the 'further' bus

I’m sat in the far back of a nearly empty bus. When I say far back I mean you can’t go any further back, the bus’s ass. Guy just walked in, I guess about 25-30, wearing a training suit and has a ton of piercings. He sits down next to me - there are dozens of empty seats and he sits down next to me. He is currently staring at me, whispering things i can’t understand and constantly readjusting his trousers. I. Am. Terrified. Bus Driver is too far away in the front of the bus to help, I cant get out without climbing over this guy or asking him to move, what do I do!?!?

“That’s it! I’m not walking a single step further. Call the Knight Bus.”

“Roxy, you’re being a bit dramatic.”

“Call the bus.”

Roxy refusing to walk any further after a day spent out with her brother.

Taken by Fred after a day out in London and Diagon Alley. He hailed the bus.

junshuahan bo0seungkwan jeongshua httpxsebeuntin here it is if you guys still want to read it (and mc-gyu bc i was still writing when i told you about it) (#^.^#)

Green Light
Mingyu/Jeonghan, Fluff
916 words

Jeonghan had been waiting for about ten minutes at the bus station when the bus pulled over. It was more crowded than usual. Maybe because it was the last weekend before winter break and everyone was already done with their courses. Except for him. He doubted any of these people were going to the library too. He’s been trying to get himself to finish his essay, but he obviously didn’t even start until now. And it was due in three days. The joy.

He moved further back on the bus so the others could get on and he found himself between a tipsy fellow student, who was sweating like crazy and a middle aged man looking like he despised his entire life. Jeonghan thought that it wasn’t that bad, he could tolerate this until his stop at the library.

The bus stopped at the next station and even more people came rushing in. Okay, this was not a good place to stay in if he wanted to actually get off this bus. Just as he started heading to the front again, the bus driver closed the doors and left the station making him lose balance and fall right in someone’s lap.

No, this couldn’t happen to him. He was mortified, trying desperately to get back on his feet. But there was no space left and he was stuck there. On a stranger’s lap. Why couldn’t he just walk to the library. It wasn’t even that far, now that he thought about it. What is he supposed to do now?

‘You comfortable there?’

Jeonghan turned his head so fast he thought he heard a crack. Can this get more embarrassing? The stranger seemed to be just a little younger than him, maybe a college student himself. And he was smirking at him. And looking him dead in the eyes. This guy was kind of cute, Jeonghan would give him that. But he seemed to be a cocky bastard, with his sickeningly cute teeth and flawless skin.

‘I’m so sorry. I…’ Great, now he’s blushing. He was grateful he didn’t fall on a poor old lady or something, but this was somehow even worse.

‘It’s ok. I was kind of cold anyway.’ Again with that smirk. Jeonghan wanted to strangle him. Two more stops. And he’ll hopefully never see this guy again.

‘Your hair smells nice.’ He felt the guy’s face move closer to his neck as he said that. This was kind of creepy. But he felt himself move back into the guy. He looked around the bus and saw several people giving them weird looks. This whole situation was not his fault, they should just mind their own business.

Jeonghan noticed he was close to his stop, so he started getting up, but it was impossible. He thought he could wait for the people at the front to get off so he could make his way out as well, but none of them did and more people came in. So he stayed there. On this guy’s lap. Being pushed even farther into him. And he just missed his stop.

‘Looks like we’re stuck together now.’ Jeonghan turned around to glare at him, but the stranger didn’t seem to care. He was smirking again and Jeonghan felt his heart skip a beat. They were a little too close and the guy’s hands were positioned awkwardly, trying not to touch him. That was really nice of him. Jeonghan thought he was an asshole, but he seemed a little flustered too.

So Jeonghan moved back into him and wrapped the guy’s hands around himself. So they could be more comfortable of course. The bus wasn’t going to clear anytime soon so there was no reason for them to be uncomfortable. He didn’t have any ulterior motives obviously.

The last stop was coming up, their only chance at getting off this thing. Jeonghan waited until the last person passed and got up, feeling the guy closely following him. He didn’t even know his name. He couldn’t be one of those people that fell in love with strangers he was probably never going to see again.

Should he stop and talk to the guy now, apologize again? Or should he just leave for the station across the street so he could go right back home and scream into his pillow? He sure wasn’t going to start his essay now.

‘Um, sorry again. I should go now.’

‘Wait. Do you have any plans right now? I mean of course you do, that’s why you were on the bus. It’s ok. No need to say sorry.’ Ok, this guy wasn’t just ‘kind of cute’, he was adorable. He seemed even more flustered than Jeonghan now.

‘I don’t have any plans. Unless going home and thinking about the cute guy on the bus counts as a plan.’

Jeonghan didn’t think the guy could get redder than he already was. But he was still smiling and Jeonghan swore he just fell in love on the spot.

‘So do you wanna go to that coffee shop? For coffee? Or tea? Hot chocolate? Espresso? Whatever you want, I think they have it.’

‘I would like that….’

‘Mingyu. I’m Mingyu. That’s my name.’

‘Mingyu. I’m Jeonghan. Is this a date then?’

‘Yeah, if you want it to be.’ There’s that smug smirk again. This was no doubt going to be more fun than spending his evening at the library. Even if he was going to regret it later.

47 - Michael Clifford

From @unkindnessofone‘s prompts


“I thought you were happy.” He shouted, throwing his hands up with frustration as you stormed further down the tour bus. “You can’t just tell me shit like that and then blow up in my face over a photographer.” Michael almost sneered the last part. 

When you both argued, Michael could be plain nasty, not feeling comfortable with any tense air that ever settled around the two of you. You both fit together perfectly, the Beethoven to his Mozart, the cheese to his pickle, so to fight was very rare and it left you both uneasy. 

“Michael, I can’t do this anymore! I am tired of all this bullshit, not even being able to eat my lunch in peace without someone needing to film it. I’m a fucking human being and I didn’t ask for this.” You cried back, running a stressed hand through your hair.

You had just wanted to go back to the bus and sulk, not make a big deal out of it and just listen to some angry music and then be able to get to the end of the day without shouting at Michael. But he had had other ideas.

“You knew what was coming when you agreed to be my girlfriend, Y/N. Don’t fucking tell me you didn’t ask for this! But if you can’t handle this anymore then you know where the door is.” He screamed back, and I flinched as I saw Calum start to make his way up the stairs of the bus before scurrying back down, pretending he hadn’t seen us. 

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You asked lowly, taken aback by what he was saying.

“I’m saying if being with me is such a fucking drain on you then maybe you should just go home and don’t bother calling me.” He spat, watching you carefully as you stepped back from the force of his answer. 

You were almost in a daze from his answer, barely having time to process what he’d said, before you swallowed down the lump in your throat. “Fine. Have a nice life Michael.” 

But consider this - A Binan Koukou episode where the monster of the week makes everyone’s minds switch places

Today’s Real American Hero is Lady on the Bus.

I knew when I got on the bus I shouldn’t sit in the one empty seat next to that shady looking dude. I did. When I tried to stand in front where the handholds are, the other woman standing there threatened me with violence if I stood next to her. Fun! So I wound up taking a the empty seat instead.

The man next to me immediately put his arm around me. When I leaned forward to avoid it, he said, “oh, sorry,” and moved his arm. Uh-huh. I shot the woman facing me an unimpressed look, and she made a face back.

The man then put his arm back around me and got increasingly, aggressively handsy as I hunched further and further forward, willing the bus to reach a stop so I could move without taking a header.

She tilted her head toward a seat where someone was getting ready to leave. The second the bus stopped, I moved into the vacated seat. The man I’d dodged looked like he was going to make a scene about it.

Then she said, loudly: “HONEY, WERE YOU GETTING MOTION SICK?”

“Yes,” I said. “Very.”

“You should always sit facing forward,” she said, pointing to my new seat. “Those sideways seats are terrible for motion sickness.”

“You’re right, I feel better already,” I said. And the man, apparently pacified, settled back and left us alone.

Here’s to you, Lady on the Bus. Thanks for the save. I’m going to go take a shower.

Kesey Mural Unveiled in Springfield Oregon

Zane Kesey at the unveiling of his father’s mural in Springfield, Oregon yesterday.  Jerry Garcia’s widow Mountain Girl Garcia, the surviving Merry Pranksters and Ken Kesey’s bus Further were also in attendance.