Varan is the quieter one. 

I still haven’t quite decided their personalities and backstories properly, but feel free to ask me about them :3 I am so HYPED for Andromeda!! :D


“A servant that more often enough, for it’s innoncence caused trouble for his masters.”

Trivelino, a persona of the Wheel of Fortune arcana, is the mask of British-tem, I hope you enjoy it.


Want me to make your own persona? Then, in an ask, put your day of birth (day/month/ year), gender, and tell me a little about yourself, both good and bad.