the queen's house

Raising Princess Leia was probably all kinds of crazy adventures sometimes

“You can’t make me look!” The five year old princess stomped her foot. “He’ll steal my face!”

“Sweetheart, it’s just a painting,” Bail tried not to cringe in front of the Imperial officer. “It’s not going to steal your face, I promise.”

“Your daughter has a problem with our Emperor, Viceroy?” There was an icy undertone in the officer’s voice that warned that a misstep here could prove costly.

“It’s not the Emperor,” Queen Breha gave the man a winning smile and smoothed Leia’s hair. “She’s skittish around portraits in general.”

“The eyes follow me! They’re gonna stick me in a frame too!” Leia protested, understanding even at her age that it was better to play up her childish side.

Breha thought that the Imperial still looked unconvinced, and so with a silent apology to her daughter she added, “She’s also convinced that she has a little brother who was stolen by goblins. We’re still not certain where she picked up that idea.”

The officer nodded with thinly veiled disgust. “Perhaps you should take more care to monitor who your daughter spends time with, Queen Breha.” The pompous man turned on his heel and stalked away to terrorize someone else in the gallery.

The Organas breathed a collective sigh of relief and Bail swept Leia up into his arms.
“Well done, my Leia,” he whispered. “But from now on, you must be careful what you say about the emperor when there are people about.”

Leia tugged at the braiding on his sleeve and frowned. “It’s still ugly, Papa. It’s not a good painting.”

Bail struggled for words. “It’s…an Impressionist piece, I think.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means that the artist was under the impression that it looked good,” Breha said dryly. Bail stifled a snort, but did not comment to the contrary.

Bidding perfunctory farewells to the host, the Queen and Viceroy slipped out, making excuses of an overtired kindergartener. Mon Mothma had been able to slip a data chip into Bail’s hand in passing and he had no intention of sticking around to be caught with it. As they met with their bodyguards and strapped themselves into the transport, Leia piped up again.

“Goblins are real though. And they do steal babies.”

She took the twitch on her father’s face as evidence that she was right and that the grown-ups just didn’t want to admit it.

When I was a little kid growing up, I loved to visit my grandparent’s house in Queens. My grandfather’s basement was a wood shop. It was filled with ancient turn of the century hardware. Every clamp, screwdriver, plane and drill each weighed like 30 pounds. This drawing is of my grandfather’s ancient metal vices. I’ve never actually used them but they are gorgeous to look at. Lifting one is not easy. I never found a reason to use them. At least they came in handy for something. I took them onto the street and sat down and drew them in the sunlight. My cousin Steven said he has some of his tools tool. There was hundreds of them. I’m sure they are scattered throughout the family. Beautiful momentos.

my fave Autism Thing™ is when theres that /one song/ that is just SO GOOD and you only listen to it for a week straight and it is Wonderful

I just realized that the Calores (and any other Burner) are basically human hair styling tools. Like they can just use their fingers to curl their own hair. They can just run their hand through their hair and it would straighten as if they used an actual flat iron. I am 100% certain that Burners do their hair like this.

Imagine people in the Scarlet Guard and bunkers find out about this and they go to Cal for him to do their hair. So imagine Cal standing there, hair twisted around his fingers using his heat.

If push comes to shove, I think Cal should be a hairstylist.

Each house as: a fairytale
  • Gryffindor: Hop-o'-My-Thumb – nice stroll outside with ur bros :))) fun times
  • Hufflepuff: Beauty and the Beast – "I will love u no matter how much facial fur"
  • Ravenclaw: Alice in Wonderland – first of all it IS a fairy tale so hum yeah pretty much. Also why is a raven like a writing desk ?
  • Slytherin: The Snow Queen – bitch ain’t gonna touch my pal *hisses*

holy water

cannot help you now

a thousand armies

couldn’t keep me out

i don’t want your money

i don’t want your crown

see i’ve come to burn

your kingdom down

art by: unknown