the vacation solution


If you’d known you’d have to compete for affection with his plushie child, Ace, the pirate alpaca, maybe you’d have taken a few more moments before agreeing that Yifan should bring the tiny stuffed animal along on your vacation. Eventually, the solution became clear: in order to get your FanFan’s arms back around you, first, you needed to have your arms around Ace. Though after a while, you’ve also acknowledged how nice it feels to hug the cute little alpaca. On the way back home waiting in the airport, you feel it’s even more necessary to hold Ace - his dad looks too adorable already with the soft blue scarf, little ponytail, and big glasses.
Perhaps the small fluffy pirate shouldn’t go with you on your honeymoon so there won’t be any jealousy and you can have his warm arms enveloping only you. There’s a clear and present danger that your fiancé and his plushie could make your heart burst with their cuteness and that would be unacceptable - those hugs should all belong to you - for the sake of humanity.

- Admin J

The Big Bang Theory - S05E16: The Vacation Solution


This week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory focused on two couples and shows the progress of both relationships.

Sheldon being forced to take a vacation was funny, and acted as a nice catalyst for the things he gets up to with Amy. Despite what he seems to have said/showed early in their “relationship”, he does care for her and likes her company. We find Sheldon being in a situation in which he hasn’t got the specialized knowledge or skills, which frustrates him, teaching him that he isn’t an expert at everything (something I doubt he’ll admit). He’s also forced to apologize (properly) to Amy; though it was just a simple ‘sorry’, it shows how far his character has come since the first season. Sheldon’s relationship with Amy has gotten closer and I look forward to seeing how it develops. All of Sheldon’s moments were really funny and entertaining in the episode; from counting bacteria spores to his fainting when he sees blood. I wonder if he sees biology in a different light now…

Meanwhile, we find out that Bernadette’s father wants her to get Howard to sign a prenuptial agreement. This brings up memories of how he struggled to get over the fact that Bernadette earns more money than he does. A highlight of the episode would definitely be when Howard lists all the assets he has that would be protected if he signs the prenup, showing just how little he has compared to his fiance. The matter is somewhat resolved by the end of the episode, though it leaves room for further development. It would be cool if they show Howard speaking to Bernadette’s father from the safety of the International Space Station.

Penny and Leonard’s relationship was touched on a little, which works considering their relationship was featured in the previous episodes. The dynamic between Leonard and his friends was also touched upon which was quite nice. Raj makes short appearances in the episode, which wasn’t necessarily bad, though I hope he has a deeper story later in the season. A bunch of popular culture references coupled with scientific ones made the ep an absolutely treat to watch.

I give it an A

Title refers to: Sheldon spending his vacation with Amy in her lab.

Pop Culture References (note that I won’t be including background items that appear in places such as Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment unless they play a major part in the episode):

  • The Black Eyed Peas: Leonard sings The Black Eyed Peas song ‘I Gotta Feeling’ on his way to work.
  • Scooby-Doo: Sheldon says that Leonard should tell the guard at the university that lobster traps are underneath the blanket as “that’s how Velma and Scooby smuggled Shaggy under the old lighthouse”.
  • Star Trek: Bernadette and Howard’s wedding invitations are revealed to be in English on one side and in Klingon (the language of the Klingons) on the reverse.
  • Lost: One of the reasons Sheldon doesn’t want to go to Hawaii for his vacation is because it was where the “disappointing” finale for Lost was filmed. (I personally LOVE the ending to Lost just so you know…)
  • Xbox: Raj gave Howard a neck massage whilst he was playing on his Xbox.
  • Beauty and the Beast: Amy says “screw Beauty and the Beast; that’s the love story Disney should tell” referring to the life of Marie Curie and her husband Pierre.
  • The Incredible Hulk: Sheldon compares his task of washing beakers to the Hulk being asked to open a jar of pickles.
  • Tamagotchi: Sheldon reveals to Amy that the Tamagotchi he bought in 1998 is still alive.
  • The Bachelor: Raj tells Leonard that “I’m gonna give you the same advice I yell the TV when the bachelor’s handing out roses: ‘follow your heart’”, referring to the reality TV game show.
  • Three’s Company: Howard tells Raj and Leonard that “I’ve got some rare comic books, the Vespa’s almost paid off and ma and I have a primo double cemetery plot at Mount Sinai near the guy who played Mr Roper on Three’s Company”, the last being a reference to an American sitcom which was aired between 1977 and 1984.

Sheldon tells Amy that Einstein failed math, which is an unusual thing for him to say as it’s a myth. Albert Einstein did particular well in the subject at school, and considered becoming a mathematician before deciding to become a physicist. He was however poor at language. There are many theories as to how this myth was started, which wasn’t helped by being featured in an issue of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Do the writers not do their research for the show? They seem to be getting other things right so it’s disappointing that a fact such as this slipped though.