the 'i washed it' and the pose

the butt of my pajama pants are pink now because I wore red briefs that weren’t quite dry from the wash with them, and  normally I wouldn’t have minded bc hey, I like pink, but…….. it’s on me bum mate…………what am I s’posed ta do with tha’??

The story behind the dishes picture dated March 1975.

“The Year was 1974. I was an elementary school teacher who had temporarily left my teaching career to return to the University of Utah to earn a Master of Education Degree. I began attending church in a “student branch” (a congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, comprised of unmarried college students.)  It was there that I met four young men who shared an apartment not far from my home : Wynn Bartholomew, John Homer, Larry Anderson, and Barry Kraus. Wynn was attending law school at the University of Utah. The apartment where these four men lived was quite large, and became the “social center” or “gathering place” for many of the members of our branch : We went there often for parties.

John Homer and Larry Anderson were “stake missionaries” at the time. One day Wynn told John and Larry about a student at the Law School who was possibly a potential convert and who might be interested in having religious discussions with them; his name was Ted Bundy. John and Larry began giving religious lessons to Ted at their apartment. They invited Ted to come to church and meet the rest of the congregation;  Ted was always invited to the apartment for social gatherings as well.

Eventually Ted committed to being baptized. Many members of the student branch attended the baptism to show their support. Our branch president, Michael Preece, interviewed Ted prior to baptism… John Homer performed the baptism and his missionary companion, Larry Anderson, pronounced the confirmation. Little did anyone know what dark secrets Ted was hiding!

The ratio of women to men in our student branch was about 4 to 1, so new men coming to our branch were always of interest, and Ted was no exception. He was polite, courteous, intelligent, and attractive. Many of the young women wanted to date Ted; he became quite popular in our group. Ted attended some of our social gatherings, and afterwards, Wynn remembered that to him, Ted seemed quiet and mysterious; at social gatherings he would sit in the background and just watch people silently.

In March 1975, I organized a birthday party for one of our branch members, Sam Green; the party was held at Wynn’s apartment. I was busy washing dishes when Ted walked over and stood beside me. “You look like you could use some help” he offered. I was flattered that he would notice me, and hoped that perhaps he would ask me out on a date. My camera was sitting nearby, and I handed it to Wynn and asked, “Wynn, take my picture with Ted!” Ted pointed a rinsing gun at me as we posed together. It was one of the few pictures taken of Ted outside a courtroom or jail.” - Carol Hall Bartholomew

Tales of Miss Fortune (Part 4)

Welp, everybody ready for Ladrien? Also, excuse y lack of talent when it comes to fighting scenes descriptions

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Adrien sighed as he typed away some report. Alright, so they got the best wool from the Vucana sheep, the national animal of Chile. No, Peru. Yeah, the national animal of Peru. Wait… why did he write down about the origin of their wool stocks when he was working on a report about the perfume line? Adrien squinted at his screen, obviously looking for a reason why he was being an idiot when someone cleared their throat. Adrien glanced up, to see Marinette giving him a dotting look, her arms crossed over her chest while she tapped her foot impatiently on the floor. Adrien gulped, making himself small in his chair. One may think he had no reason to be scared of his assistant. Well, those people obviously never met Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Adrien couldn’t even care less she was 30 centimeters shorter than him, she was terrifying. She had a glare that could unleash the apocalypse and he saw her arguing with someone and he was pretty sure that person pissed their pants at the sight of angry Marinette. Also, Adrien saw her running in stilettos without a trouble which only made her more terrifying. Who can run in stilettos without some dark magic going on? So yeah, you could bet your ass Adrien was cowering in fear at the sight of an obviously annoyed Marinette.

“Can… can I help you?” he asked in a small voice, trying to give her his best kitty eyes and somehow soften her.

“All the paperwork you sent to me to forward had mistakes in it. In the last report that is referring to the new shoe collection, you said there should be an increase in cashmere use.”

Adrien opened his mouth to argue, but closed it back just as fast. Honestly, it didn’t seem so far-fetched, given his state lately, but he still had so much to work on. “I’ll be more careful.” he promised only to flinch as Marinette closed the lid of his laptop a little bit too forcefully.

Adrien gulped as she lifted him off the chair by the tie. “Where are we going?” in all honesty, he hoped the answer wasn’t ‘your death’ or something similar. Or… you know, actually, he was going to enough of a young adulthood crisis to enjoy being caressed by the sweet touch of death.

“To the gym.” she said shortly, before dragging him towards the elevator.

Now, you may wonder, why would the headquarters of a fashion empire have a gym. The answer: his father had to be extra™ while working on the plans of the building.They also had a pool, a jacuzzi, and a mini spa.

Well, Marinette was right, exercising did help with stress relief. And stretching his muscles really came as a good distraction from all the work. From both jobs.

“Hey, Adrien.” he turned around to find Marinette leaning against the ropes of the boxing ring. “Wanna spar?”

Adrien considered his options for a second before nodding and joining her in the ring. As the sparing began, he couldn’t help but notice that Marinette was having good moves and defensives stances. She probably had some martial arts training, but Adrien still referred to no go full force on her. She might have training, but he was a part-time superhero. It just didn’t seem fair to go to hard on her when there were criminals that he didn’t go hard on because it wasn’t necessary. He moved fastly, trying to give a blow to her left, but in a blink of an eye, he found himself on his back, staring at the ceiling in surprise. Marinette moved forward blocking his view while her hands were holding his shoulder and neck securely.

Her lips curled in a cocky smirk. “Don’t go easy on me, sir.”

“As you wish.” Adrien declared after a couple of seconds.

Getting back on their feet, they began to spar again.

Marinette had the first round in the bag. It started pretty normally, they both focused more on hand to hand combat. Left, block, upper right, dodge, spin and low blow, move out of the way. Adrien was all too familiar with this dance. But honestly, he wanted to kick himself for making such an amateurish move to leave his feet unprotected. Marinette took advantage of that to knock him over. He was about to try to roll her over, when she secured his hands in an almost painful grip above his head while she was squeezing his hips with her thighs.

(Which he was entirely not enjoying, the same way he wasn’t enjoying her position on his crotch. No, sir, he was entirely professional.)

“I win.” Marinette declared in an almost bored tone, as of kicking his ass was a daily occurrence, very much like washing the dishes.

The second round was his. The fighting had been much more intense and it seemed both him and Marinette weren’t pulling their punches anymore. And he came to the conclusion he won’t ever get Marinette angry. She was ridiculously strong, flexible and had great stamina, given the sparing was going intensely for around fifteen minutes. Adrien had half a mind to suggest her to become a superhero. It was by pure luck, he caught her in a less favorable pose. He managed to get her hands in a lock, pulling her back against him, while he keept her hands seized by his side, his feet moving to block hers from kicking him over. They were both breathing heavily and Adrien took a couple of seconds to enjoy the sweet victory. But just when he was about to declare it, Marinette giggled.

“Are you trying to seduce me so you can win?” she teased in a voice that seemed oddly familiar, obviously referring. “Because two can play that game, sir.”

Adrien tried to keep from gasping as she rolled her backside against him. It just crashed on Adrien that they were in an awfully intimate position, her back to his chest, their limbs tangled together and their breaths still heavy. Adrien let go of her fastly, for the sake of saving whatever appearances were left (for whom… he wasn’t sure).

“That doesn’t work on me. You have no idea what I’ve been through.” he muttered darkly. “Round three!” he shouted without noticing the huge smirk playing on her lips as if she knew exactly what he’s been through.

In all honesty, Adrien had absolutely no idea what the hell happened in round three. But somehow he found himself on top of Marinette, his forearm against her throat, keeping her in place. Their chests were heaving against each other and they could feel the other’s ragged breath on their faces. And there was something in Marinette’s eyes, a fire that he couldn’t quite describe. Not that he had time to linger on it, because Marinette took advantage of his stillness to grab his arm and throw him over her head and right on his back. Fucking hell, she was strong! He didn’t even get a chance to think about what he should do next before he felt a pair of strong thighs wrapping around his head and neck. He felt like choking and it wasn’t because of the lack of air. By all means, if he will die, death by being strangled by Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s wonderfully muscled thighs was a fantastic way to go. But that wasn’t his main problem right now. No, his main problem was caused because of his heightened senses caused by the cat miraculous influence. He could smell things people couldn’t. And in that moment he was smelling arousal. And it smelled so sweet it made his mouth almost water. God, he wanted a taste of it. And just when he seemed to be left without any air, Marinette freed him. Not that it helped too much. Not when he was still laying in between her spread legs, not while her bare abs were glistening with sweat and certainly not when here hair was a wild mess, falling in her eyes as she parted those pink lips of hers. Oh, fuck.

“Are you alright? You look positively starved,” she stated, tilting her head almost innocently. “And you are awfully red.”

Adrien gathered himself and got on his feet as fast as possible, turning away from her. “It is because of the workout!” he argued.

He didn’t notice the way Marinette licked her lips, as if she just got some wonderful juice from which she intended to savor every drop.

Adrien hated himself. And his cat tendencies. No, wait. Tomcat tendencies. God, he couldn’t believe that thing crossed his mind. And towards Marinette! Hell knows what she must think of him. Adrien wanted to scream at the thought of losing his only current friend. She didn’t react badly after the whole incident, not even when they went back to the office. The things seemed as they always were. But something still felt off.

And as if it was magic, an alarm from a store began wheezing just then. Nudging his pocket to wake up Plagg, Adrien slipped in an ally. God, a superhero can’t even go grocery shopping without something happening. Just when he was about to call his transformation, a sweet voice interrupted him.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
Adrien’s eyes were close to bugging out of his head at the sight of her jumping in the alley and walking towards him slowly.

“Miss Fortune.” he gasped.

“Oh, “ she put a hand over her heart. “So you know me.”

Adrien knew her personally, but he was sure the rest of Paris knew how she looked too. He began, to retreat slowly, only for his back to hit the wall.

“Lucky thing, “ she walked slowly towards him. “I know who you are too.”

For a second, he felt his blood run cold at the thought of her knowing his secret identity. But these worries were vanquished a second later when she stated. “You are Adrien Agreste. The model. You are even more handsome up close.”

Adrien was flabbergasted when she began running a hand through his hair, playing with it, before she slid her fingers down, caressing his cheek. She sighed dreamily. “Why do I always fall for the beautiful blondes? It is almost like I have a type.”

Huh, handsome blondes? Who was she talking about?

Coming even closer, she leaned against him, playing with the collar of his shirt. “So Adrien, given my kitten is so adamant about not kissing me, what about you? Would you like a taste of sweetness?”

Adrien gulped, as sh leaned closer, tilting her head. And her lips were really tempting, they had always been, so full and pink and he truly wanted a try. But there was a voice in the back of his mind screaming about morals and how kissing criminals wasn’t a superhero’s business. Looking aside, Adrien shook his head. “I’m not kissing thieves.”

“Oh, “ if he wouldn’t know better he could have sworn she sounded disappointed. Adrien noticed her expression dropped, before regaining her flirty demeanor back fastly. “well, if you ever change your mind… “

She kissed her index finger before tapping his nose with it, while leaning in awfully close and staring at him with those startling blue eyes. “… you just have to call my name, and I’ll make sure you won’t need anything else sweet ever again.”

Turning on her heels, she took a few steps with a swing in her hips. “Until then, au revoir pretty little thing.”

And with that, she threw her yoyo up disappearing in the night and leaving a flabbergasted Adrien Agreste against a wall in the alley.

sweet words
  • Victor: Yuuuuuri?
  • Yuuri: *sighs* yes, Vitya?
  • Victor: did I mention today how happy I am to have you...
  • Yuuri: mhm
  • Victor: and did I tell you...
  • Yuuri: yes, you told me how beautiful I look today, that I'm your life and love, that my body creates music, that I'm "golden" boyfriend, how my eyes sparkle today and how you'd fly to Japan anytime again to meet me, that I'm the best fiance on Earth and that even Makkachin doesn't love me as much as you do
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: and what about
  • Yuuri: yes, I know that you love me more than any katsudon and you're still doing dish washing today, sorry
  • Victor: *heartbroken*
  • Victor: *dramatic posing* how one has to suffer for love
Sandy-Sims Update!

Hiatus: 9/04/17-25/04/17

Yes, yes, as some of you already know, today is the beginning of my hiatus! Me and my boyfriend are going to Florida for two weeks, starting today! I’m v excited, but also v I won’t be able to interact with you all very much! 😞 Anyway, I’ll be back before you know it! Here’s a little more information:

  • I have a Finding Marley post queued every 2/3 days 🙂
  • I have a few other little things queued for you all 🙂
  • I won’t be answering WCIF’s, because I won’t have access to my computer 😞
  • I will answer some asks if I have the time 🙂 
  • I’ll try to reply to any private messages I get, but no promises! 🙂
  • I’m going to try not to post too many personal holiday pictures on here, but heads up, y’all be getting atleast one!! 🙂

Blog Playlist 🎵

I have officially added the following to the playlist on my blog:

  • 4. Only the Wild Ones - Dispatch
  • 7. Wash Me Away - Old Sea Brigade
  • 9. Rust & Bone - Friends & Family 
  • 14. Killer Queen - Fil Bo Riva 
  • 17. Fletcher Bay - Harry Pane 

Pose Requests

I currently have 8 pose requests, that will all be put on hold until I get back:

  • DIY Family Portrait Pose Pack - anon
  • Casual Talking Pose Pack - @noonicorn
  • Big Height Difference Pose Pack - anon
  • Couple Sofa Pose Pack - anon
  • Children’s Couple Pose Pack - anon
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I’m going to miss you all so much, and I’m going to have a ton of catching up to do when I get back!! Don’t miss me too much !! love you all, g’bye for now!! 😉


At your 20th birthday, suddenly your grandfather got you a map of treasure. He said that is the MAP of the LOST HEART MARIA that consist a HUGE RED diamond with a heart shape that worth a HUGE FORTUNES. But now you’re in trouble, a pack of criminals called “THE PHANTOM OF SENGOKU” send you a letter that said they would like to steal that map and take that treasure, alone!. Felling hopeless, you tried to ask for help at the police but you didn’t expect that THE POLICE SQUAD are bunch of HANDSOME MEN!

Shingen Takeda as The “Passionate” Detective

Wow, just wow. That bulk and carefree guy is your detective that would like to ask you a lot of questions even it’s personal question like, “Do you find an older man attractive?” WTH! Of course you will, if it’s HIM! You always feel so easy around him eventhough sometimes he will act demanding but it’s okay because he always ready to protect you. He likes to call you “Kitten” and your first encounter will be like—

“Oh, you’re so tiny and cute like a kitten!”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t worry Kitten, Daddy-Tiger is ready to protect you at anycost!”

Kenshin Uesugi as The “Charming” Police Chief

Are you sure that charming and beauty man standing in front of yourself is a POLICE CHIEF? You shook you head for a while because you still haven’t believe it. Isn’t he is a model from Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss? But your insecurity washed away when you heard him talk like a professional with his coworkers. With the calm smile he reassure you that everything will be ok. Oh, he always has a smile that could calm your nerves.

“Don’t afraid, Flower. Everything will be okay.”

“But I’m so afraid that they will hurt me. I will not give this map to them. This is my last connection with him(your grandfather)”

“It’s okay. I will protect you and your treasure. . no matter what. I swear it!”


p.s traced the pose from famous haikyuu fanart any grammatical or tense error are due my mistake please ignore it. Thank you

Ten Years (Part 4)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,215

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating

A/N: I scrapped the original chapter four in favor of this one in which I went a bit overboard. Two more chapters to go, including this one, before the reunion. It’s trying to write itself, I can’t stop it. :) Also sorry if there are errors, I’m super sick rn.

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

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Misunderstandings [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: I love your blog! Can you write a Sebastian Smythe glee/ flash crossover where the reader and Barry are in the awkward “I want to date but I don’t want to break our friendship stage” phase and Sebastian somehow ends up in Central city and she confesses and he’s like “I’m gay” and then is really angry when she sees Barry kiss another girl. And then the team has to explain why there are two Barry’s?

a/n: i fuck-ing love seb seb /requests closed/

Okay, you can do this. Inhaling, you adjust your tight ruby red t-shirt, smoothing your hair. Barry shakes the packet of sugar, looking down at his coffee cup. Huh. He usually doesn’t add extra sugar…whatever. “Hey!” you say playfully, bumping his hip with a giggle. He raises an eyebrow a you. “So, I…’ve been thinking…. Would you wanna go out sometime?” you ask nervously.

A deep sigh escapes him and he leans his tight…really tight- god, how tight are those dark wash jeans?! When did Barry even get those?! Anyway, his hip leans against the counter, hand on his other…hip…okay, he looks really sassy; up straight in that pose. “Hate to break it to you sweetheart, I know I’m hot, but you aren’t really my… type.” he flashes a fake smile, returning to his coffee.

Aren’t really his ty- oh, hold up! You blink, fingers toying with the strap of your small brown purse. “Wait, wait, wait…” you shake your head, putting one of your hands up. Rolling his eyes, he glances back at you, snapping the lid on the coffee cup and holding it to his form fitting pale pink button down. “I’m not your type? But I…I thought…” you were into me.

“News flash, I’m gay!” he smirks, waving his free hand as he backs up, towards the door. Your mouth forms a ‘o’ shape in shock, heart practically shattering. “If you had a dick? Maybe. But, I don’t think you do,” he chuckles, saluting with two of his fingers, strutting out of Jitters.

You blink, unsure of what just happened. So, Barry’s gay; he’s been leading you on this entire time? Sucking in a breath, you stir your coffee, mapping a new course for home. S.T.A.R Labs can do without you for one day. You can’t face the speedster after that conversation.


What the actual fuck, Barry Allen? One minute he’s telling you he’s hella gay, then the next he’s mackin’ on Patty! Your face goes red, fists tightening at the sides of your light blue jeans. After he pulls away, he mutters something to her, shaking his head while he steps back. She swallows, going back to her job. He sighs, rubbing the back of his neck, lime green eyes staring at you. “Y/N!”

With teary eyes, you stomp through the main hall of the CCPD. Obviously you can’t outrun The Flash and he catches you, trapping you against the wall. You struggle, resisting the urge to face his puppy dog pout. “So much for being gay, huh?” you sneer, pushing his arm, feeling the cool leather of his red jacket.

“What?” he questions, turning his head to the side. Did Barry hear you right? “Y/N, I’m not ga- bi, yes, but lowkey - Wait, where did you get this idea?” he furrows his eyebrows together, hands still resting on the wall.

You give him a confused expression. “You told me yesterday? You were kinda snarky, too. Honestly, it was-”

“That wasn’t me.” he grins, breathing a sigh of relief. “That was Sebastian; my cousin. He came to visit.” Barry explains, playfully rolling his eyes. You go to speak. “Yes, I know, we could be twins. He’s… yeah, it’s creepy.”

“So… you do like me?” you ask hopefully.

Barry nods, resting his forehead on yours. “Absolutely. You and only you.”

anonymous asked:

92, 100, 53 or 47 for Samurai Bravo, because I also think that this shit is cute and I need to see more fiction of it

ohmygosh finally it’s happened. I’ve been asked to create Samurai Bravo content. I’ve been avoiding it for so long now because I felt like I couldn’t capture that….that Samurai Bravo feel well enough, but today is the day destiny has called upon me to fulfill the crackship cuteness that we have so little of… I was just gonna do one of these to break this new ship in and see how I feel writing for it but god damn it they all look so cute so buckle up kiddos! I hope it’s as good as all the other fics and fanart I’ve seen for this ship

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The photos I posed earlier didn’t do the purple shadow justice because I used a flash and washed the colors out so have some gifs. Seeing it in in better lighting, I think I actually like the purple. It’s very pretty.

I used the Melt Love Sick stack (used the colors Love Sick and Promiscuous) I used some Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows (Azure and Pink Champagne) and Enigma and Dark Matter from the Melt Dark Matter stack.

“Pièce de Résistance”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Holiday Modern AU)

Summary: You get creative after you forget to get a Christmas gift for your best friend.

Happy Christmas and holidays, lovelies! This one’s for everyone who’s made the time to read and respond my personal posts, stories, and overall made this platform a wonderful place. Special dedication listed after the story!

You open your compact mirror to quickly check out your appearance - your cheeks are slightly rosy from the cold and your hair’s a little messy. Satisfied, you shut the mirror and stuff it in your purse and ring the doorbell.

A few silent beats shuffle by before the door opens. Clad in sweats and a navy shirt that hints his the muscular frame underneath, a slightly disheveled Bucky steps out. His disgruntled look is replaced with one of crinkled surprise and his lips part open. “What the -”

“HELLO AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!” you yell, flailing your arms out.

Bucky sleepily rubs his face. “Christmas is tomorrow, and you’re disrupting -”

“I’m here to give you your gift, my darling!” you interrupt, shaking your shoulders towards him.

Your best friend tilts his head and stares at you in a way that ceases your shoulder shaking. “This couldn’t wait until tomorrow?” he grumbles.

“Well, we leave for our trip tomorrow and -”

“Hold on,” Bucky butts in, holding up an index finger. He squints his eyes and lets his blue orbs slowly skim from your feet to the top of your head. He takes in your black tights, red skirt, and green crewneck sweater with Bucky’s alma mater’s insignia printed on the front. He pinches the sleeve of the sweater. “How and why do you have this?”

“Stole it from you when we went to your family’s beach house three years ago. It was the only green thing in my closet!” you happily chirp. “But how are you not talking about the pièce de résistance?!” you demand, pointing to your head.

Bucky’s blue eyes travel to the “pièce de résistance” you so proudly point to. Taped to your hair is a large and floppy gift ribbon you’ve fashioned from a two spools-worth of red ribbon. You spin side to side, showing off all the angles.

“Is this some fashion trend? Or is it -” Bucky stops, his eyes growing wide as he realizes the meaning behind the ribbon. “No. You wouldn’t.”

You sassily place your hand on your hip. “Tada! I’m your Christmas gift!” you cheer.

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Golds and Diamonds (Oikawa x Reader) (Olympics!AU)

Team: Seijoh

Character: Oikawa Tooru

Notes: Inspired by China’s silver medalist diver, He Zi. It was so cute, I just had to make a fic about it!

C/N: Country Name

Originally posted by shintar0

Y/N opened her eyes just as her head was submerged underwater.

No matter what pool she trained in, she would always be fascinated by the way the light was filtered under the water. It was calming, and it almost distracted her from what was happening at the moment.


She took a deep breath as she broke the surface, pushing away the strands of hair that stuck to her face. The crowd was cheering, and Y/N’s heart swelled with pride. She offered a big smile to the spectators before climbing out of the pool, eagerly watching the replay on the screen.

It was easy to forget that Y/N L/N was representing C/N for the Olympics. At age 23, she was one of the youngest to compete in the diving event, and as such, everyone had set ridiculously high expectations for her.

She would have cracked under the pressure, if not for a certain someone who was going through the same thing.

Oikawa Tooru, age 24, was one of Japan’s Olympic volleyball players. Unlike Y/N, it wasn’t his first time at the Olympics; in fact, this was the second time he was competing for Japan. His killer serve, as well as his ability to draw out the entirety of his teammates’ skills no matter what team he was on as a setter, were only two of the things that brought him onto the international stage.

Oikawa and Y/N had attended the same university in the United States, and developed a common means of communication through English. They’d started dating since then, despite the various competitions that both of them had to compete in.

They lasted through graduation, and up until today. All in all, they’d been together for five years.

All Y/N could think about was making those five years worthwhile and bring a medal home for Oikawa, knowing very well he’d bring her a trophy.

Y/N watched the replay of her, right as she had jumped off the diving board. She had made a couple of quick somersaults before cutting cleanly into the water. It was a neat and clean dive, a result of Y/N’s endless training.

But she started to panic. What if the judges wanted something flashier? Was the dive too boring for them? I knew I should have done another somersault before hitting the water, I had time to execute it. Or would I have flopped?

Her thoughts were interrupted by her coaches ushering her into the locker room.

“You were amazing!” Coach Danica shouted. “That was one of the best dives today! And this is the finals, Y/N - I think you have a chance to earn the gold!”

“What?” Y/N stammered, stunned by her normally critical coach screaming praises into her ear. “C-come on, Coach, it wasn’t anything special…”

“But it was clean, and you didn’t break any rules,” the coach said, shaking her back and forth. “Well done, Y/N. Very well done!”

Y/N broke into a huge smile, touched by her coach’s support.

“Thanks, Coach,” she said. “Let’s hope I do win.”


Y/N’s heart crawled into her throat as soon as they announced the third place winner.

On camera, she looked calm and composed. But, good God, she felt like she was about to throw up.

I want this medal, she thought. But was I enough? Did I do everything I could to earn it?

They announced the silver medalist. Y/N’s spirits began to settle, and the familiar feeling of dread began to wash over her.

Ah, Y/N thought. Well, I’m not going to be the gold medalist. I guess there’s always next year…

First place, with 358.25 points…”

She bit her lip, trying not to cry. Sorry, Tooru…

“Y/N L/N, from C/N!”

At the mention of her name, Y/N’s jaw dropped, almost comically. All she could do was look around in amazement and mutter “what” a dozen times over as she approached the block.

Tears sprang to her eyes as the judges placed the gold medal around her neck, and the smile that spread across her face as they posed for a picture was genuine and true.

“Y/N L/N,” the announcer said. “23 years old, from C/N. She has made history by being the first athlete to earn a gold medal on their first Olympic experience.”

The announcer’s words were drowned out by the sudden cheers that erupted around the stadium. Y/N looked around in confusion, wondering what on earth was going on.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer said. “It looks like we have a very special guest this afternoon!”

Y/N stood on her toes to look around. When her eyes landed on a familiar mop of brown hair, her heart stopped, and a surge of adrenaline coursed through her veins as if she was back on the diving board again.

“Japan’s elite volleyball player, who just recently won a game against Brazil and snatched the MVP award for the second time in a row, Oikawa Tooru!”

The stadium burst into applause as Oikawa came in view. Y/N could understand why he was a big deal; his good looks and accomplishments had girls drooling at his feet. It could be seen by the way he walked over to Y/N: his confidence stance and huge smile - a smile that was only for her.

As soon as he approached Y/N, she threw her arms around him. His arms wrapped around her figure, ignoring the fact that she was still slightly damp from her shower, and hugged her with enough force to lift her off her feet. The crowd went wild, flashing out their phones and cameras to capture the moment.

“Congratulations!” Y/N said, pressing her lips to Oikawa’s ear. “MVP again?”

“I wanted to bring an award to you,” Oikawa replied. “You were on my mind the whole game, Y/N; you’re the only award I’ll ever need.”

Y/N giggled, pulling away to show off her new medal. “Look!”

Oikawa grinned. “That’s amazing! A gold medal on your first Olympic match…you’ve made history!”

“It was for you, too,” Y/N said, smiling. “Thank you for standing by me.”

Oikawa flashed her a crooked smile. “No, thank you. You’ve kept me going all these years. You encouraged me to train, and train, and train, even though the coach gave difficult workouts and I couldn’t escape Iwa-chan’s nagging. You’ve supported my career, and you made our relationship work even though we spent most of our time competing in other places. Distance was never a hindrance for us - for you - and in those five years that we’ve been together, I now fully understand what you are to me. What I want you to be.”

If Y/N was anxious about winning the event, she was full on hyperventilating now as Oikawa got down on one knee, his hands never leaving hers. The crowd was in a frenzy now, screaming and clapping their hands. Through her tears, Y/N could see that the cameras had focused on the action, streaming it live through the screens that surrounded the stadium.

Y/N had never liked her face whenever she cried. But she couldn’t pull her hands away to cover her face, not when they were being held tight by Oikawa.

“Y/N L/N,” Oikawa began. His tone was still sweet and kind, but had an air of seriousness about him. The way he looked at her was like the way he watched the ball in the air - he was completely focused and serious about what he was about to do. But his eyes held so much love and adoration that Y/N almost shied away. There was no way that one person could care so much for another.

But Oikawa did. He didn’t need to say anything to tell Y/N just how much she meant to him, and the reality of it all sent a fresh batch of tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Y/N L/N,” he repeated. “I’ve been with you five years, and I want more. I never want to spend those years apart from you. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, and that love is all yours. All I ask of you is…”

Oikawa pulled away from Y/N, only to dig around in his sports jacket. He later pulled out a velvet blue box, much to the delight of the spectators.

His hands were trembling as he opened it, revealing a bright diamond ring sitting in plush, white cushions. It looked like it cost more than both of their life’s worth combined, and Y/N’s breath hitched in her throat.

“Y/N,” Oikawa said. His bottom lip trembled, and Y/N had to bite her own to keep her from sobbing. “I love you so much. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?”

As soon as the tears streamed down Oikawa’s face, Y/N threw herself into his arms, sobbing. When she was done, she pulled his face to hers and kissed him, repeatedly and passionately.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, I will marry you. A thousand times, yes.”

The crowd was on its feet, cheering wildly as Oikawa slipped the ring onto Y/N’s finger, then standing up and pulling her in for a kiss.

Yes, Oikawa thought, as he hugged Y/N tightly. You are worth more than any medals or awards combined.
10 Steps?! Where do I start?! 😖

I thought this was such a good question that it deserved its own post! You don’t simply wake up one day with a 10 step routine. You also shouldn’t buy all 10 steps at once (despite the temptation)! A full 10 step routine can be daunting for someone just dipping their toes into the KBeauty scene. So this poses the question:

Where do I start?

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BTS Reaction #68

BTS’ reaction when you want to take a shower together.


“Whatever my princess wants, my princess gets~” *wink wonk*

Originally posted by kths


“Wait what? Did I just hear you correctly?” *literally so confused*

“Yeah, let’s take a shower together!”

“Did you hurt yourself or something? You need help? I can help you if you need me to.” *totally misunderstands* *but still 11/10 husband material*

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“oOHOHohohOHo someone’s a bit curious… good, I think it’s about time you see what’s under tHIS” *whips hair and poses*

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“You’re joking right??? You’re FINALLY taking up my offer?! I’m dreaming right?! Someone slap mE AND TELL ME I’M NOT DREAMING” *slaps himself* “Oh my god… I’m not dreaMING”

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*chuckles and shyly looks down at the ground* 

“I mean… if you really want to…”

“Oh… you don’t want to? That’s totally fine by me.”

*purses lips and mumbles* “No… I want to…”

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“OOOH that’s a great idea! I can wash your hair and you can wash mine! We’re gonna be so lovey dovey~” *wink wink*

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“S-s-s-shower???? T-t-toGETHER? UMMM” *mentally freaks out*

*Taehyung comes skipping in* “If Jungkook doesn’t want to go with you, we can go to the sauna to–”

“–bITCH MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. LET’S GO Y/N” *drags you away from Taehyung*

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I’m Stuck {Bambam Drabble}

Got7 reaction to their girlfriend walking in on their members dressing them in her clothes and underwear combined with number 26 of the 150 drabble challenge - (I’m stuck! Help me!).

Note: It’s not a reaction, but a short drabble for Bambam of Got7 because I thought it would be funny.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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You smiled down at the screen of your phone at the ten second snap chat of Bambam posing with a pile of washing that he was doing at home on one of his very rare days off. His hair was styled to the side underneath a black snap back. He was showing a peace sign with his hand to coincide with his sweet smile.

It was a shame that his day off landed on one of the days you were working, but on the other hand, he was doing the washing for once, so it wasn’t all bad.

You responded to his snap chat before setting your phone on the desk awaiting for the final hours of the shift to end so you could finally return to the place you wanted to be the most.

When you finally pulled up at your apartment after your long, hard shift ended, you didn’t expect to walk in on what you did.

You stepped inside the living room, shrugging your coat carelessly from your shoulders when you saw a very sheepish Bambam looking up at you with large, puppy dog eyes that told you instantly he had done something whilst you had been clear of the apartment.

“What have you done  this time?” you didn’t even need to ask if he had done anything, it was just so obvious.

He pulled on the fabric of the hoodie he was wearing. “Do you promise me you won’t get angry, right?”

“Now that depends on what you’ve done.” You responded, folding your arms over your chest as you stared at him with a raised eyebrow. It was almost intriguing, watching him in such a shameful state with an embarrassed glint in his eye that was next to a rare sighting.

He let out a small ‘aish’ before removing the hoodie from his body, revealing him in your bra.

Wait, what?

Yes, your bra. Bambam was stood before you, wearing your bra.

No words came as you stared at your boyfriend, only a blank look for a few seconds before a burst of laughter erupting loudly from your lips.

“No, don’t laugh! It’s not funny! I’m stuck!” He protested, blushing at the way you clutched your stomach and bent over, unable to stable your laugh.

When you started to regain composure, you looked up to see Bambam looking nothing but humiliated.

“I’m glad you find this funny.” He huffed, placing his hands on his hips, giving you a judging stare.

How ironic.

“Well that’s what you get for being a pervert.” You responded gleefully.

“Just help me, will you? I’m stuck.”

You nodded, wiping away the water from underneath your eye that had streamed due to your laughing so hard. You stepped up behind him and gently undid the hooks at the back of the bra, pulling it free form his body within seconds.

“{y/n}, will you do me a favour?” Bambam inquired.

“What’s up?”

“Please don’t tell the other band members.” He pleaded, turning around to face you and place his hands on your shoulders.

“Ah Bambam, it’s the only thing I’m going to talk about.” 

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"is that my shirt" djwifi

I loved writing this, thank you :’)


Alya stared at Nino over the rim of her glasses, arms crossed and foot tapping.

“Babe,” Nino started, not looking up from tablet on his lap. “Your tapping is super cute, and I’m sure the way you’re quirking your eyebrow at me is simply adorable, but the sound is really throwing me off.”

“Don’t babe me, DJ. I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” she said, the tapping increasing in speed.

Nino sighed and pulled an earbud from his ear before looking up at his girlfriend. “Alright, spill.”

She stopped tapping and gave him a serious look, but he could see the smile fighting through it. “Nino, you know I love you. You know my schedule and I know yours. We know each other’s hobbies and deepest, darkest secrets. So I have just one thing to ask you.” It was Nino’s turn to quirk an eyebrow. “Is that my shirt?”

By the look of puzzlement on his face, he hadn’t expected that. “Uh…” He looked down at the shirt he was wearing. “I… I was wondering why it was so short,” he admitted sheepishly, standing so Alya could see.

She burst into laughter at the sight of him, the shirt a couple inches too short to cover his whole upper body. “You didn’t even stop to think it wasn’t yours?” she said between laughter.

“I thought it just got shrunk in the wash! Besides its length, it looks really good on me, Als!” As if to prove his point, he struck a pose worthy of Adrien Agreste.

When her laughter died down a bit, she walked over and gently punched his shoulder. He cracked a smile at her, which she returned. “I will admit, it does look pretty nice on you. My only problem is that is says ‘Nice girl’ and you didn’t even go to Nice with me. Go to Nice, then you can wear my shirt. Hell, I’ll even buy you one just like it,” she told him.

“Alyaaaa, you know I can’t go to Nice with you until I finish all the gigs you booked for me here,” he groaned. “What kind of girlfriend and manager leaves a guy to play in Paris while she goes down to Nice for shopping?”

“The kind who knows you would’ve been worrying about your reputation dying since you just started to get out there,” Alya says matter-of-factly. “Also the kind who is friends with the owner of La Petite Cocinelle and needed to be there for support.”

“I know, I know, you’re a great friend and an even better girlfriend,” he said, giving her a loving look.

“Yes, yes I am,” she agreed, leaning forward to kiss his cheek. “Now, either get out of my shirt or give me one of yours to wear.”

He snorted and sat down, gesturing to their room. “Dresser’s all yours, babe. Pick any shirt you want.”

“Probably not wise of you to give me free reign, but no backsies!” she called as she rushed into their room, shutting the door behind her.

Shaking his head, Nino returned his attention to the tablet he had set down. He set to responding to emails concerning his work while he waited for her to come out. After what seemed like hours, he heard the door open. Setting the tablet back down, he grinned and turned. “What happened, Als, you get lost in Narnia agaaaaainholycrap.”

Alya stood proudly, chest puffed out at her find. It’d taken a lot of time and digging around, but she found the shirt Nino wore a lot back when they first met. She was lucky it’d been such a large size, otherwise it probably wouldn’t fit her.

Nino’s fingers ran through his hair as he stared. “Wow, Als. I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting you to find that. I didn’t even know if it was here with us or with my parents. It- it looks really nice on you. I mean, everything does, but-”

“I know what you mean,” she interrupted. “And thank you, o music man of mine.” She walked over and sat beside him, leaning into his side. “Play me some music?”

“Anything for the lovely lady,” he said, affection clear in his voice. He unplugged the headphones from his tablet and pulled up a playlist of older music he’d made. Knowing which ones she preferred and which ones helped calm them both, he selected a song and leaned into her.

It wasn’t long before the two were dozing together, their hands intertwined as the music continued to sooth them.

Fibonacci (Chloe/Nathanael)

AN: For @dudettte‘s b-day! Sorry this is a little rushed but I saw the APB for ChloNath and had to fill it because the world can never have enough ChloNath! Happy birthday!

“Is that anime?”

Blinking, the redheaded five year old glanced up at the voice from behind him, flinching a little under her intense, blue eyes.

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One shot - Mechanic Dean

Inspiration by : Imagine Dean offering to take a look at your car for you when it breaks down. @aprofoundbondwithdean

It was an normal day till my old light blue mustang decided to die in the middle of nowhere. Trying to keep my calm I stood up the car and went in front of it, opening the hood where’s smoke coming out of it. “Great” I groaned under my breath. I thought on using my cell phone to call for help, but who should I call? I don’t have family and the few friends I have live across the country. Leaning against my car, I glance down the road, what it seem an Impala miraculously appeared. I fixed my loose flannel shirt and raised my thumb, the car stopped inches from me.

“Need help?” A manly deep voice came out of it.

I bend to meet some really pretty greens eyes, which I couldn’t help but stare. “Y-Yeah, my car broke down.”

The man looked at me for a second, and then glanced at the car, “Let me take a look of it.” He said before pulling in front of my car.

Biting my lower lip I glanced at the man as he took off his jacket and wine reddish shirt, throwing it back into his Impala. He’s very tall and that grey shirt does make his strong arms show even more. He know I was scanning him, just like I know he was scanning me- we both slightly smiled when our eyes met.

“So, what do we have here?” He spoke having a look of my engine, “I’m Dean by the way.”

He said extending his hand towards me. I shook it back, “I’m y/n”.

“Nice too meet you, y/n.” He looked at me before going back to the engine.

I smiled, glancing at his car. “You got a nice car over there.”

Dean stood up straight, turning up to glance at his car, “That’s my baby.”

I chuckled, “And this is mine but today’s she’s being stubborn.”

Dean chuckled, “Well y/n I have bad and good news.”

“Shoot.” I walked around the front of my car and stood in front of him.

“Your car is going to need more than a couple of adjusts.” He said clapping away the dust of my engine.

I sighed, passing my fingers through my hair, “And the good one?”

“I can give you a ride, where you’re headed?”

His smile was contagious so I smiled, “To the next town, I think is a couple miles down the road.”

“Perfect, I’m heading there anyway.” Dean said, closing the hood.

“But- what will happen to my car? It’s literally the only thing I own.” I stood by my car as he took a couple steps to his.

Dean looked at me and the car, “I’ll call a truck to pick it up and drive it to the motel I’m staying, then I’ll fix it there, deal?”

I stare at him for a couple seconds, debating with myself if I could trust this total stranger yet somehow a little voice kept telling me to get in that car with him. Letting a sigh out, I took my bags from my car and reached his, “Hope you’re not a serial killer.” I whispered.

“Trust me, sweetheart, I’m not.” Dean said with a playful smirk before turning on his car, instantly rock n’ roll music blasted. I smirked, knowing perfectly the lyrics to this song.

“So, what brings you to this town?”

I looked at him as we strolled in, “Nothing really,” I shrugged glancing at the people, “I’m just passing through really.”

“To where?” Dean’s asked with his eyes on me.

“New York, I’m a photographer.” I told him.

“If you need a model just let me know.” He said with a flirty smile before pulling into a descent looking motel. I stood up the car and looked at him with a smirk, yet didn’t say anything. “I’m going to call a truck to get your car picked up…”

“Thanks, I’m going to pick a room, I’ll be right back.” I told him as I turned and went to the motel’s reception. Where an old lady gave me a key for the room 45. Walking back to Dean’s car I see another man standing there with him, they’re talking yet the taller man with long hair looks a bit annoyed. When I reached enough to hear he said “Dean, we’re on a hunt, you can play mechanic now.” But he shut up when he noticed me.

“Sammy…” Dean said, with a smile, “Meet y/n, he’s my little brother.”

The taller man turned around, forcing a smile, “Hi, I’m Sam.”

I extend my hand to shake his, “Y/N, nice too met you.”

“Yeah.” Sam forced another smile, “What happened to your car?”

I shrugged, “I really don’t know… Just broke down in the middle of the road.”

“It did but I am going to fix it.” Dean said holding his phone, then turning to keep talking with it for a couple minutes, leaving me with his brother.

“So, Y/N, are you a local or just passing through?” Sam asked, brushing his hear backwards with his hand.

“Passing through, you guys?” I asked back.

“Same.” He replied with a flat smile.

“And it’s done,” Dean turned with a winning smile, “your car is on the way here.”

I smiled with relief, “Thank you so much.” Dean smiled at my gratitude.

“You can go to your room and we’ll tell you when your car’s here.” Sam said

“Yeah- Again, thanks Dean.” I told him, whom winked at me.

Once in my bedroom I took a warm shower, washed up my hair and changed into some new clothes. I brushed my hair, grabbed my camera and walked downstairs when Dean’s working on my car. He seemed so focused and attractive on that grey shirt and with spots of grease all over him. I couldn’t help but take a picture of him, which he noticed instantly and looked at me surprised for a second but in the other smirked, “You didn’t let me pose.” His eyes in my engine.

“I don’t like the posed pictures.” I leaned against the side of my car, gazing at the street.

Dean scoffed, “Yeah? Why’s that?”

I took another picture, this time of the road. “They’re not genuine.”

“Hmm” Dean smirked again, “I have good news.”

I looked at him with an grin, “What?”

“Turn the engine.” He glanced at the car.

I got in and turned the engine on; a grin grew on me when I heard my baby’s usual purr. “You fixed her”

“Yeap” He popped the ‘p’ proudly, “I’m pretty awesome with cars.”

“I can see that.” I grinned, “Do you want to grab a bite? I’ve heard they make some killer cheeseburgers at Pope’s.”

“Pope’s? I thought you said you weren’t a local.” Dean said, narrowing his eyes a bit, enough to let me know he’s curious.

I smirked, “I told you I’m passing through, doesn’t mean it’s my first passing through this town. Come on, drinks on me, let me pay you for bringing my car back to life.”

Dean contemplated the idea for a long second before nodding, “Okay. Let me clean all this grease up and I’ll meet you in 10 down here, I’ll drive.”

I nod, “All right.”