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After the wedding he retreats to his mind palace to have a dance with her

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After the wedding, he summons her back

Sherlock hates weddings.

He decides this as the sounds of the festivities fade behind him, as the noise of John and Mary Watson’s celebration fades into the night. He hates weddings and all their sentimentality, all the social nicities and feelings that must be involved.

It takes him seven minutes and fourteen seconds to make it back to the road, another three minutes and twenty-two seconds to hail a taxi. Forty-nine revolting minutes in the back of a cab, previous occupant the owner of a cat with a bladder problem, before he is back in his flat at Baker Street.

Ignoring the state of his tuxedo, and yet refusing to remove it, Sherlock throws himself onto the sofa, and contemplates the cigarettes that are currently tucked into his slipper. But the promise of nicotine pales in comparison to the temptation that has taken hold in his mind. The temptation that, if he were to be honest, had been in his mind since he laid eyes on Mary’s maid of honour.

He refuses, stares at the ceiling, contemplates the slipper again. Contemplates the pending clients, the wallpaper, the slipper again. He tosses on the sofa, and pointedly ignores the wealth of information in his mind palace, the myriad little puzzles, little bits of information tucked away that could divert him, the little bits about every wedding guest he had filed away.

Refuses, because he refuses to miss, refuses to admit what he wants to see.

He stays that way for seventeen minutes and twelve seconds, scowling at nothing, until the door knocks, and there is a quiet sigh as the door is pushed open. He knows who it is before he even looks.

“Mr. Holmes instructed I bring this back,” Mycroft’s assistant said, entering without being invited, setting his violin back in its customary spot. Sherlock isn’t surprised she’d been at the wedding, isn’t at all surprised that she was the one tasked by his brother to retrieve his violin. He says nothing to Mycroft’s assistant, and she leaves as quietly as she comes.

He hears her texting three steps down.

He waits another forty-one seconds before he springs up and picks up the violin.

He moves feverishly, tucking the violin under his chin, drawing the bow across the strings.

He plays the familiar pieces first, the music that comes to him when he wants to think. But as much as he hates to admit it, for once he does not want to think, because he knows what he wants to think of, who he wants to think of, and refuses to admit it.

So he begins to compose. Begins to play something new, pour his energies into it.

And it takes another three seconds before he realizes what he is playing.

Her piece.

Her eulogy. Her anthem.

And she is in front of him again. Her skin practically glowing in the faint light spilling through the windows of 221B. She smiles, and even in the dim light he knows her lips are blood red. “You had more than an hour to bother me,” he says, the sound of his violin fading from Baker Street but still resonating in his mind. “I’m busy now.”

“Seventy-seven minutes and twenty-nine seconds,” she corrects, her fingertips cool against his hand as she draws his bowing hand to his side. She feels utterly real in his mind palace, and he wonders idly how he can spin a memory so real, even in his mind palace. “I might have come sooner, if you’d begged.”

He sighs, sets bow and violin back down. He does not need to play, not anymore. The violin reverberates through his mind palace, every note of Her song resonating in his mind, and his feet move to the music.

She smirks, and when he looks down she is wearing a dress like Janine’s, but darker, a more regal purple, the fabric sleek against her curves.

“I never beg,” he says. It is a lie, of course. He begs her with his silence, he begs despite his refusal. There is a part of his mind that will always beg for her, that is completely caught by her. After all, he has devoted precious space in his mind palace to her. To the way the texture of her hair reflects light, the way fabric could drape off her curves. He knows it is a futile lie, which means she knows, and in the lie is submission, is bowing to the inevitable.

And with that submission she takes his hand, sets his hand on her waist (as warm and solid as if she were real and in his flat rather than in his mind palace). She moves and he finds himself falling into the dance with her, into the movements of the melody playing in his head.

It’s fitting, he thinks. This is how he ought to be, alone, untouched, uninvolved. Taking refuge in his mind.

She leads, and he follows.

It’s my birthday!!!!

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It’s been a crazy year, but I’m through with it and I made it out alive. This is a small thank you to everyone ♥

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My brother got sorted !

Ok guys so obviously you know I LOVE Harry Potter, it’s basically my life. So, obviously, I showed my brother the movies (he said he would read the books when he would be older, since he’s 7). He watched the movies for the first time some time ago already but he really likes them and he asks me himself to watch one of them from time to time (today, for instance, we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He really likes Sirius Black)

So then I thought: WAIT THE FUCK UP. This lil shit hasn’t been sorted yet. Time to fix that. 

My sister’s a Slytherin, I am a Slytherin, it was his turn… 

MY LIL BROTHER IS A FUCKING CINNAMON ROLL. -i lowkey love him more than anyone, anyway-

I am soooo proud of him, I am so happy he was sorted in this house. I would have really liked for him to be in Slytherin too, I mean, family thing and stuff, but I’m just so happy he was chosen for this house. Like Newt, like Cedric, I mean, he has good role models and this is such a nice house… So proud of my baby brother. 

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OTP tag

I was tagged by @laffytaffyhumor Thank you! 

To list 5 otps from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people

  1. Destiel (Supernatural)
  2. 11th Doctor x River (Doctor Who)
  3. Sherlolly (BBC Sherlock)
  4. Merthur (Merlin)
  5. Bromanoff (The Avengers)

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Okay so it’s my birthday on the 31st of July (like two weeks) and I’m nearly at my next thousand ??how?? and I should be doing school work or something so I decided to do my first one of these 

the bolded are my favourite favourites and the italicized bold people are the loves of my love

thanks to me for the absolutely amazing graphic, i think it is certainly one of my best

btw i was iamthemayflyman just incase you didnt know that yet

anyways, here you go

adios amigos


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*screaming noises* 100 FOLLOWERS!!!?

Aaaaanny who, I’m thinking I should actually do something this time because one hundred people actually like my trash??! 

Before I do that, I’d like to tag all my lovelies (mutuals) so y'all can follow each other!!

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Okay, my neck hurts.

Soooo, here’s some stuff I’ll be doin to celebrate

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-I dunno just request things




Mojochester11 family so far

Ok, I decided to make this post with everyone who joined our family. This way we can easily find each other and become friends!
Here we go…
mommy Cris @winchester11
moma Dawn @mojowoho
the rebel child @lubenatic
the niece who always gets late at the family gatherings @its-philosophistications-world
the social anxious-shy friend @grace-for-sale
the kid who shouts too much @cammckwilson
the angel sister @carry-on-you-wayward-winchesters
the sassy witch sister @sarkina
the crazy sis with blue hair @superwholockgeekgirl4life
the reaper, who everyone calls their cousin @runesinthenight
the quiet kid, who loves books @sherlock-and-cas-in-the-tardis
the shy neighbor who always help us when we’re in trouble @ultra-cat-mcfuzzpaws
the quiet niece, who loves everyone @today-only-happens-once
carry-on-you-wayward-winchesters wife @analyze-everything
the bi sassy cousin @insertcoolfandomurlhere
the nerdy nocturnal cousin @xxcreepypasta4lifexx
the blunt, but funny niece who use the word darlin a little too much @flyin-down-a-backroad
the distant cousin who no one knows how they’re related @otherwiseknownasnataliethegreat
the teen sister who fangirls with the kids @loufworld
the friend that’s here so much, is practically family @multicolouredwings
our cookie making hedgehog @darya-the-fangirl
small cousin, seems intimidating but is really nice @thewolvesring
my crazy sis, who will take my kids clubbing @caffeineaddictedstudent
our bookworm witch sister @kingshellhound
our small child that is insecure about life @sabriel-fanboy-83
the awkward cousin who spends too much time on the internet @gadreelsforbiddenfruit
the teenage daughter who sits around all day @ashleyloverose
Cristina’s other wifey @niceven-silace
the horse obsessed daughter @ladynikitablack
the make-up artsy daughter @bremida123
our direwolf named Wolverine @burntfrieburger
the spoiled nerdy child @kili-the-vamp
the eccentric cousin @wayward-angels-fallen-sons
the friend from school who will eat anything in the house @ocmaker0428
that friend we all call cousin @onceuponadeathlyimpalapanda
the girl who showed up some day and never left @clairlestrange 
the small dog who runs into open doors @fangirl-in-flannel
the boring, calm daughter who turns into a demon sometimes @wildtendermythologia
our sassy sister @queensdontwaittobesaved
the cousin who always makes puns @consulting-angel-timelord
the eccentric aunt who has lots of cats @mischievousaussie
the weird cousin no one knows much about @my-little-sinnamon-bun
the little angel sister @iloveiggychan
the aunt with the cool advices @spideypoolmymoonandstars
the German exchange student who never left @cumbercheston
the nice family alpaca @xxpockygirlxx
the random uncle with a mustache. who loves to prank people @spndontcri
Down’s other wife @chelsea072498
the supportive sister who will bake cookies @lokisangelblade
the family cat @descentofthe-losechesters
the goth cousin @lmr1114
the badass grandma, who is in a motorcycle gang @cococrispychills
the wise wine-drinking grandma @supernaturallyfantastic
the weird aunt who teaches kids weird stuff @teamfreewill-girl
that cousin who is too honest sometimes @lilypadss
that cousin who loves baggy t-shirts a little too much @e456bluetoo
the asexual aunt @rainbowpitofdoom
the awkward daughter who gets out of her room only when she’s hungry @panik-in-wonderland
the crazy lost cousin who tells everybody weird facts @the-girl-who-exists
that crazy friend who becomes like a sister @flubbor
the quiet distanced cousin who will actually do anything for the family @walking-talking-wikipedia
the problematic cousin @puzzledgreen
the sister who owns like 20 dogs @dailyjared
the angel sister @waywardnina
the mysterious distant cousin @starfirebird
our adopted kid @geekself
the weird sister, who will babysit sometimes @ranger49caraway
our demon sister @salt-it-burn-it-winchester-style
the funny cousin, half angel/half dragon @electronictimetravelkid
the family dragon @suzyqueqoh
the relative no one knows how we’re related @wild-the-wolf
the cousin who’s always nice @supernaturaltookover
Satan’s half angel/half demon non-binary sibling @dreamycloud1
that quiet cousin that always read, but can get really loud @lividcolors
the skinwalker daughter who drinks all the milk and turns into a fox when she’s nervous @pani1inthetardiswithsamanddean
our guardian angel @assbutttotheworld
the grumpy grandpa @findingmyownnemo
the grandma who turns into a grey cat @jaredpadalleckii
the shy sister @krisn5
the punk rock sibling, who is very quiet @ali-l
Ali-l best friend @tigertigera
the tomboy sister who loves football @harper-impala67
that cousin who wil teach kids stuff a bit outside the law @raabsfunnylittleworld
the weird cousin that everyone loves @summonedbycastiel
the non-related crazy aunt @falloutgrill
our weird brother who always comes drunk at Christmas @h-stan
the nice girl next door @supernaturallylost-writer 
our lovely daughter @pervincavinca
the really rich aunt who comes only for holidays @bailey-bair
the other rich aunt, who always buys nice gifts @shit-happens-bitchachos
the weird niece, carry-on-you-winchesters’ daughter @mc-winchester-on-a-unicorn
the shapeshifter aunt will take the kids out for ice cream @amythical-llama
the crazy aunt @confessions-of-a-total-dork
the weird cousin, who is always at our home @weirdnamesuggestions
our adopted daughter @snovolovac
that friend who is like a sister @ohmy-giddyaunt-bananas-are-cool
our family pony @castielangelwingsandpie
our lovely daughter @carryonmycryingheart
our artsy daughter @marispartycakeandfandoms
the sweet grandma who bakes cookies, but likes scotch a little too much @deansmysteryspot
the family spider, who became kind of a pet @sakuai1
our little kitten @p-sumea
the fallen angel sister, who gets cranky if there’s no food @mancamonster
the fluffy guard dog who loves everyone @crashandburndown
the overly-anxious sister who wants everyone to be happy @caslovesnetflix

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Hello darlings! In celebration of reaching a follower goal that I’ve had for a while, I decided to do my very first Follow Forever! I follow a LOT of amazing people, so unfortunately I couldn’t list everyone here but please know that I absolutely love every one of you!

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Basically what 3 fictional characters resemble you.

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Originally posted by beestiels

1. My cousin said i resemble Liv Moore the way I act and speak and “look like”…and yeah i agree I have the same weird guilt tripping 2…

Originally posted by ltfrankcastle

2. I am allot like Dean Winchester when it comes to flirting…but also the way he is loyal…i sort of get mad and sulk the same way he does…

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

3. But mostly I’m like Salem Saberhagen … one sarcastic motherfucker.

Originally posted by salemsaberhagenshow

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Yes I tagged allot of you….it’s cuz I love you *winks*

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 If I missed somebody I am sorry but you are also tagged !!! Have fun !!!

Also to any new followers….I am …weird….ur welcome…