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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[19] Holding Hands – Knots Untie, 6x11

After the big romantic climax comes the inevitable question of how any consummated coupling will be sustained. TV writers in general seem to fear this turning point; they’ll do anything to postpone it, it seems. The Moonlighting curse, or whatever. In future, perhaps just send those writers the Richonne cut as a blueprint.

Following coitus interruptus, we get the casual “your mom and dad” comment from Jesus to send us into a frenzy before an amusing staring competition unfolds as mom and dad roll out of the bedroom. I worried they’d somehow backtrack, play it off as casual or have the relationship be a point of contention with other characters. Then Rick says, “This is different”, Carl smiles and it’s like the sun comes up. Having cleared the sitch up with Carl, it’s this quiet scene in the RV that stands out in Knots Untie; simply and wordlessly, Rick shows Michonne everything we’ve just heard him express to his son. The coy glances and easy affection make clear his commitment. After dark comes dawn, and by reaching out to Michonne, Rick ensures the romance holds up in daylight. And damn, don’t they look happy.

  • Andy: You kind of hold hands, walk to the edge of the cliff and jump — and continue holding hands. It’s that thing where you just trust someone. I’ve been working alongside the brilliant, bright and superbly talented Danai Gurira for three-and-a-half years now. Fortunately, I got such an amazing and beautiful leading lady.
  • Danai: It clicked to me. That’s a man who made her change, and she’s made him change. They can check each other, she can make him laugh, she can disarm him, but she’s also deeply loyal to him and she respects him. And for Michonne to really respect a man is no small thing. I was like, “Who else is she gonna? This has got to be the guy,” in my brain. […] To realize this person who is very close to being your best friend is actually also someone who you have feelings for and you find deeply attractive in a whole other way — I don’t think that translates to casual, to me. They’re deeply intimate friends and now they’re lovers. It’s not the makings of any of the relationships [already on the show], it’s its own thing.

Am I the only one that thinks its just salt in the wound that the Versus cancellation email is like “Hey guys as a consolation, here’s 10% off”? That’s like “We know you’re probably sad right now, but here’s a shiny Susan B Anthony coin or some rocks we found from a dried out riverbed nearby to put towards product purchase”. 

Genuinely, hand to heart boob,  really hope Zayn is ok, but Versus at least do better with your email. 

cymmetry  asked:

please... explain to me what poppee the performer is... i want to be a part of this. NEED to be a part of this.

😂 it is supposed to be a Japanese cartoon for kids: you have Popee, the main character, a 17 years old boy who wants to become a great performer as his father, Papi. Then you have Kedamono, Popee’s “best friend” (Kedamono loved Popee, but since he wants to become a good performer so bad, he always tried to kill Keda when he’s doing better than him). As I said, it is supposed to be for kids, but sometimes the show can get pretty gore-ish and creepy, lots of blood and death scenes.