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my son ringing that @tatargets steel with some 22lr. good range day.
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OK so I’m in the USA right and so I decided what better way to experience some real MERICAN culture than to go to a fucking GUN STORE and oh wow guns are so… intimidating to be near… I was looking at the handguns and the guy behind the counter goes “so which ones would you like to hold?” and I’m like “I can touch them?” So he hands me a semi-automatic and I’m just so uncomfortable holding it. Exhibit A:

I asked what you’d use it for and he said “whatever you want.” The idea being to stop a tyrannical government but what about before that happens? Who knows! But their motto was you needed 4 guns: handgun for personal safety, shotgun to protect home (doesn’t the handgun do that too?), rifle for putting food on the table (he also gave me a handgun and said you could hunt with it so, again, handgun does that too sometimes?), and then the semi-automatic for fun/fighting tyranny. I held them so awkwardly. They’re heavy but…. not AS heavy as I anticipated? So weird.

So yeah. MERICA. That’s what my adventures into rural America have been thus far. Next time I’m going to go see some horses and maybe if I’m (un)lucky I’ll see some genuine red blooded American nazis.

Guys. I’m still not over this. The way Jack says “Where’s my confetti??” I’m dying. And Chucky and Larks both looking good, too. This off-season has been brutal in so many ways. (xxx)