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Since I just passed the OAT (my optometry / medical school entrance exam akin to the MCAT) allow me to explain what The Collective is as if I were a scientist, as I am well versed in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at the moment and feel like making some use of it in the form of #deep exposition.

The essence of the Collective, the active code that infects a host body, can really be visualized by a bacteriophage; a virus that infects and replicates within a bacterium. However, instead of being nanoscopic… imagine that this virus is metaphysical, existing in a hyperreality higher than our own. Just like a real virus, this one is not a living organism as we would traditionally classify. It is not made of cells, does not grow or develop, does not have any sense of heredity, and lacks the need for complex chains of chemical processes to maintain survival. But, unlike real viruses, there are some life classifications that do fit. There is a response to stimuli, but it is not in a temporally linear sense. It has also been argued by other series that there is a possible evolutionary vector that can be seen. My main point here is that, like a fundamental unit of life, it possesses a form of genetic material. This is less like DNA, composed of sugars, phosphates, and nucleotides, and more like computer code - but existing in the framework of reality at the quantum level. Now, unlike real viruses, it is evidenced (at least by my series) that it has some semblance of homeostasis: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements. Instead of having a common viroid’s drive to reproduce, this reality-virus sets out to maintain an equilibrium that has been disrupted. Because it does not have its own metabolism, it requires a host cell to do the heavy lifting.

This is where I turn the tables on you.

The virus I’ve been describing is not a Collective member… the virus I’ve been describing is The Administrator. The genome injected into the bacterium that lysogenically integrates itself with the host’s DNA, the prophage, is the true essence of what The Collective is. In cell biology, this process can be referred to as horizontal gene transfer: the movement of genetic material between organisms other than by the “vertical” transmission of DNA from parent to offspring. It appears latent at first, but then after an induction stimulus, this foreign code activates and commandeers the cell’s machinery. But, instead of forcing replication of the virus and then lysing the cell to spread an infection as a normal virus would, this special prophage protects the cell and presents total control over metabolism of the cell to the virus, allowing it to vicariously to do whatever it wants through it.

And just as prophages are important agents of horizontal gene transfer,  horizontal gene transfer is the primary mechanism for the spread of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Firebrand is the result of a similar infectious process gone awry due to external factors, like mutagens, resulting in an exclusive immunity. The resulting bacterium that is Firebrand has a unique code sequence, modified to not only deactivate the gene on the spliced prophage that codes for the virus’s external control, but to also alter the cell membrane’s composition in a way that makes it completely impermeable to any viral influence. This is due to the presence of a rare enzyme complex characteristic of the virus’s capsid protein coat that the bacterium ingested, contributing to the genetic code’s stability and expressing latent properties in the prophage. The bacteriophage lacks this rare substance and requires it to achieve a state of optimal stability, so it hijacks cells where it detects the protein’s involvement in order to attempt to obtain it.

Also, mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.


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“Of greater concern is the large settlement known as Kadara Port. Reportedly once a trade port for the angara, it has been adopted by exiles, pirates, and mercenaries who use it as a staging ground. Kadara Port is considered a rogue state by the Nexus, given its strong ties to the Exiles, and Initiative personnel are advised to keep their distance.”

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anonymous asked:

Are the collective proxies in any way? Acording to the slenderman wikia the collective are proxies...

Slenderman Wikia definition of proxy: The term given to those who serve The Slender Man.
Dictionary definition of proxy: The authority to represent someone else; a person authorized to act on behalf of another.

I’d say the Collective members fit the description of proxy by that umbrella definition, however they are much more complex in nature. They’re very different than the run-of-the-mill average proxy, who you’ll most commonly see in series as just some kid in a hoodie who is under a slender-hypnosis exacting Slender Man’s will.

What the Collective truly are exists beyond our plane of reality. They are a group of unlucky individuals turned into tools, cursed to be used as hosts by artificial, parasitic versions of themselves that are programmed toward a common goal by the big boss. A Collective member’s essence is essentially a corrupted copy of the host imbued with a kind of artificial intelligence by the Administrator along with ultimate subservience and a specific directive. They are the Administrator’s agents that do his dirty work, he vicariously affects the timeline indirectly through them. The Administrator controls the Collective member which puppets the host, so it’s less of an alter ego and more of a proxy controlling another proxy. Their influential abilities transcend the boundaries of linear time, albeit within a set of rules based on the subsistence of living hosts, the occurrence of key life events, the reliance on current information, and the Administrator’s expression of will based on such.

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If every collective member were to be searched, what would they be carrying?

Observer: extra pair of glasses
Deadhead: Walther P38
Cursor: a venereal disease
Mr. Scars: cigarettes
Persolus: cough drops
Swain: a knapsack
Firebrand: powerful flesh*

*interpret this as you wish