the (muse)um project

Printemps play with kittens
  • Hanayo: "She's soooo cute... she's ginger, fluffy and meows. I'd date her if she was human... can she have rice?!"
  • Honoka: "Wooohooo! She's sleepy? Me too! We can sleep next to each other. So fluffy!"
  • Kotori: "CUUUTE! Adorable, really adorable. I wonder if we can adopt her? She's up for adoption? Really?! UMI-CHAAAAAAAAN~?!"


“In current English usage, “muse” can refer in general to a person who inspires.”

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Aqours as Battery Percentages
  • Yohane: 666% satan
  • Hanamaru: 0% doesn't own a phone
  • Ruby: 50% and an anxious mess
  • Riko: 63% Forgot to charge it last night
  • Dia: 100% Charged it last night
  • Mari: 69%
  • Kanan: Broke her phone while diving
Muse's Winter Homework
  • Umi: Finished her homework on the first day of break, is currently yelling at Honoka to focus while
  • Kotori: Makes snacks for Honoka and Umi, she's halfway done with her work and is trying to ignore-
  • Honoka: Who is begging Kotori to save her from Umi's wrath, it isn't working.
  • Maki: She completed her work and is enjoying a quiet night at home until-
  • Hanayo: Calls Maki with a loud "DAREKE TASUKETE!!" because despite her having the majority of her work done she's struggling with-
  • Rin: Who won't stop nyaing all over the place and just focus, but she does not want Maki to show up and scold her!
  • Eli: Is exactly what you would expect out of a Student Council President, finished and organized, she's doing her best to cheer on-
  • Nico: Who has nothing done but tells Eli she's going to turn in her winning smile instead! Eli is unconvinced, meanwhile-
  • Nozomi: Is hosting what has turned into a giant Muse homework party, she's making tea for everyone at the loud study session and is so happy that they all found each other, and that even though she lives alone her home is full of family and love.