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ID #22752

Name: Isabel
Age: 20
Country: Netherlands

Hi guys! I’m Isabel, a dutch university student who is really hoping to find a nice penpal:) I enjoy talking about philosophy, politics, history (since I am a history student), gifs, cats, and how amazing dancing in your underwear to 80s tunes is and daydreaming about hot dudes. I have been chronically ill since I was 11 so most of my life since has been spent sitting in my room in isolation watching series and films. Which might explain my absolute obsession with everything acting, theatre and film related. I’m even considering dropping out of uni to go to theatre school. That might also have to do with the fact that I love to learn, but hate school. I don’t like other people telling me how to think about something, That might be because I never actually really went to school before I went to uni. All throughout highschool I only sporadically went to class when I was feeling well enough, the rest of the time I just studied for tests at home and then only went to school to do those exams. I did love my maths and philosophy classes though! Because of my illness I don’t have a lot of real friendships, people tend to fade away once the going gets tough, so I would love to just talk to new people! I love to travel as well, I’m at my happiest when I’m in a different country, as far away from home as possible. I’m a HOPELESS romantic with standards higher than the highest man made structure (I blame movies) who is doomed to be single forever (but hey that is def not so bad if you can have mountains of candy and 10 cats instead of a mediocre boy). If you didn’t catch on to it yet, I’m way to chaotic to function, but I’ve been told I’m a great listener, so if you don’t mind being a penpal with someone whose letters are bound to be a bit random you will be rewarded with a friend who is loyal to a fault and will always be there to listen to you. Oh yeah, I’ll just end my rambling saga by saying that besides a physical illness I have also got an anxiety disorder, add, and have had to handle depression, so if you have one or more of those issues and want to talk to someone I’m there. If you just want to talk about how AHMAZINGG (insert any film or tv show) is then also def hit me up!

Preferences: Any gender and age is fine by me, but I would prefer maybe someone between 17-30