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Mark Hadlow said that Dori hogs the bathroom to do his hair and beard, and poor Nori and Ori are not allowed in until he’s completely done. He also redoes the whole style if it isn’t perfect.

(The real reason Nori left home was that he just didn’t want to deal with bathroom schedules)


Elaborate and Sweet

Title: Elaborate and Sweet

 Summary: When Dwalin and you get in a huge fight, things are said, feelings are hurt, love is questioned…until he makes an elaborate and sweet apology that sets everything right.  

 Warnings: Mild Language. Angst. Fluff.  Arguments.  

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You loved Dwalin, you really did, with all of your heart.  He was strong, courageous, and such a sweetie.  No one who didn’t know him personally wouldn’t have guessed that, but it was true.  When he had a moment alone with you he would just pull you into his arms and lavish you with kisses and praise.  You loved the little moments like that.


But Dwalin was also stubborn, pig-headed, prideful side, and also had a short fuse.  It was a very volatile combination.  You knew this, ever since you had met him on the journey.  You learned it first hand in fact as he was stubborn and pissy about you, a human girl, joining their company to reclaim Erebor.

But all that had worked out.  You were skilled in fighting and healing, was quick to prove your worth, and around the time you all got to Beorn’s, had won over Dwalin’s heart.  That was a night you liked to re-visit when you and Dwalin had your little spats or arguments, remembering how gentle he was, how all his walls came tumbling down as he bared his heart to you, how he kissed you when you both admitted your love for each other…

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Bofur Bear

Title: Bofur Bear

 Summary: Bofur is a happy dwarf, never has an unkind thing to say about anyone.  He always has a smile on his face, and brightens your day.  But when you try to do something sweet for him, and an accident occurs, you see the angry side of Bofur when an argument ensues, threatening the meaning of your good intentions.

 Warnings: Argument. Angst. Mild Language.

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Oh no!  What were you going to do?!  You looked down at the tools in your hand, all shining beautifully in the moonlight, except one.  It seemed that once you realized the small chip in the blade, it seemed to lose its shine.  It was a small nick, but it didn’t matter.  How could you have been so careless?  

You sighed as you looked up to Nori.  He had quickly become like a best friend to you, offering some advice and smiles as you tried to find your way in this strange world.  “Please, Nori…tell me you can fix it.”  You could feel the tears prickling your eyes as you begged and pleaded, hoping dwarves were as crafty as they all claimed to be with metals.

“I promised I wouldn’t lie to you…we would need a forge to fix it.”

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Defending Nori

Title: Defending Nori

 Summary: Dori freaks out on Nori when he finds out he stole some things from Rivendell, so you decide to put an end to it.  

 Warnings: Confrontation. Language. Slight Angst.

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“Why?!  Why would you do that! You don’t need it, you can’t sell it, so why?!”  Dori’s voice echoed around the area as he screamed at his brother.  His face was turning an interesting shade of purple and red as he tried to reign himself in, and by the shaking of his hands, he wasn’t doing a good job of it.

It was only a beats of silence, granting hope to all around that it was over, but that wasn’t the case.  It was just Dori taking a breath before he started up again.  “You could have gotten someone killed!  Those goblins thought we were in league with the elves because of your sticky fingers!”  

Your eyes shifted from avoiding the whole sight to fixing on Nori.  He always had an air of indifference around him, as if the world could end and it wouldn’t have bothered him none.  But it was gone, swept up by the ranging storm that was hurricane Dori.  You could only watch as you best friend lowered his eyes, staring at the ground as he took his elder brother’s verbal beating.

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