the '20s

Gin (C.M X Reader)

 last time I was drunk I cried to sk8er boi by Avril Lavigne and this takes inspo from that night (also hey im not dead anymore lmao) 

Ship: Connor Murphy x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol, Cursing

Jared normally called you for two things, late night 4 am chats, and to beg for answers to homework. So, having him call you in the middle of the day asking to hang out, was suspicious as hell.

“I know you want something. What is it?” 

“Wow-Is it so unbelievable that I would want to hang out with my wonderful friend?” You can feel his smirk through the phone.

“Yeah, Jared. It is.”  

“Come on (Y/N), live a little! You know, my moms aren’t home, and there is an open liquor cabinet with your name on it.”

“……..I’ll be there in 5.”

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Help. I have discovered “Dad Might”.
Also someone needs to get all of the Todoroki siblings out of that house because Endeavor is the worst okay. The worst.

I was going to say send them all to Inko and she’ll look after them while their mom is in the hospital, but then I remembered that Inko lives in a teeny little apartment with her son and there probably isn’t quite enough room. She might try anyway

This is my first time drawing these characters. Not entirely satisfied with Todoroki over there, but I couldn’t find a good reference pic.

Once, my father told me I was staying broke because I wasn’t giving tithes and offering to my church so God wasn’t blessing me financially (Lol Right??). That made me start giving what I would’ve given to the church, tiny bits of whatever I’m able to get from here and my few commissions, away to PEOPLE instead. I would rather give what little I can to my friends/mutuals who are marginalized and hungry or to people I see on the street. The Church will be fine. They work me for free, I’m not paying them.

Petty with purpose.