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Can we see the woy babs a little older? Maybe some lord iris?

You know my weakness

Iris does indeed become Lord Iris! As a kid she ends up being mentored by the handful of villians and former villians her parents had worked against and with and pretty much becomes the galaxy’s villainous sweetheart. Dominator, Hater and Awesome being the main contenders. She’s currently attempting to rule the world planet by planet, but is oddly enough a very kind and benevolent ruler for the planets she has concurred. And she tends to keep whatever hierarchy and traditions that are in place, but with her running the operation from the back. In the end, she’s more like a super scary planetary protector with a mean streak. As long as you don’t get in her way.

Cornealious isnt much of an adventurer, but Lil is. So while Lil follows in her mother and uncles footsteps, Cornealius ends up documenting all of her travels and all the universes knowledge and secrets as sort of a universal book keeper. He’s got a sort of a wise, all powerful kinda of vibe. Since he’d learned enough about magic and science in the universe to use it. But he doesnt do much beside trying to document it all.He and Iris tend to fight a lot for various reasons, but mostly because their exploits tend to put them in each others way more often than not.

And Lil unsurprisingly ends up following in her uncles footsteps. She’s not as strong or violent as her mother, but her calm nature and peaceful outlook ends up making her a pretty perfect successor for Wander’s crusade to help. And in the end, that ends up making her a sort of peacemaker for her super powered twin siblings many many large and over dramatic fights.