the seventh letter

This amazing piece by @owendippie was just completed behind @theseventhletter shop on Fairfax in LA. Owen painted the fan-designed 5-sided LP symbol, The Seventh Letter symbol & his own symbol in the color yellow to represent suicide awareness/prevention. Mural Photo by @erindippie - Original Photo by @bojanhohnjec #RIPChester

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Sangria by Retna, serigraph.

The deep reds do conjure up images of that fruity Spanish wine. A serigraph is the same thing as a screen print–basically a piece of woven mesh (presumably with some kind of image on it, aka a stencil) is pulled taught over a frame. Ink is then pressed onto the mesh screen/stencil, passing through only those portions which remain uncovered by the image. Thus, an image is created from the ink that passes through the negative space of the stencil.