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Prompt request: “Sit on my lap.”

Member: Jimin

Genre: Fluff

Summary: School’s out for the summer and you and your friends are headed to the beach! Unfortunately, there are no seats left on the bus for you. Luckily, your best friend Jimin lends you his lap for the ride.

Word count: 750

Your flip flops threatened to slip off as you sprinted towards the bus, each sandal slapping loudly against the pavement. Your friends were meters ahead of you, and the beach equipment you were carrying slowed you down.

The bus driver must have been feeling merciful, because the bus paused long enough for your friends to board it. Just before you reached the doors, your best friend, Jimin, poked his head out.

“Hurry up, Y/N,” he teased, pushing back his floppy, orange bangs back. “I can’t stall the bus forever.”

You dragged yourself onto the bus, depositing all the equipment in Jimin’s arms. “Well, if someone hadn’t refused to help me carry everything, maybe I could’ve run faster,” you snapped, dropping a ticket into the fare box.

A little annoyed, you brushed past Jimin towards your other friends.

“Hey, Y/N,” Jimin pouted, grabbing your arm to stop you from walking away from him. He was balancing all the beach gear in his other arm. “Don’t be mad. I’m just joking. I’ll carry everything today, so don’t worry.”

Jimin gave you a huge smile, his eyes turning into little crescents. As always, Jimin’s happiness was infectious and you had to smile back.

“Whatever, Chim,” you laughed, starting to walk further back into the bus with Jimin. Your friends had all found seats in the crowded bus.

The old busses didn’t have air conditioning, and being in such close proximity to the other passengers was uncomfortably sticky. Jimin spotted your friends, Jackson, Mark, and Wendy, tucked away in a corner of the bus.

Jimin unceremoniously dumped all of the equipment onto Jackson’s lap and slipped into the empty seat beside him. You looked at the seats behind Jackson and Jimin. Mark and Wendy sat together, leaving no extra space your you.

Sighing, you resigned yourself to holding onto the railing for the hour-long bus ride to the beaches. Rocking back and forth on your heels, you cursed at yourself for wearing your stiff flip flops instead of your foam ones.

Jimin caught a glimpse of you shifting uncomfortably. “Oh, Y/N,” he exclaimed, “are you uncomfortable?”

“Yeah, just a bit,” you sighed. “Don’t worry about it, though.”

“No, no, you should sit,” Jimin insisted. You shook your head slowly, noticing that Jimin was making no attempt to move. You titled your head quizzically at him, and he smirked. “Sit on my lap.”

“Excuse me!?” you spluttered, a fiery red blush blooming across your cheeks.

“Why are you so embarrassed?” Jimin laughed heartily. “What are friends for, right?”

“I don’t know…”

Jimin tsk-ed his tongue at you, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you down on top of him. You landed heavily on Jimin’s muscular thighs, which you could feel shifting underneath you to accommodate your weight.

You settled back against Jimin’s chest, despite your initial discomfort. You had been friends with Jimin for so long that this amount of skinship didn’t bother you. In fact, falling into Jimin’s arms was as familiar as coming home–to you, he embodied everything warm and comforting in your life.

Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist, turning to talk to Jackson. Soon enough, everything became background noise and you felt yourself falling asleep. Tucking your face into Jimin’s neck, you inhaled deeply. The last thing you remembered before falling asleep was the vibration of Jimin’s quiet laughter rocking you gently into unconsciousness.

After you returned home from an entire day spent at the beach–you had a light sunburn on your cheeks to show for it–you were bombarded by notifications on your phone. You expanded your notification bar to see dozens of comments that you were tagged in.

Curious, you unlocked your phone and were guided to Instagram. Your jaw dropped in response to the image you were met by.

Jimin had posted a selfie he had taken on the bus. His orange hair was pushed up, secured by a pair of black sunglasses. He had a slight smile on his face, and his eyes were sharp.

What bothered you wasn’t Jimin.

It was the fact he had captured you in the picture, too. Your head was tucked underneath Jimin’s chin, your mouth agape and slightly drooling.

You tried to ignore the comments that were currently flooding in, all of which contained a variation of, “Oh my God! Are you guys finally dating?”

And of course, Jimin just had to caption the picture with: “Back off boys, this one’s mine.”

- Girl in Luv

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With Wings {1K}

Part 1/3–Bucky x Female Reader 

Requested by @moongoddessxxx: hope you like it girl <3 sorry it took so long!!

Word Count: 1994

Warnings: tw: attempted rape/sexual abuse, violence, some angst but mostly fluffy Bucky (it get’s happier, loves)

Originally posted by coporolight

The day you met Bucky Barnes would be a day you’d never forget. You’d been living in New York for a few weeks at that point and needless to say, you were fairly lonely. You had no roommates, no family, no friends in the area and all you could really do was go to work at a restaurant you’d just started at and come home to an empty, bare apartment. 

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Break Part Three

Lance Tucker

Break Part Three

Warnings: sex, unprotected sex, oral, swearing, dry humping

Tags:  @littlevelvethearts@hoepalace@anitavalija@jesslovesfandom@dokuroskull23@angelsdeadromance@potterhead7656@breakingsupernaturlbad101@sebastian-stans-thighs@buckysteetime@sexyvixen7​​ @thatbandchick39@insickopedia@carabarnes13@petals-overdaisies@canadiancoven​ @laurenxyz @hoopluh@cassandralallorona@spiritassassins@kinqshley@lol-you-thought@6ftunderdoublechins​ 

Part One

Part Two

Part Four

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An Ordinary Day

“Okay we gotta make this quick” Joe rushed as he pushed Taylor’s body against the door to slam it shut and began leaving sloppy, wet kisses all over her. Taylor’s heavy moans kept his pace speeding as his hands roamed around the buttons on her top which he began to undo as fast as possible.

“Patrick will be home in not too long so-” he ripped Taylor’s shirt off of her, placing his hands on her waist as he left a trail of kisses down her body. Taylor pulled him up slightly as he quickly removed his top, whilst Taylor unstrapped his belt.

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Don’t come at me with your “feminism is for ALL women!” shit when you can’t even define woman. When what you really mean is “if your feminism doesn’t cater to transwomen’s feelings you’re a bigot!!”

If you really were “for all women uwu” you wouldn’t be throwing real women (especially lesbians) under the bus to further your backwards agenda.

You don’t get to redefine something you know nothing about. It’s not progressive and it’s not okay. Fuck you.


Jiang Wen on different culture backgrounds in films

last option – jake peralta x reader;

author’s note: wow i am the cheesiest woman alive i can’t believe i actually did this. it’s so bad but i’m on the b99 hook (rewatching all of it) and i guess there’s no easy way out. also i never had a prom because duh i’m brazilian so i had to actually go out there and research to discover when did proms take place i hope i did it right. enjoy;

pairing: jake peralta x reader;

request: all me, but requests are in fact open;

word count: 1268 (iagain, small);

TW: uh i think there swearing. also lots of cheesiness whY AM I LIKE THIS;

Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17

It was an April Monday in your senior year. When the bell of your last period that day rung, you stopped running to breathe in properly, along with all of the other students and slowly walked up to the spot you’d left your stuff by the court’s corner, PE always got you like that. As per usual, you best (and likely only) friend was waiting for you at the door, a big mocking smile on his face. 

“Y/NN!” Jake Peralta yelled, using the childhood nickname you were most embarrassed of. Of course, he did this every Monday at the last period, picking you up from your Physical Education class, because he you had a little crush on the probably-on-steroids coach. You rolled you eyes in responde. “Do my eyes mislead me or are you glowing?”

“Now, that’s kind of flattering.” You retorted, walking side by side with him through the hallways. 

“I was actually talking about the sweat.” Jake raised his eyebrows.

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Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three

What happens when Yoongi plays truth or dare with the jerk who splashed him on a rainy day?

Characters: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft Kim Taehyung

Word count: 3438

Warnings: Smuttish content

A/N: this was originally on my AO3 which doesn’t exist anymore and it had only two chapters, but I’m planning on making it a mini series hopefully

Originally posted by tearsavi

It was raining. Again. The 10th, no 13th time that week.

Great! Just great! Fantastic!” Yoongi mumbled to himself.

He was trying to walk through the thick rain without an umbrella but he realized very soon that this idea didn’t have any chances of success.

And you may wonder: “Why didn’t he have this very useful object with him that day? That’s what a sane person would do, right?” Well, my darling, first of all, our dear Yoongi is not that normal, not insane per say, but peculiar for many people that have encountered him.

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it starts & ends with your arms

genre: fluff, platonic, reality, pre-tatinof travels

warnings: none

word count: 3k

summary: dan and phil share a hotel bed in hong kong as all the other rooms are booked up. despite their unmentioned habit/tendency to wake up finding themselves curled up to one another, they’re both slightly more than comfortable with the sleeping arrangements.

a/n: guess who’s back, back again it is ME and i thought about this idea for two nights and then i was like i am going to WRITE THIS SHIT. i’ve been writing a lot lately, so the mass of uploads is to compensate for the writer’s block that will eventually come. anyways, hope you enjoy and i hope you tell me what you think :)

don’t mind the title that’s honestly longer than the fic i opted out of ‘hotel cuddles’ because of the cringe so i’ll settle for this

AO3 here (x)

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"Let's share my coat, since you're cold." -Taehyung **Thank you**

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Genre: fluff

Pairing: reader/taehyung

Length: 1.1k

hope you like it :)
request prompts
part 2 !!

It was absolutely freezing. Fresh snow powdered the ground as you waited by the train station, icicles hanging off the edges of shelters like frozen darts. It was taking forever to get home, as the trains weren’t running due to snow on the tracks, and instead you had to hop on replacement buses which were the only things braving the icy roads. And you had forgotten your coat.

Shivering in your thin jumper, you jogged up and down to get the feeling back in your toes, just as a hooded figure came and stood next to you.

“Fancy seeing you here,” said a familiar voice, and you turned around to see one of your classmates smiling from underneath his thick coat.

“Taehyung!” you cried. “Are you trying to get home too?”

“Yeah, I’ve been stranded for about seven hours now,” he explained before licking his lips, which probably weren’t as numb as yours due to his extra layer of clothing.

Kim Taehyung was a boy who sat at the front of the class, who minded his own business and never got involved in any dramas or gossip. However, he was universally liked, as when he did speak up, he usually got the whole class roaring with laughter. Many people questioned why he never had any friends around him or tried to socialise, but you could tell it was what he preferred and was more comfortable with.

“That’s horrible,” you sympathised, trying to ignore the fact that you were beginning to lose feeling in your fingers. “The country’s seemed to have completely shut down. I feel like I haven’t seen anyone except for five different but equally grumpy bus drivers.”

“Don’t worry, if I get told another bus is cancelled, they’ll have competition,” he laughed, his deep tone almost warming you up. Almost.

“At least we won’t have school tomorrow,” you said brightly. “They’ll close up for sure.”

“I wouldn’t mind. Get me away from those people in our class.”

You did a double take, staring at Taehyung confusedly. “I think the people in our class are alright,” you replied defensively. “They’re kind, and hard working.”

Taehyung nodded and shrugged at the same time, showing how you had a point, but he didn’t agree. “The people in are class are all the same,” he explained, kicking at the snow with his boot. “They all think the same, talk about and do the same things, so there’s nothing… different about them. They all merge and become no one.”

“Is that why you don’t talk to any of them?” you asked. You’d never really questioned why Taehyung was so against making friends, as he always seemed perfectly happy by himself. But was he?

“They’re not worth my time,” he smiled, turning to you with shining eyes. “I’ve always thought you act differently, though.”


“You never join in when there’s a class joke, and you never follow the crowd. I remember one year, one of those birds got to the food bins and had thrown litter everywhere. People just added to the pile before going inside, but you stopped to pick it all up and put it back, and when the teacher asked you why you were late, you didn’t say why. You just apologised.”

You were so shocked you could barely talk. “I’d forgotten about that,” you mumbled, looking at the white snow with wide eyes.

“I think there’s more to you than people think,” he concluded, his cheeks going slightly pink, either from embarrassment or from the cold, you weren’t sure.

“Never thought I’d hear that from you, Kim Taehyung,” you muttered, a new wave of shivers hitting you as the icy wind blew up your sweater.

Let’s share my coat, since you’re cold,” he offered, shrugging off his coat off one arm so you could snuggle in. You hesitated, as you didn’t know him that well and he wasn’t giving you his coat, you were sharing it. But you were too cold to argue, so you let Taehyung wrap his black coat around your shoulders so that your front was pressed against his side.

As soon as you felt his body heat seeping into you, you blushed heavily and felt your heart rate pick up speed dramatically. He smelt amazing too, and you found yourself drinking in his scent.

His voice rumbled in his chest before he spoke. “Warmer?” he asked, his voice deep and calm.

You nodded, your arms tucked up to your chest. You never thought you’d feel so comfortable with Taehyung, but it felt so natural, waiting for a bus in the middle of a white city with no one else around.

“So, you only share coats with people you find interesting?” you asked cheekily.

“Don’t make me go shy,” he laughed, the sound vibrating his chest.

“Why are you shy?”

Although you weren’t looking, you could feel his head twisting as he squirmed. “Because I don’t usually do this,” he admitted, the smile on his face muffling his words.

You found a weird enjoyment from making Taehyung uncomfortable, and you were about to question him further when the bus arrived, causing you two to awkwardly separate.

Once you’d both climbed on, you sat near the back with Taehyung while he avoided looking directly in your eye.

“Who would’ve thought that Kim Taehyung got nervous,” you mocked, nudging him in the side.

He just grinned cutely, his mouth like a rectangle as he looked away. With one hand, he pulled his fringe in a lame attempt to cover his eyes, still bashful of the sudden attention. “I didn’t think I’d ever speak to you, so I feel unprepared for this.”

Your heart rate still hadn’t slowed down, but you didn’t care. Despite the agonisingly long day, you soon realised how you wouldn’t mind it if the bus ride went on for another few hours, just so you could be seated next to Taehyung that little bit longer. Now that you were inside, you didn’t need the warmth of Taehyung’s coat, so you sat side by side, occasionally stealing glances at each other and laughing when you got caught. It was embarrassing, but it made you realise how Taehyung knew himself well enough to go his own path, even if it was in the opposite direction to everyone else. He was so stable and sure, yet still kind and considerate, and that made you smile a little too goofily.

“I think you’re different, too, Kim Taehyung,” you said quietly, not checking to see his reaction.

He stayed quiet, and you almost thought he hadn’t heard, until you felt his fingers slip between yours, entwining them tightly.

“Yeah, that’s different,” you muttered shakily, trying to swallow properly.

“Good,” was all he said, and you fell back into silence.

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Im bi myself and i dont care about representation blah blah but thats just me. Why a bi character has to be treated differently? I mean everyone in there is a cheater. What does it change for you as a person if he cheats or not? I get it people society and stereotypes. Beyond that there is actual relasionships with people to reduce them. If you are cool with yourself, your morals i dont see the point wanting representation and sensitive treatment

My opinion is that when a show has one canonical bisexual character, and also their first, it is important they don’t play into harmful stereotypes. When so few people understand bisexuality, and have negative views on bisexual people/bisexuality, to play on those overused tropes can be harmful. You’re referencing my post about Emmerdale here, and the fact it is Britain’s favourite soap makes the point even more important. In a soap we are educated about the lives and experiences of people we might not know about in our own lives. For example, the dementia storyline with Ashley taught me an awful lot about the reality of that condition. Then Aaron’s abuse storyline was also excellently done. It hopefully will have inspired a lot more male abuse victims to come forward and not be ashamed. 

I’m not looking at the characters as people. I am not thinking from an in-universe perspective, because obviously that would make everything very different. In real life people simply are as they are. In tv, people are as they are written. 

Emmerdale had an opportunity to help the bisexual community, to support us, and to educate other viewers about what being bisexual means. My personal view is that they have decided cheap drama is more important to them than representation, which is an awful shame since so many fans of the characters of Robert (and Aaron) are actually from the LGBT community. 

Now, okay, if the cheating had to happen (which we know it didn’t, since it was a decision made by writers, but let’s just say that it did somehow), it is and was vitally important that Robert’s bisexuality was not used as a reason for this. Maxine did an amazing job in her episode with stating that, but no other writer has done. And in fact, as much as it pains me, the whole direction this storyline is taking seems biphobic in nature. The conflict coming for Aaron and Robert appears to be Aaron feeling pushed out because Rebecca can give Robert something he never can. It’s more complex than that, I realise, but in a show where biphobic comments fly around more than punches in the Woolpack, you’ve got to be a bit critical and expect more from the writers. 

If there were other bisexual characters on screen, the problem wouldn’t be so huge. For example, if they wanted to take Debbie and have her state canonically that she regards herself as bisexual, then the Robert thing wouldn’t be the disaster that it is. That way, people would be able to see two bisexual characters acting differently and understand that bi people are just people at the end of the day, and that our sexuality doesn’t define us. However, the show hasn’t done this. Robert is STILL the only canonically bisexual character, and he is a liar, often manipulative, and has now cheated on his husband (following him promising that he’s changed and that he IS capable of being faithful now he can be open about his sexuality). 

In day to day life biphobia affects me. It’s hurtful, and it has been ever since I realised I was bi. It comes from gay people and straight people. People judge me based on my sexuality. 

Emmerdale had a chance to do something about that, as they have done with other important societal issues, and as a soap can and SHOULD do. A soap is not purely entertainment. The job of a soap is to entertain but also educate. It is to help us understand other people and families. It is a medium where we can see our struggles reflected and also feel understood and included. On the whole Emmerdale is very good at this, but when it comes to biphobia? No. Sorry, but in my opinion they’ve really thrown us bisexuals under the bus to further their story. 

It’s easy for us to say Aaron’s perspective is wrong and biphobic, but when Aaron is an audience favourite and presented as being in the right (which a lot of the time he is), and Robert is currently fulfilling every negative bisexual stereotype out there, AND nobody in-world is taking care to point out that Aaron has got it wrong, there is a BIG problem. 

In having Robert cheat on Aaron they created a difficult situation. Obviously everyone will side with Aaron. (As they should). But that also means that Aaron is presented as having the moral high ground, and as being something of a victim in this situation. So when Aaron is biphobic or expresses biphobic sentiments, even if Robert is written to contradict them, the message the average viewer will be left with is that Aaron is trustworthy and Robert is not. People may well be inclined to take on Aaron’s view because of how this situation is playing out. 

You say:  “If you are cool with yourself, your morals i dont see the point wanting representation and sensitive treatment”

I am more than cool with myself. I am extremely comfortable with my sexuality, but you know what? It took me a long time to get there. And even though I have now reached that point of not feeling bad or guilty or embarrassed or ashamed, it doesn’t stop the prejudice and biphobia of those around me. Simply telling bisexual people that so long as we are okay with ourselves everything will be fine doesn’t work in my opinion, because it’s not us which are the problem in the first place. It wasn’t me that made me feel those bad things. I wasn’t born inherently feeling guilt and shame over my sexuality.  It was society and the views of those around me that did that. Those views are what we need to work to change, and THAT is why representation in media is so important. 

I don’t see it as sensitive treatment. I see it as a soap doing its job well.

Loving a Hunter

Title: Loving a Hunter part 1

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

Summary: Reader has been in Florida visiting a friend and is on her way home to Lawrence, Kansas, when a vampire is following her.

Word count: 1 590

Warnings: Getting attacked

So this is a series that I published on Wattpad like six months ago, but I didn’t like Wattpad so much, that’s why I started my Tumblr account. I’ve decided to publish the series here too, but I’ve changed it a little. I don’t know how many parts there is yet, since I’ve changed it, but there will be over twenty, that I know. Hope you all like it.

You can find my masterlist right here

I sat at the bus station in Miami, Florida and waited for the bus that would take me from Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. I had been in Miami for two weeks at my friend Melanie Springfield place; we went to medical school together. I had a great time, I had met a lot of old classmates and we had been out and we had a lot of fun together, but now it was time to go home to Lawrence, Kansas again.

It was about half past two in the afternoon when the bus came. I took my two suitcases and put them in the bus luggage compartment and then I stood in the queue to get going on the bus. When it was my turn, I showed the ticket and went and sat down next to a window so that I could look out. After riding for about an hour the bus stopped to pick up more passengers.

“Can I sit here?” asked a tall man with black hair, green eyes and a mustache.

“Yes.” I answered shortly. I didn’t like to have someone next to me when I went by bus, but since it was a tour bus and it was almost full, I had no choice.

“Where are you going?” asked the man sitting next to you.

“Atlanta.” I responded. I really had no desire to talk to him; I wasn’t so fond of talking to people I didn’t know.

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Nothing’s Ever Good Enough, Chapter 4

As the Doctor pushed his way further into the crowded bus, he considered the pros and cons of signing the contract and he was maybe a little bit too distracted because a moment later, a sharp voice came from his left and there was no doubt that it was directed at him.

“Watch where you’re going!”

The Doctor turned around and at first glance, he couldn’t even see where the voice had come from. Then he lowered his head a little and swiftly found the source in the shape of an angry looking woman the size of a dwarf. She glared at him. Yep, that was definitely the one who had shouted at him.

Read on AO3 or

As soon as someone starts bringing up SGA in discourse, it becomes way harder for me to take what they say seriously. I’ll take tagw seriously when they stop relying on throwing non-aligned nb people and multiple gender attracted people that aren’t attracted to “same or similar” genders under the bus to further their argument.

The Power(lessness) of No

“I want you to come to my party,” the email read.

“When is it?” I responded back.

“January 20th, it’s going to be the sickest party, you have to come.”

“I can’t, I’ll be out of town. Sorry!” I inserted some of the new emojis that I figured would best exemplify “have fun, bummer I can’t be there”. You know, sad face, party hat, the pile of poo.

"No way! You have to come! Change your trip!” He proceeded to list X, Y and Z reasons why I needed to be there in between me trying to politely convey four more times that no I wouldn’t change my BUSINESS trip for a party, and that I absolutely could not make it. Finally, I was so aggravated that my declining of his invitation was falling on deaf ears, that I stopped responding. More pleas filled my inbox and I ignored them. I had given my answer. Numerous times. And that needed to be enough. Who was on the guest list to this thing that warranted such behavior? The Second Coming of Christ?

But it made me think. What if I started keeping a tally? All the times that saying “no I can’t”, “I don’t want to” or “I’m not interested” once didn’t suffice in the past and how I could be more mindful keeping track of how prevalent this all was, going forward.

And then I remembered how on a recent bus ride I witnessed this exact problem. I was on a bus headed home, a late one after a fourteen hour day at work. A young guy about mid twenties raced to catch it and didn’t have enough money to get to his intended destination. A woman sitting up front pulled a Good Samaritan move and offered up the few extra dollars to help the guy out. As well as I’m sure to get the bus moving since it was almost midnight and his begging for the driver to give him a break was costing us all some precious minutes of sleep. I then proceeded to watch this guy go from profusely thanking the woman to blatantly hitting on her over the course of about thirty five minutes. I watched her say no politely to his advances, then with some sass, then with a straight out “don’t try to grab me or I will punch you in the throat” because at this point the “grateful” young man had gotten handsy. I felt impotent and angry sitting idly by watching something I myself had experienced in many forms. And then I was confused as to why the bus driver was remaining silent while a woman was loudly stating that she didn’t want to be bothered. “Please stop harassing that woman,” I finally called out. A woman next to me nodded and whispered, “thank you for saying something, I’ve been really uncomfortable.” The guy only quieted down momentarily before he picked back up again and the woman’s responses to him now changed. They began with a compliment, “You’re adorable but I’m not interested, and you need to stop.” Now I was totally bewildered. Adorable? Harassment is adorable? But perhaps she was so uncomfortable that she felt it best to not rile him any further. When the bus finally pulled up to his stop, he pretended to dramatically trip so he could touch her legs under the guise of steadying himself as he exited. The bus driver asked if she was okay, and she waved him off with a “oh I’m sure he had good heart. And I can handle myself.” I couldn’t decide if I should interrupt and tell her that no one with a “good heart” harasses women. Did she really believe that what he was doing was harmless flirting? Then she added after a pause, “although I guess I felt safe in this environment, if I had been somewhere else, I suppose that could have escalated into something different.”


We have to start respecting “no” wherever it is uttered. Across the board. Because there are going to be situations where things CAN escalate. Where people won’t feel safe. And I truly believe that the respect for it can and should start in what may even seem harmless.  

There was a time a guy I only knew vaguely through other friends kept drunkenly grabbing me at a bar as I repeatedly asked him to stop. Culminating in me having to shove him away and finally shout “get the hell off of me” while he proclaimed me an overly dramatic bitch. We need people to take responsibility for not respecting the no. If he had simply acquiesced to my politer requests to be left alone then I wouldn’t have been forced to elevate the situation to a hostile level. I’m not the overly dramatic bitch in this case, I could have calmly protected my personal space had he listened to me. But let’s also talk about the far less serious offenses of say someone asking “do you have time to take a look at something I wrote to edit for me it’s short.” And I beg off because I know I don’t have the availability to give it its due, and they insist and insist it will only take “five minutes” of my time. It still signifies a pervasive problem of disrespecting the answer no. Which incidentally also disrespects that person’s time. Also FYI? It never takes five minutes.

But maybe these simpler requests are demonstrating the root of this problem. No means no. Such an easy uncomplicated statement and yet so often no one hears it. They hear try harder. Convince them. No is just halfway to yes. And I’m not talking about things like “you eat the last slice of pizza, I’m not taking no for an answer!” Or getting rejected from the college of your dreams and reapplying a year later. Getting cut from the soccer team. Auditioning for a part and not getting it means you should give up. Absolutely not. We just have to stop applying that mentality of professional ambition–no means try harder, be more aggressive–when it comes to the personal.

Maybe if we want to get at the heart of rape culture, it starts with this disrespect towards no in all other areas of life. If you’re resorting to harassment when someone doesn’t want to come to your party or give you their phone number, then what confidence can we have in you behaving appropriately when it comes to a far more serious scenario?  

Let’s all ask ourselves. When someone says no. They can’t. Don’t want to. Aren’t interested. Do you accept that or do you force the issue? If so, ask yourself, why. Why isn’t no enough? We can all benefit from an answer.  

“Come on, buddy!” Michael cheered as him and his son walked towards the tour bus. Michael was pulling his suitcase and lugging a rather large duffle bag over his shoulder while his son, Damien, was rolling his small suitcase (mostly filled with toys) and holding his stuffed unicorn, his most prized possesion. Damien started running , his suitcase bouncing against the ground as he did. You were walking slightly behind them, keeping your eye on Damien while also tugging your own suitcase.

You were Damien’s nanny. Normally, Damien would stay with you at Michael’s house when he was away but Michael wanted something different this time. He had asked you if you could go on tour with the band so Michael could finally bring his son on tour with him. The look of hope on his face when he asked you was more than enough to make you say yes to his offer. A couple months on the road with 4 men and a 5 year old wasn’t exactly how you pictured your life going but it sure sounded like it was going to be…interesting.

You left your suitcase where Michael and the rest of the guys had left theirs and picked up Damien’s suitcase, that he had abandoned at the door to the tour bus. Since it was containing 90% toys you took it inside the bus with you, setting it on one of the couches. The bus was nice; probably nicer than the apartment you lived in. As you looked around, you slung your backpack off of your shoulders and tossed it next to Damien’s suitcase.

You heard the young boy’s familar giggle and walked further into the bus, stepping into the sleeping area. Damien’s giggle sounded off again and you looked around, wondering which curtain the munchkin could be behind. A small brown haired head stuck out from the curtain in the top right bunk and a grin spread across your cheeks. “What are you doing up there, little man?” You asked playfully, walking up to him and raising your eyebrows at him.

“This is daddy’s bunk! He wanted to show me!” Damien said exictedly, pushing the curtain out of the way to reveal Michael lying in the bunk, looking up at Damien with a look of pure joy. “That’s right, buddy.” Michael commented, wrapping his hands around his son’s stomach and pulling him into his chest. Damien screamed, giggling and kicking his little legs. “Daddy, let me show Y/N her bunk!”

The young boy squirmed in his fathers arms as you watched, completely entertained. Eventually, Damien escaped Michael’s grip and he jumped into your arms. He lurched towards the bunk right across from Michael’s and ripped the curtain open. “Daddy said you could sleep here.” Damien turned to you, his mossy eyes alight with joy and a sense of adventure. You booped his nose and watched as he squeezed his eyes shut and giggled. “Sounds like a plan, D.”

Michael slid out of his bunk and fixed his newly dyed blue hair, Damien’s choice, of course. Damien slid out of your arms as soon as he heard more voices towards the front of the bunk. “I bet that’s Uncle Calum!” Michael bent down and told Damien. “And I know for a fact that he reeeeally wants to see you.” Damien gasped, eyes wide as he bolted off towards the front of the bus to greet his father’s best friend.

You shook your head at the little bundle of energy when you heard him scream “Uncle Cal!” and then an “oof!” which was Uncle Cal catching Damien, who had a habit of just throwing himself at other people. Michael straightened himself out and coughed slightly, catching your attention. You turned your head, looking at Michael as he scratched the back of his neck. “Thank you for doing this.” He said quietly, his eyes cast down at your feet. “It means the world to me to have Damien here.”

You reached out, gently resting your hand on his shoulder. Michael looked at you with the same moss green eyes as Damien and you smiled at him. “It’s my pleasure. Besides, I’m sure this is going to be tons of fun.” You reassured him and let your hand fall back to your side. You were really looking forward to the next couple months. As unexpected as it was to be going on tour with a world famous band, you were excited for the experience.

Damien burst into the bunks just as Michael opened his mouth to speak. “Daddy! Y/N!” He shouted his little fists balled up in anger and his stuffed unicorn tucked under his arm as he stomped over to the two of you. You crouched down in front of the little boy, eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his outburst. “What’s wrong, little man?” You asked, Michael joining you on the floor at eye level with his son. “Why did Uncle Luke tell Uncle Ash to make sure the two of you weren’t making me another brother in here!?”

You and Michael had grown really close over the past 5 years. When Damien’s mom found out she was pregnant and wanted nothing to do with the baby, Michael set out to find the perfect nanny. If his kid wasn’t going to have a mother that wanted to be around him, he was going to give him the next best thing. Michael had interviewed you for about 3 hours, asking you all the normal questions and even a few curveballs that you answered the best you could. (Who knew the proper answer for “best pokémon” was all of them?)

So you weren’t really, just Damien’s nanny. You were the mom he never had, without the title. And Michael told you all the time how much of a family the three of you were. He took you on vacaction with them for godssake. The boys had an ongoing joke of telling people the two of you were together. While it was hilarious to them, it was something Michael demanded they keep away from Damien.

As your jaw fell open, Michael’s eyes grew wide before they narrowed with anger. “Damien, Uncle Luke was making a very innapropriate joke.” Michael explained as your cheeks grew red and hot. “And he’s going to get in a lot of trouble for it.” Michael finished, staring his son directly in the eyes.

Damien simply shrugged and unclenched his fists. “Oh, well if anything, can you and Y/N make me a sister? I don’t want a younger brother.” Your eyes almost popped out of your eyes and Michael jumped to his feet. Luke and Ashton’s laughter silenced when Michael stepped foot into the front lounge.

You sat on the floor, stunned at what had just happened. Damien sat on the floor next to you and played with his stuffed unicorn. Michael walked back into bunk area and shook his head in anger. He shot you an apologetic look before looking down at his son who was looking up at him. They were the spitting image of each other. “Does this mean I’m not getting a little sister?” The young boy asked, pouting and slumping his shoulders in dissapointment.

“Buddy, I can’t just make you a little sister.” Michael sat next to you on the floor once more. You nodded your head in agreement. “I’d have to do a couple things first.” He told his son. You stopped nodding your head and turned to look at Michael in shock. “Like, I’d have to ask Y/N on a date first.” Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. Michael’s eyes flickered to his son who was watching the two of you. “And she’d have to say..”

“Yes.” You answered him. A grin spread across his cheeks and he pulled Damien into his arms. “Step 1 complete buddy.” He told his son as you grinned at the two of them. Somewhere in the back of your mind you had been hoping for this. Just hoping those feelings you had weren’t for nothing. Damien giggled and cheered, wrapping his small arm around your shoulder, pulling you into a group hug. Michael’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you tight against him. You smiled and leaned your head against Michael’s shoulder. It was one thing for Michael to find a nanny, but it was another thing completely for him to find someone who could finally help him take the “single” out of “single parent.”

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