the 'not literally' and his laugh

All Of Dan’s Laughs

Laugh 1: That little giggle. The soft, squeaky giggle that he makes when there’s an awkward moment or a quiet one in a liveshow and sounds like, “eeheehee” and “euheuheuh”

Laugh 2: The giggles that come after Phil says or does something spork-like and he sounds very fond and in love

Laugh 3: Dan’s funny moment laugh. If they’re on the gaming channel and suddenly something funny happens, that ridiculous loud laugh emerges and he sounds so happy

Laugh 4: The laugh where he’s trying to talk at the same time, but he gets high pitched and squeaky and he keeps giggling while trying to say what he wants to say

Laugh 5: That laugh. You know what I’m talking about. His loud, obnoxiously cute hyena laugh. The one that we literally can’t help but smile when it comes and even giggle cause it’s so contagious

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can you write about y/n finally getting to wear more comfy and warm clothing since it's fall and not blazing hot anymore, and ethan finding it adorable and literally being obsessed with her

“Hey, E?”

A disgruntled grumble followed by a bone cracking stretch jostled your figure a bit. Sweet brown eyes blinked tiredly in your direction, the hand that was tucked tiredly around your waist now moving to trail up the small of your back. Ethan’s fingers danced across your spine over the top of your sweater, head falling endearingly against the couch cushion. “Hmm?”

“You look cute.”

Ethan quirked an eyebrow. The smallest of smiles graced his lips as a pink tinge elicited to the high rise of his cheekbones. “Do I?”

With a small laugh, you nodded. “I love this-” lightly, you tucked on the midsection of his grey and black knit sweater, “-a lot.”

“I love you a lot.”

“You’re gross.”

“I’m tired,” He countered. He squinted up at you, thick eyelashes casting gentle shadows across his cheeks as he did so. “Besides, you in sweaters? The cutest.”

You rolled your eyes, situating yourself so that you were half laying across Ethan. The sleeve of your sweater fell loosely across your knuckles, drawing the material to scratch slightly against your cheek as you tucked it to your hand. “You’re still gross.”

“One question though,” Ethan’s dark irises again become prevalent as he peered down at you. You didn’t have time to verbally articulate an inquiry until his fingers were tugging on your hand, drawing it into his palm. “Where are your hands?”

“What are you talking about?” You laughed. You craned your neck to watch as he absently toyed with the ends of your fingertips as they crooked over the sleeve. Pointedly, you wriggled your fingers.

He smothered your fingers in his own, hiking your sweater up across your wrist in the process. “Your sweater is covering them. Are you cold?”

“No,” You laughed. Within his grasp, you managed to release the clench of your fist so that your palm laid flat against his own. “Just habit. Sweater paws are cute.”

“I’m not disagreeing with that statement,” Ethan bent his fingers so that they slipped into the spaces between your own. “Just making sure you aren’t cold. Seeing as we’re inside, wearing fall clothing, covered up by a blanket.”

You shrugged, releasing your grip on his hand to dip your fingers underneath the collar of his sweater. There, you pressed your palm flat against his bare collarbone. “I don’t know. Do my hands feel cold?”

His eyes widened immediately, the stark contrast of body temperature drawing any former fatigue from him. His torso bent at the waist, moving both of you to a crunched sitting position as he grasped your wrist, drawing your hand away form him. “Why are your hands so cold?” He cried ludicrously, staring at your relaxed digits as if they would turn blue any second. “Are you a reptile or something?”

You supported yourself on your elbow, drawing the loose hanging fabric of your sweater back across your knuckle. “That’s why I keep my sweater paws.” 

Ethan was silent as his eyes drew slowly across your facial features, to your hands, and back up. A slight shake of his head tousled his messy dark tendrils across his forehead. “They’re ridiculously cute, too. You can keep them.”

You emoted a playful glare, “Right. Thanks for the permission.”

“You’re welcome,” He grinned. With a full bodied movement, he grasped both of your wrists, drawing your hands against his chest as he dramatically fell back against the couch cushions. “Now that we’ve settled that you’re cuter, can we go back to sleep?”

I’m laughing because Destiel has never been more existent and alive than since Jensen said his famous phrase that the BronLol keep quoting at every turn.
Since that sentence we’ve had:
All the angst and grief and a totally hopeless and devastated Dean over the loss of Cas’ to the point of chosing to stay dead.
Dean canonically saying that Cas is his big win.
And i can go on and on.
I literally can’t wait for Jensen to make a new assertion like this because I strongly believe that the next time Jensen will make this kind of statement, Destiel will go downright canon.
just remember that you heard it here folks.

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"A little hanky panky?" Ladynoir

“A little hanky panky?” Chat Noir grinned.

“What in the world is hanky panky?” Ladybug laughed. “I’m pretty sure you just made that up.”

“I did not! It’s a real thing, my Lady.”

“Uh-huh. Use it in a sentence.”

“DId you hear about the hanky panky between Ladybug and Chat Noir?”

She frowned. “I have literally learned nothing from that.”

“Chat Noir and Ladybug are all about the hanky panky,” he offered.


He smirked. “The heroes of Paris snuck off to a quiet corner of the city for a little hanky panky,” he said, eyebrows waggling beneath his mask.

Ladybug opened her mouth and then snapped it shut, eyes narrowing even as her cheeks began to burn. 

“I’m guessing you have an idea now,” he teased.

“You have to the count of three,” she said calmly.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m giving you to the count of three to get a head start and then I will show you the new meaning of hanky panky,” she growled. “And something tells me you won’t find it nearly as funny, Chaton.”

“You’ve got kind of a crazy look going on in your eyes, my Lady,” Chat Noir commented, taking a step back.


“It was just a silly joke. It’s not like I go around actually telling people we’re all about the hanky panky.”


Chat Noir’s eyes widened and he took a few steps back before turning and racing across the rooftop.

“Three,” Ladybug grinned, running after him. 

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Some Lily and Marauders Headcannons

James Henry Potter: His middle name is Henry, because Fleamont spent his childhood fighting people who took the piss out of him for being named Fleamont, and he figured he’d done his mother enough of a service by bearing the name himself. No need to put it on another child – his father’s name, Henry, fits nicely with James, anyway. James is cocky because his parents think he’s a literal miracle and have spoiled him terribly (not to mention he’s rich, talented, and good-looking), but he is a genuinely sweet child. A bit of a mother hen in his teen years – gives good advice, makes sure people eat, tries to make them laugh when they’re down. He tutors the lower students in Transfiguration. McGonagall made him do it once for detention, and not only is he brilliant at it, he loves doing it. So he continues that during the rest of his time at Hogwarts, but doesn’t really tell anyone except his best mates (Lily is secretly impressed when she finds out). Probably would’ve become a professor, but for the war.

Lily Evans: Gives the best hugs. Former footballer turned massive Quidditch fan. Works really hard in school in her early years at Hogwarts because she’s worried that being Muggle-born means she’s an inferior witch, but her confidence grows as time goes on and she realizes she’s really, really good at this. Rolls her eyes a lot to cover the fact that she actually finds Potter hilarious. She thinks of Petunia often. Is a bit of an artist, and likes to make doodles of her friends or outfits she’d like to wear. Is terrible at baking, and it frustrates her to no end, because she’s brilliant at potions, and shouldn’t it be the same thing? Mixing and chemistry, and the like? But her cakes never rise properly and she hates it. Lily takes a while to let people in, but once you’re in, she loves hard and doesn’t let go.

Peter Pettigrew: Unlike Lily, Pete is an excellent baker. He always bakes for people’s birthdays, even people other than the Marauders. In fact, in general he’s incredibly thoughtful and gives really good gifts. Loves the onset of the disco era, because platform boots give him a much-desired height boost. Looks terrible in bell bottoms, though. Sings like an angel, but he’s super shy about it until James encourages him to show off his talent. Likes small animals. His mother is extremely overprotective, and it’s part of why his self-confidence is low. Lives in perpetual fear that the other Marauders will one day realize he’s not as cool as they are and will banish him from their company. Doesn’t fully realize this is a brotherhood, and they would never.

Sirius Black: Drinks Muggle whiskey. Loves Queen. Is convinced Freddie Mercury is a god or, more likely, a wizard. Took up knitting on a whim during sixth year and really enjoys it. He’s very good at it, too, because he’s good at nearly everything he gets a mind to try. Insomniac. Prone to nightmares about his parents’ house. Has scars he prefers not to talk about, and others he’s crazy proud of. Shares just about everything with James (but comes out to Lily first). Is more guarded with Remus because, long before he realizes why, it’s really important to him that Remus sees him as cool and strong and together. But often, he thinks he’s barely holding it together at all. Stronger than he realizes. And unbelievably, uncompromisingly loyal.

Remus Lupin: Super snarky. Sometimes, when the others are plotting, he and Lily just sit together off to one side making snide comments about the lot of them. Still, when it comes down to it, Remus is game for basically whatever they’ve cooked up. Can nap anywhere. Pretends to find small children annoying but is great with them (think Steve in Stranger Things 2!). Briefly tried to become a vegetarian because his own growing cravings for red meat were repulsive to him. Was Sirius that convinced him a strong appetite for meat is perfectly healthy 😉(sorry! It was right there, and Sirius does love a pun). Is an introvert, and needs more alone time than Sirius and James (who literally want to be up under each other and everyone else at all times). Wishes they appreciated that even when he’s alone he’s not lonely anymore, and that is a huge thing.

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Where did you watch super junior’s SNL with English subs? I can’t find the full episode

Well the ones I’ve been watching were uploaded on YouTube but I doubt they’d post the whole episode w cc 

But here’s some more clips……..some might not have English subs but hey you’ll be dying anyways lmao

((his moaning I literally kenNOT^))

“It’s good to see you smile,” Sam says. Like, literally says. Those are the actual words that come out of his mouth. Like some sap from an old black-and-white romance.

Now, normally, Dean would tease the shit out of his little brother for a sentence that schmaltzy, but Sam’s clearly got something reserved and hesitant between his teeth, so he lets it go. “Well, I said I needed a big win,” Dean answers honestly. “We got Cas back. That’s a pretty damn big win.”

Sam doesn’t react the way he’s supposed to. Dean expects a smile, maybe even a rueful laugh. Not his brother sucking in a clumsy breath and darting his eyes away. “Yeah,” he directs at the floor, turning away from Dean to fiddle with the closet. “Fair enough.” He shuts the folding doors with an odd sense of finality and just stands there for a second, looking awkward as shit with no reason not to turn around.

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  • Kian’s older brother - 22 - Naval Officer!
  • Not a witch! (but just because he doesn’t have powers doesn’t mean he’s powerless!
  • The type of brother to support you no matter your choices and then stick up for you later if they’re bad ones. 
  • Always smiling (& his family doesn’t know how he does it). 
  • Used to stay up at night with Kian a lot when they were kids. 
  • Everyone writes to him! & he cherishes all of the letters he receives. He reads them when he’s feeling homesick. 
  • If the twins got into fights, he’d literally just scoop them up and tell them to get along (while laughing the entire time). 
  • Thick-skinned, but if anyone says anything bad about him, they’ll have to deal with the three little gremlins (aka Kian, Kennedy & Emani). 
  • Will give everyone piggyback rides. Everyone
  • Absolutely melts if you compliment him. 
  • Has a habit of affectionately ruffling everyone’s hair. 
  • Pretty much everyone’s big brother, okay. Need a bro? Congrats, you’ve got Ant. 

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HC: Anti loves cuddling. If he gets close to someone emotionally he will literally lay his head in their lap and wrap his arms around their waist, keeping them from leaving him. He just nuzzles into their belly and laughs if they do because of them being ticklish there. If they are he continues nuzzling into their belly, laughing as they try to squirm away from him.

This is so cute

The non profit was back today, and they had a videographer there to record a cyber bullying PSA with the kids.

It was…a cluster fuck. They had a part in their “script” where a facilitator (the dude is literally a wannabe actor ) was telling them a kid attempted to take his life, and a student yelled out “WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK” while recording and the videographer, a chill young dude, was just like “yeahhh we can say ‘hell’ but not 'fuck’” and I had to laugh.

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if the st and it kids met, bill and lucas would fall in luv! beverly and lucas are good friends and practice aiming sling shots together! so bill and lucas wouldn’t even recognize their feelings for each other, but he would spot a cool bandana at the store when his mom took him school shopping and he would spend his piggy bank change on it to gift to lucas. and they were always find themselves inching closer during movie marathons with their friends?

OH SINBROUGH … that’s a concept and a half! bev and Lucas would literally be best friends, they’d set up bottles at the junkyard and just shoot them with their slingshots, and laugh and have a fun time, and then bill would come with them one day and he’d sit right next to Lucas and he stutters like ‘y-you’re so cool’ and Lucas looks down and blushes and he’s like ‘thanks bill, you’re not so bad yourself’ and he gently punches him in the arm. And Lucas would tell bill his favorite color when they’re watching some weird ass monster movie, and he’d get him that exact color at the store and give it to him as a gift and fucking ,,, Lucas would break out his sunshine boy smile and grab his hand, and be like ‘we should have a race, winner can ask the loser to do anything he wants’ and bills just like oh crap he doesn’t know silver can beat the devil, does he? And then bill beats him and bills like … uhhhh would the loser want to kiss the winner for a job well done or are kisses out of the deal but obviously he’s stuttering and stammering and looking down at the ground cause he’s shy around Lucas .., cause like that boy is the coolest kid he’s ever met. Lucas just grins and he moves closer and is like ‘I don’t think the loser would hate that too much’ he jokes and they share a rlly soft sweet kiss ad BYE IM YELLING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGHSHHXNDKS


Cast Reveal #1 (and a sneaky #2)! 

Introducing Caleb Kelson (left) and Tate Foshay (right) as Charlie and Kevin Bartley, respectively. 

About Tate: Tate began acting at the age of 10 when he was cast as Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Tate loves anything music or theater related. He has just completed 8 years of piano and is now enjoying private voice lessons at Generations Arts Academy.  Most recently, Tate played the role of Harvey Johnson in a production of Bye Bye Birdie (Generations Theatre Company). 

About Caleb: Caleb began acting as soon as he came out of the womb - he burst out with a flourish and a bow. He is the drum major for his high school marching band, was in Bye Bye Birdie with Tate, and loves making people laugh. In the words of Caleb, he is “literally fake - his whole life is a facade”.

About the Bartley brothers: Charlie and Kevin are the oldest Bartley children, and even though they are twins, they don’t necessarily get along. When their cousin Janny moves in with them, it forces them to reexamine their relationships with their sister, their parents, Janny, and each other. 

See them in December for the beginning of Janny’s Diary! Exact date is yet to be announced. 

Follow the hashtag #JannysDiary to keep up on updates and episodes. 

Listening to my friend gush about his newborn daughter is the craziest thing cuz he used to be so robot-like and impervious to cute things (literally he works all the time on projects and laughs at the notion of sleep) and now he’s like showing me pictures of her and talking about how she’ll only sleep when he’s handling her and saying she did the “cutest thing” today and it’s fucking adorable

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i can't believe his fucking friends. he was dying and they were laughing and making jokes. bexey said he was snoring when he was literally in his last fucking moments dying. my heart is so broken right now, he deserved so much more from life. holy shit.

I KNOW. im so upset. I cant believe they were livestreaming while he was dead RIGHT in front of them. Fake friends aint shit


I will never, ever, ever get tired of ONE turning shonen expectations on their heads. I love the way the two panels on the left set everything up for a giant go-all-out battle of psychic powers between Shimazaki and Mob… 

…and then the next few panels have Reigen just walking straight up to Shimazaki and punching him right in the fucking face. 

And the only way he could do it, was because he doesn’t have any psychic powers at all.