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I have so much headcanon building around the dwarves…

Their books would of course have more metal elements. I  picture Ori making his sketchbooks, using thread borrowed from Dori to stitch the binding, and Nori slipping his little brother scraps of precious metal unlawfully obtained from other forges. Once they reclaim Erebor he starts restoring the library with the skills he used, and of course Bella is quite interested and does her best to help.

Oh, for… I just blocked a ton of people who kept insisting that Jalec was incest and they were calling both the pairing and the people who ship it disgusting. 

Jalec is not and never was and never will be incest! When the Lightwoods took Jace in, he was 10, Alec 11/12, they were both old enough to have established social bonds and boundaries. Also, the Lightwoods took him in, they fostered him as is the Shadowhunter custom, they did not adopt him and Jace kept the name he thought he was born with - Wayland. Even Izzy says on the show that he’s “like her brother” not that he is her brother. Until S2, Alec has never called Jace his brother and the fact that he’s doing it now, is simply him moving on and locking his feelings into a socially acceptable box - let’s not forget that Jace is his parabatai, too, loving him romantically could get Alec exiled!

Jace Wayland is as much Alec Lightwood’s brother as Barry A!len is !ris West’s brother, even their backgrounds are almost identical. Why is the former seen as disgusting and the latter as progressive on Tubmlr? 

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Finally got around to finishing @loves-snotlout‘s request for Nori fighting in the BoFA with his bestest bros at his side.  I don’t usually take on such complex requests, but this felt like an excellent opportunity to test my abilities.

On a side note, Weta dropped the ball on the last art book.  Dori was the only dwarf to not get a full photo of his complete final battle armor.  I had to get reference from movie screen caps, and even then I never found a clear shot of his shoes, so those are kind of made up. If anyone has a good image of Dori’s shoes, please let me know.  I love collecting reference images for these characters ^_^


We finally got the DVD from Hobbitcon, which means we can finally show you our Moria skit! We had a lot of fun doing this, and were so happy that it was so well-received (and by that I mean the amount of “how dare you"s we got afterwards xD)

Nori is @aviva0017 and Ori is @theriza


“We said we would tell each other everything.”

Emergency Lie

Title: Emergency Lie

 Summary: As a member of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, it is your duty to protect your leader and king.  That duty never ended, even after Erebor was reclaimed and Thorin crowned king.  You just never thought you would have had to protect him at a dance party.  

 Warnings: Little white lies. Fluff.  

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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You took a deep breath and let out a happy sigh as you watched the number of dwarves and men and elves dance around in the great hall of Erebor.  It had been a few months since Erebor was reclaimed, since the Battle of Five Armies.  Thorin was crowned king, Fili crowned prince.  Kili and his elf maid were in a very entertaining courtship, seeing how it drove Thorin mad at times.  

All the other company you had traveled with were around.  Oin and Gloin were at one table, chatting with Gloin’s wife.  The Ri brothers were all dancing about, as were the Ur brothers.  Dwalin and Balin sat at the head table with Thorin and some other members of counsel and family.  And you, the human they picked up during their travels was off in a corner, observing the festivities.  

It was by a sheer stroke of fate that you stumbled across the company while they traveled towards Rivendell.  You were a wanderer, looking for a place to call home, when you fell in with them. Friendships were formed quickly, and you were soon a true member of the company.  And when the mountain was reclaimed, you were granted a home here, in the royal wing, no less!  Sure, it was odd being the only human in permanent residence, but everyone soon took to you. They called you the tall warrior, even if you were only a few inches taller than everyone else.  So here, you were, in your home, enjoying the celebration.

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Ori was out of his sickbed as soon as Óin gave him permission, though a racking cough continued to plague him. He immediately began to help Nori with relearning to walk. The former thief was sullen as he clattered about their rooms. With each of his arms looped over the shoulders of his brothers, he winced and cursed with every rattling step until finally he roared with anger and resentment. Ori stood his ground, all his shyness and uncertainty burned away in the fires of battle. He faced his brother’s rage calmly until Nori had exhausted himself, and then helped him back to his chair. Dori made pot of tea after pot of tea, lips white and stiff, before carefully plaiting the drained and silent Nori’s red-brown hair back into its elaborate braids. Then the Brothers Ri held onto Nori’s hands tightly until he felt able to cry.

-Sansûkh, Chapter 3 (by @determamfidd)

So I drew this a really super long time ago?  I think it was legitimately the first sketch I did in the fandom, over a year ago now.  I’ve kept trying to color or shade it and just hated it every time, so I figure it’s time to just post it and move on to arting other things. ;p This was one of my favorite moments of really early Sansûkh, and possibly my first case of Ri brothers feels (the first of so many XD). Presumably Dori is off making yet another pot of tea (since my paper was too small).  Also, I remembered that the leg was supposedly made by Bofur, so it has his sigil on it as a maker’s mark.